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US-Backed Group Beheads Child in Syria


US-Backed Group Beheads Child in Syria

Nika Knight, staff writer

A Syrian rebel group once deemed "moderate" by the U.S. was captured on film beheading a child in Handarat, near Aleppo, in a gruesome video that circulated on social media on Tuesday.


The refugees are themselves escaping these savage lunatics. Please take your vile racism and xenophobia and go away. Get out of my country.



The Republican and Democrat Parties hawkish approach to turmoil in this region only serves to promote such crimes against humanity.


My tax dollars at work...


Hi deckhughes,

Your use of the term "we" does not represent all US citizens. Comments such as yours only inspire me to do more to do more to support refugees.


Since when is the U.S. support of nefarious and disgusting regimes anything new.


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Yes, but at least Hillary is amenable to allowing Syrian refugees into the country, albeit not enough and with too many restrictions. So for now they will go to much nicer and generous Canada instead.


Do you also "see" the destruction of never-ending war, many thousands dead in illegal interventions and regime change? And look to American history for our very own examples of genocide - suggest you read "People's History of the United States" (Howard Zinn) if you haven't done so. There were many innocents in the Oklahoma bombing - we have our own terrorists.


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When the first Russian bombs started to fall, the headlines stenographed by the American media was that the Russians were not attacking ISIS but moderate and legit opposition rebel groups. So I decided to look up who controlled those areas. I checked three and stopped. All three areas were controlled by the Nusrat Front, or as we know them, Al Queda in Syria. What a moral abomination that for the sake of a perverted foreign policy, the administration provided cover to Al Queda. And now we see this act of total depravity. Even now, the State Department cannot denounce this act: all again for the sake of neocon inspired foreign policy.


Apparently the CIA had cut off funding some time ago? I'm guessing that the ghouls at the CIA were disappointed that they weren't cutting off the heads of enough children so they terminated the payouts. So now they videotaped the beheading of this one to get back in the CIA's good graces.


Ha! Did you really just attempt to call yourself tolerant!


Do you think it would work with two individuals who exhibit a lack of any moral compass?


You made no mention of the movie theater massacre committed by an all American or Sandy hook where 23 Angela were killed by an all American or columbine also committed by all Americans. Maybe because these mass murderers weren't called terrorist they were mentally ill or because they were all American?


no, actually the whole thing was on video. What hasn't been brought up much is they abducted him from a hospital bed. That was the first thing I was wondering about when I saw the med equipment on him


You really are an asshole.


The dull edge of the imperial sword


Hi there Trump Cultist. You may get your wish.

If your ilk succeed in this jerk coming to power, the culture of Trump, the Political Correctness of Trump will encourage all sorts of rednecks to come out from under the rocks they currently have to hide under.

Hell it will be fun going down to the border and doin' some hunting (I mean target practice, hyuk hyuk hyuk).

By the way, the BEST place for Falafel I have ever discovered is in Santa Cruz, CA at the Falafel House. It is owned and run by a Syrian man and his daughters. Wonderful people. Go introduce yourself.