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US-Backed Coup Drove Rampant Rights Abuses in Honduras


US-Backed Coup Drove Rampant Rights Abuses in Honduras

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The U.S.-backed Honduran coup ushered in a wave of neoliberal policies that have systematically violated the economic, cultural, and social rights of the nation's Indigenous people, women, and farmers, while leaving activists and rights defenders—such as the late Berta Cáceres—vulnerable to criminalization and violence.


And at the center of it all is a purely-political - one could accurately say evil -creature, a person of barely functional moral compass, dedicated to power, wealth, profits over people, the MICC War Machine, and zero commitment to democratic ideals or egalitarian society. That person is Hillary, the Red Queen, who fostered/empowered war, destabilization and destruction of societies, and serves corporate/banker/wall street usury following her masters needs and directions. Her lap-dog treasonous servitude to Israeli racist exceptionalism, expansionism/colonization and war, is perhaps our greatest threat - and the entire worlds. Never Hillary!


Clinton Fuelled a Crisis in Haiti: Why Is Nobody Talking About It?



We don't know what Trump is -- he's too off the cuff and volatile to even figure out.
But, he is racist, sexist and ... is he homophobic, as well? Not sure.
He's anti-Muslim, anti-Hispanic --
Anti-Social Security --
Anti-fair wages for labor -
At the least he's as corrupt as they come as far as business practices.
He shows every inclination for being a dictator -- dominator.

We also know that he's a Republican and will be guided by the GOP agenda.

His hands may not be bloody now -- but certainly the party's is -- and they
love 100 year wars.

But basically, whether HillBill or Trump you are voting for the same person.

-- We don't have time to change things within the system -- it's much too late.
-- In order to understand this you have to understand the true history of this nation and
the corrupt power over it -- how long it has been operating in secrecy to destroy democracy.
-- And Global Warming
-- We have to make a decision whether to vote or not -- and we have to UNITE in that decision --

Unless Hillary is indicted -- or they toss Trump --

The only way to avoid them is by demanding that Bernie be nominated by Democrats -
working the Super-delegates has some possibilities --

Pushing Bernie to run an independent/Green Party campaign has other possibilities --

a write in vote for Bernie will have no power --

Whatever we are going to do now to influence the Convention has to send a very strong pro-Bernie message.

There's a list for calling Super-delegates, but I think much more is needed.


tom --


I am not suggesting Trump - or any other Duopoly alternative. I am suggesting any of the other pro-human, pro-Earth options.

Think Bernie is the only answer to that -- just saw an article on another website by some Canadian
asking, "What's wrong with you people?"

"What you have in Bernie Sanders is a president of Abe Lincoln stature and instead you pick Hilary?"

I am Canadian. One of our Prime Ministers once said living next to the US is like sleeping with an elephant. You have to keep one eye open in case it rolls over. So, I have been following your Presidential primary process closely and I am concerned. Can someone please explain to me why Hilary Clinton has succeeded in becoming the presumptive nominee for the Democratic party. What I see when I look at Hilary from up here is a disingenuous war monger with questionable judgment. Did I miss something here? On the other hand, Bernie Sanders, again from my perspective looking over the fence (no wall yet), strikes me as one of the most genuine politicians and one of the most compassionate human beings I have ever had the pleasure to observe. Here is a man, at 74 years of age, taking on the established order and starting a political revolution to end inequality and give the American people things that most developed countries in the world take for granted like universal health care. I don’t get it. From up here it looks like a no-brainer. What you have in Bernie Sanders is a president of Abe Lincoln stature and instead you pick Hilary? Please, somebody help me, and the rest of the world, understand.

If Bernie doesn't run as independent -- I think we have to UNITE and decide which way to go --
I think many will choose not to vote looking at the numbers who now firmly believe this whole thing is rigged --
Some will decide to write in "Bernie Sanders" --
Others may even vote for Trump -- and who knows if that would even knock out HillBill.
Some will vote for Jill Stein/Green Party --