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US Army Corps to Grant Last DAPL Easement, Ditch Environmental Review


US Army Corps to Grant Last DAPL Easement, Ditch Environmental Review

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Tuesday said it has notified Congress that it plans to grant Energy Transfer Partners the final easement to build the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).


Dreadful! So I called Maj. Richard Trimble (as listed in the letter "if you have questions"), 703-697-2417, and asked how they cancel a public comment period, let alone the EIS it was to support. I got voice mail. I left a message. I suggest lots of us should.


I am in tears...
Call the rat basterds at The Army Corps.
This is beyond illegal.


Coup is gaining speed.

Consummatum est.


With the Army Corps of Engineers being in the chain of command - this was bound to happen in whatever way Trump wanted it to. I am now hoping that the fact that Trump ignored the comment period and other niceties of procedure will help in the Standing Rock people's court case.


here is an easement into the email inbox of kelcy warren, ceo of energy transfer partners. he donated $100k to the orange rapist, who then ordered the corps to break the law to grant the easement so that he could get rich while others suffer. no corruption there ....

let him know what you think and spread it far and wide



What a travesty! I think the Native Americans and their allies that are against the DAPL need to make a non-violent last stand at Standing Rock; otherwise, who's next?


With the DAPL easement and the the confirmation of Betsy DeVoss as Secretary of Education, it is quite clear that Trump & Company will continue to implement their agenda serving the capitalist elite.

There has been massive opposition surrounding these two issues. In the end, our opposition was totally ignored. In actuality, our opposition was mocked. Trump & Company and the ruling elites ran over us like we never existed.

If the "opposition" doesn't find a different way to resist that actually disrupts the implementation of Trump & Company's agenda, many of us older individuals will be spending the rest of our lives under fascist, corporate, authoritarian rule.


The best hope is the court. I don't know the details of the procedure but I don't believe a full environmental review was required but Obama asked for it for political reasons to resolve the standoff. I think if it is not stopped in court it will be built. I doubt if a pipeline can be stopped if it has all the legal approvals.


I believe the corporate controlled state has become, under Trump, vastly more willing to not only attempt to change the consciousness of people through propaganda and censorship, but to employ violence in ways that make people quite fearful and compliant.


Calling for the Black Bloc are you?

Spell out exactly what you are calling for.


Fascist imperialist amerika gets more evil every day! We Must Not give up! There is Power in People resisting together!


The land where the Water Protectors are occupying was seized by the Army (back in 1939) who ignored the treaty rights of the Native Americans, the rightful owners.

What if the Tribal Police issued an eviction order to the Army and pipeline construction workers? And furthermore what if the Tribal Police deputized all of the Water Protectors?

Of course the wholly owned Media would never report "Pipeline Goons attack Police at Standing Rock".

If nothing else, it would really add an interesting element to the validity of the arrests of the Water Protectors.


Yep and again, and again: Total, rolling, non cooperation!


What else is in the Bannon/DJT bag of tricks: dissolving all Native American treaties and reservations then turning them into private lands to be scooped up by extraction industries? The Koch brothers are waiting anxiously and planning furiously to jump right in when they feel the timing is right, which may be very soon.

Watch closely to future execution orders from the Reichstag as they have only just begun...


His phone is now set to not pick up at all. Typical avoidance mechanism, I am seeing that more and more.


I'll bet. Got to be some other routes. Certainly we can call our own legislators.


EIS are required when environmental justice concerns are raised. The law is explicit but often circumvented by lazy or compliant agency personnel.


Do it via email if phones don't work:


I got through to their voice mail and sent the following message:
I denounce the green lighting of the Dakota Access Pipeline because it is a criminal act to deny our children and future generations a livable planet. Renewables are now more cost affective and green jobs that would be created from the infrastructure projects to support renewable energy far exceed the few temporary jobs that are spurring on this mad rush to destroy our planet and its climate would create. Have any of you ANY decency?

There are actions all over the country.


That will certainly provoke armed confrontation, as the tribes are seeking more autonomy, not less...