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US Army Chaplain Resigns in Protest Over Drones, 'Policy of Unaccountable Killing'


US Army Chaplain Resigns in Protest Over Drones, 'Policy of Unaccountable Killing'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

An Army chaplain has resigned in protest over the United States "policy of unaccountable killing" through drone warfare and the nation's continued investment into nuclear weapons, which "threaten the existence of humankind and the earth."


Someone with moral courage.
Boy, is he going to be in trouble!


Can't wait until Tuesdays with Barry is canceled.
Dread ---days with DJT/HRC, though.
Go Bernie!


Real moral courage resides in each of us, whether soldier, farmer, student, teacher ... all of us. Thank you Chaplain.

A reminder about the Deep State from 2014


The chaplain is a reflective man who deserves to be called a real man.
In our culture, reflection is not cultivated except as a mechanistic conception of how to perform as a piece of this machine we call modern life. Reflection would interfere with our unconscious, subservient performance. Reflection is an activity that is not part of the reigning ideology - this word has no meaning or relevance. In fact reflection, deep reflection about who we are as human beings threatens this dogma that rules us.
Well done Chaplain!
Let the warriors of peace succeed through wisdom and compassion!


Damned good link, lest we forget!
Thanks, Billie.




Will Tuesdays with Barrie become Tuesdays with Bernie? Or tuesdays with Hillary? or Tuesdays with Donald?

Will Sanders change his position that drones are useful?


They're using them in Oregon to monitor lumber harvesting by the latest version of The Lumber Barons. Also, fire-fighting efforts in the National Parks. Bernie is supposedly working on a program to have Green Party ( maybe ) members take hikes in the woods. Interested in parachuting in and helping out? Or, do you need a piggyback ride?


daaa naaadaaa

oops - thought I'd just respond in kind to "billie" - but the monitor flagged the above as not being specific enough ... so it goes ...


Oh so Sanders is disavowing using them as weapons?


Way to go, Rev. Jon Antal! You're a fabulous human being! Thank you! Here's wishing you the best of luck, and that there were more people like you in this world and in our society.


Blessed are the peacemakers.


Bravo to this principled Human Being! I would our national "leaders" of both parties had a tenth the wisdom, integrity, and moral compass of Rev. John Antal. Our current president and candidates to succeed him (except Sanders and Stein) along with near every other Congress member are examples of the opposite - the functional absence of morality and common decency.......


Not sarcastic to the military. I am sure they consider the Reverend John Antal a military traitor for his courage to refuse to be a hypocrite.

I do not think there is such a thing as a court martial for military priests, but no doubt they cannot have this kind of behavior condoned. The Reverend Antal will surely be reprimanded and defrocked!


Thanks for bringing this to reader's attention. I just watched it. I recently finished reading Mike Lofgren's book "Deep State". Another must read for those trying to understand the country the USA has become.


It is this kind of thinking that allows the cowardice and inhumanity of drone warfare to exist. Yes, drones with proper regulations can be good tools. But they will be, and are, a weapon, just like the nuclear bomb, which will soon haunt us as a nation and as individual people. Please re-evaluate your thinking.


Reverand, there are many of us out here suffering along with you at the horrors that are, and have been ongoing, toward our fellow human beings by our government and it's agents. I would say that there are more than a few expressing symptoms of some stage of depression much like many Germans did at the horrendous acts of Hitler and the 3rd Reich. I'll leave it there and thanks so much for your actions and the courage to be the man that you are.


Great letter!

And figures it would be a Unitarian!


Once again, what is true for the dominator types is generalized to falsely characterize all persons.

Long ago I penned a comment that explained the complementary interaction between Yin and Yang. That Yang is active, and Yin, passive.

That Yang might define the Sympathetic nervous system--those things executed on the basis of conscious thought. Yin would define the parasympathetic nervous system where our body's organs silently perform their functions.

Night and day.
In-breath and out-breath
DNA's double helix composed of equal genetic sums taken from Mother and father.

The point being, for so long what is true for dominant males is applied to females... to subsume the complement into just ONE entity.

That is not a true portrait of Creation which is the PRODUCT of an everlasting dance between He and She or Yang and Yin.

The Mars-ruled society is not appreciative of its intended Yin counterpart. That's why porn is so important to the rape culture. If men are not taught young to hate and fear women, they might actually grow tender and be moved by LOVE. And when people--particularly men--love, they CANNOT kill or thus become soldiers.

Still done in medical testing is to apply heart disease studies done on men to generalize results that do not accurately apply to women.

MANY of us are very reflective. (There are YIN males and unfortunately, due to the Mars-rules societal conditioning, increasing numbers of Yang females.)

MANY of us do not support the military.

What is rare is for a male, especially a male IN UNIFORM to question authority, the "force-first" expression of macho aggression, or the top-down patriarchal structure of the military (as well as our increasingly militaristic society: the fruit of Eisenhower's prophecy, left unheeded).

You can speak for yourself and men that you know; but when posters like you make generalities about ALL persons or ALL Americans as if what's true for the armed forces is also true for thoughtful civilians, I will raise my objections.