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US-Backed Bombing Campaign Strikes Yemeni Wedding Party, Killing Dozens


US-Backed Bombing Campaign Strikes Yemeni Wedding Party, Killing Dozens

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Saudi Arabia-led airstrikes "mistakenly" struck a wedding party in Yemen early Monday killing at least 38 people, many of which were women and children.

The U.S.-backed coalition was purportedly targeting Shiite rebels, known as Houthis, when it bombed a celebration in al-Wahga, a village near the strategic Strait of Bab al-Mandab. One senior government official declared the two airstrikes a "mistake."


When the US supports Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen and arms them with US weapons and credibility, we become complicit to the sectarian conflict and Saudi attacks and killings of civilians in Yemen.

Prez Obama spoke at the UN today, making many deflections and deceptions of numerous issues, especially war and military issues, defended obscene military spending, and by inference agreed with the diversion of civilian resources/needs to military. Inequality and wealth distribution in America was mostly ignored except to make the astonishing claim that the global economic downturn has been "stabilized and people once again are being lifted out of poverty" - say what!? - The perpetrators of the financial meltdown were rewarded handsomely and not one was prosecuted by Obama's "Justice" Dept under AG Holder!

Endless war in the ME and empowerment of the MICC was defended and lauded, US support for Israeli/Zionist extremism and racism was ignored except for empty calls for a Palestinian state, given our silence on Israeli illegal colonization/settlements in the Occupied Territories and countless racist attacks/killings of Palestinians. Obama called for a ban on chemical weapons but not a word on the US supporting the international ban on cluster bombs or landmines, or any other indiscriminate weapon, all used by our "great ally”, Israel against civilians! Obama said Iran "violated the NPT" and "pursued nuclear weapons" but I don't recall any evidence that backs those claims up - it is true that our ally Israel never signed the NPT (along with India and Pakistan), but Obama never mentions Israeli nucs!

When a US Prez can spout such unbelievable empty rhetoric and propaganda and ignore numerous glaring issues to a world UN audience with a straight face, it's no wonder we arm and support Saudi mass killings/bombings of Yemeni civilians!

The astonishing BS claim by Prez Obama in his UN speech that "the world is more stable than it was 5 years ago" is utter nonsense and rubbish - just ask the people of Yemen! All in all a speech filled with words of deflection, distortion and glaring omissions!


This is what happens when a Peacey Prize is given to a man who hadn't even whipped it out to show where he was going to piss.


RIP sweet babies (⌣́_⌣̀)


Everything and i mean everything you said is true. Mark Twain decried American Imperialism at the turn of the last century and little has changed. The support of the Indonesian military slaughter of the Timorese people under the pathetic Gerry Ford and his minister of death Kissinger can be viewed on you tube...." Death of a Nation"...heartbreaking ! MLK prophetically called us a nation in moral decay which spends more on weapons of death than society. God bless America indeed! Weep for America.


About the only difference between the Third Reich and the US Fourth Reich is the increased surveillance capabilities and the technological "improvement" in weaponry. It is now easy to sit in a Barca Lounger in Nevada and kill anyone you wish, anywhere in the world.
* The Nazi philosophy grows every day in the Fourth Reich. The Reich's SA is getting more brutal and repressive, and the drones are in the air in the "Homeland" of the Fourth Reich. The Bush built Concentration Camps are still there, ready and waiting.
* Meanwhile, the Reich supplies its Axis of Evil with weapons, many banned worldwide, to persecute its "enemies."
* Stay tuned!


" One senior government official declared the two airstrikes a mistake."

It has been admitted as the murder of at least 38 innocent men. women and children, but where is the accountability ? Who ordered this " MISTAKE " ? The military people responsible for this murderous " MISTAKE" need to be court marshaled; otherwise it is just a matter of time before it happens again ! Even the government senior official did not want to divulge his name because he probably knows the military people that are culpable.


Gee, and people wonder why the brown skinned people don't like us anymore.


I'll take a more blatant stand. God fock the US.


It's because of your freedoms.