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US at the Crossroads: Start a New Nuclear Arms Race? Or Address Climate Change and Human Needs?


US at the Crossroads: Start a New Nuclear Arms Race? Or Address Climate Change and Human Needs?

Kevin Martin

What if I have little time left? How should I spend my time? Most people face these questions in terms of their own lifespans. But what if the subject of these sentences changes from “I” to “we?” What if the subject is not an individual, but humanity? What if climate change is shortening our human lifespan (and that of many species) to just a few decades?


The hypocrisy of the US government and this administration is astounding! Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize largely for his call to eliminate the threat of nuclear war. Yet, his administration is leading the way to waste (yes waste) $1 trillion on this nuclear upgrade boondoggle. We should be using the opportunity of an aging arsenal to eliminate nuclear weapons, not create a new generation. But of course, the US will not do that because the power elite like have the nuclear threat in their quiver of hegemonic power.

In the meantime, life on the planet, including all human life, is being subjected to an even bigger threat, that of climate change. We piddle around while the planet increasingly rapidly heats up.

How about we trade in the nuclear weapons and all the economic activity that supports them for things like alternative energy, a sustainable food system, etc. We've shown in the past that we can turn the economy on a dime (WWII) to support a national effort. How about one that addresses the threat of climate change.


Obama is a warmonger pretending to be a peace maker.


Its not just Obama, its the DNC, their most recent ploy being blaming Russia for hacking their systems and giving them cover to restart the cold war with Russia...restoring and expanding a huge revenue source for the military industrial complex (MIC) that funds the DNC.


The next phase of war:




> the politicians and government employees who have hatched this mad scheme work for us

Sorry, but that is naive in the extreme...


Unfortunately, most of the politicians who are supposed to work for us will not do so until they are pushed against the wall by 'we the people'

And 'we the people' will not push against that wall until the immediate pain becomes overwhelming to the vast majority. Until then, we are well indoctrinated into the capitalist system.


No kidding - and yet we are told to take heart by this author because the ole Dems are contemplating passing a No First Strike Bill - in the absence of a Declaration of War by Congress - how absurd .... so if we go to war, then we can "strike first"? Golly, Bush didn't have any problem getting Congress to agree to authorize his war in Iraq, including from a bunch of Dems, like Hillary, who is the one most rattling the sabers now ...

And from what i have read, this "trilion dollar upgrade" is aimed at producing a first strike capability ...

Gee, i feel ever so much safer leaving that nuclear button under Clinton's thumb than under Trump's ....

Again, as with global warming, student debt, the only one i can feel pretty safe with that nuclear button is Stein ...

This is getting more and more frustrating and bizarre - time after time, issue after issue when we are presented with dire threats to our well being - we are told to vote for a woman who will mitigate none of them .... and not for a woman who will ...


Yup - and Clinton is their candidate - and i suspect they could probably get along quite well with Trump as well ....


Never mind "pushing them against a wall - Toss them out on their ass**!


We went deep sea fishing yesterday by invitation. I had given up fishing, having witnessed firsthand our declining environment and not wanting to be a part of it, but went to socialize. The couple of tiny fish we caught were put up for pictures at the dock. I was reminded of a series of photographs taken there from about fifty years ago, spaced every ten years until today. Back then, the fish were huge and plentiful, but they declined progressively in number and size until today's tiny catch. For this lifetime fisherman, nothing brings home the fact that our oceans are dying than comparing catches then and now. Throw in Global Warming, lion fish, offshore oil and oil exploration, chemical runoff, overfishing, green slime, pathogenic bacteria and viruses, depletion of resources by human overpopulation, extinctions in the Anthropocene, our addiction to growth, etc., it is difficult to be optimistic. If like the bibble says, the devil is the destroyer, our species is managing to create hell on earth for Mammon, or money.


The answer is easy! which gives the elite the most ? Endless war. To Hell with the rich, the elderly, the young, the poor , the middle class. If you want democracy go to Iceland.