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US-Backed Coalition Bombs Wedding Party in Yemen, Killing at Least 20

US-Backed Coalition Bombs Wedding Party in Yemen, Killing at Least 20

Julia Conley, staff writer

Weeks after President Donald Trump thanked Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince for his country's use of U.S. military power, the U.S.-backed coalition bombed a wedding party in Yemen, killing at least 20 civilians including the bride.

Oh well of course they had indisputable evidence from social media that this wedding was actually just a cover for plotting the next terrorist attack on the U.S. by crazed Islamic radicals but just to maintain the appearance of not playing favourites the U.S. really should send a couple of hundred Tomahawk cruise missiles to blow up some poor quarter of Riyadh in order to “punish” the Saudi regime eh what! Jolly good fun these mid east conflicts and very profitable for U.S. weapons makers.

How horrible! When I first saw this headline, I refreshed my screen because I thought it was an old story showing up. How many wedding bombings is my country behind? This may have been a US backed bombing but it was NOT done in my name.

To the #1 Amerikan, arms, salesman: YOU ARE A WAR CRIMINAL!

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Most important boycott would be against the arms companies, then. Won’t happen.

According to moonofalabama.org, the US is already setting up the next two failed states–Armenia and Nicaragua. Not that they havent been beaten up before. Strategic positon, I presume.

Remember that has recently revealed the USA has people ON THE GROUND that are providing the Saudi’s with targeting information. This is not just an indirect role they have in the providing of arms. They are actively involved in providing targeting information.

This brings me back to the issue I have with some of the groups that document human rights abuses and war crimes in areas in conflict. While they will readily call for persons to be arrested or removed from power in Nations or lobby for interventions in places such as Libya for said crimes, they do not take the same tone when it the USA or an Ally committing said crimes.

This is the same problem I have with the ICC. It has brought Croats and Serbs and Black Africans to trial for war crimes but has never done so with members of NATO or guys like Tony Blair, GW Bush, Kissinger Albright and the like.When one points this discrepancy out, it not to suggest Milosevic was a nice guy. It to say when that court is THAT selective it loses all integrity.

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Re: removing

I agree with you on the folks you mentioned. But here at CD, it is all about Trump. And I frankly don’t think the leader makes a D bit of difference to the level of conflicts nowadays. Especially since more pacificist candidates are deselected by prior arrangement. I remember hoping that Obama’s vote against Iraq meant something. It didn’t.

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Where are Allah, Jesus and Jehovah in all these bloody massacres?

Direct Democracy


They don’t my friend.

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It’s a myth that has grown with the country and is never questioned. Especially because we are a god loving, fearing, Christian nation…and that automatically gives the US a moral leg up. If you do it in the name of god and family, whatever it is, then it is morally justified. So, everything the US undertakes is for god and country and throw in the family and that makes it morally right…even killing. With perverse thinking, anything can be deemed morally right or wrong.

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