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US-Backed Rebels Hand American-Issued Arms to Al Qaeda Affiliate in Syria



Big surprise there...so much for the elusive "moderates". Same as happened with the Iraqi Army.


Again this disinformation. It is becoming clear to the rest of the world that the Islamists are an American proxy. Early in the war on ISIS stories were "leaked" that ISIS was getting its money by selling oil on the black market or by robbing banks. There have been ongoing articles about airdrops "made by mistake" to ISIS rebels by US forces.

Now this , yet another article trying to suggest that Al Qaeda and ISIS receive arms by so called "moderates" changing sides.

This is all to cover the truth. With Russia on the ground it becomes harder and harder for the USA to explain away where ISIS and Al Qaeda gets its arms so they "admit" to things like factions of moderates changing sides so as to give the appearance it was something they could not anticipate.(near half a billion spent to "train" less then 100 so called moderate rebels. Who buys THAT swill. ? It far more likely these moderates are loaded down with 500 million in arms so as to supply ISIS when sent across the border)

When one of these Generals "admits" to something or a Government official or Commission offers explanations , rest assured they are LYING so as to cover up what is really happening.

Just as they did by blaming the Iraq war on "faulty intelligence"


Agreed. This is an obvious limited hangout. Al Qaeda and ISIS are clearly supported by the US and being used to destabilize Syria and Iraq. This will help to create a pretext for war with Iran.


What does "Central Command" mean? It means unlimited Special Operations all over the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa, with covert operations anywhere the CIA sends them around the world, including the US. It means that nothing they say can be trusted, because all their public presentations are designer-package rhetorical concoctions designed to hide far more fundamental truth about the dysfunction of Obama geo-political strategy to encircle the China-Russia anti-US axis that is attracting far too many supposedly US allies like Germany, France, Great Britain, Greece, and many, perhaps most of the other EU countries. "Central Command," in brief, means ever-expanding, ever-more-dysfunctional-at-best US military adventurism abroad, with Congressional oversight quietly ignored by both Democrats and Republicans, because none of them have the courage to challenge the Wall Street dictation of the US Budget priorities. It means the US is constantly growing a global schizophrenia practically imitating the gross failures in the Indo-Chinese Wars of the 1960s and 1970s. It means that when the truth becomes more clear to the US citizens, US politics will become much more interesting and possibly something in which more of us can find only third parties respectable enough to get our votes.

Remember, Bernie Sanders is and has committed his followers ultimately to obey the Wall Street D Party elite's annointed standard bearer. And that will not be Bernie, no matter how many primaries he wins. No matter how many votes he wins in all the primaries.


Neither Bernie Sanders , nor any one else, can committ his or her followers to anything, what a piece of nonsense.


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Kaboom!...and Kaching!!


Pouring arms into the Middle East just adds fuel to an already out of control fire - no one knows in whose hands they will end up and be used. Of course, the armaments industry does not care.


To quote Arlo, sorta...kill kill kill blood gore guts veins in my teeth

dammit, I don't want them in my teeth, and I'm suppose to be Part of this Country???

Fire the whole lot of 'em.


Arming the enemy ? Not only dumb but criminal..
Now tell me we don't have money for education, healthcare,infrastructure, & SSI .Yet we have tons of money to arm the jihadists!
Such incompetence demand regime change, prosecution of war crimes & war profiteering of our leaders here in the US.


all above has been going on for decades, a century? puppets all of them to the military industrial complex. who runs this country? did the murders of the 60's demonstrate to politicians who controls the politicians and you could be next if you do not fall in line. yes, Bernie has not come out against MIC.


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Bernie doesn't own the votes of his supporters if he loses the primary.


Where did Petraeus say that? andorike


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This is all an exercise in "rebranding", since the US has created Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Islamist extremism in general. Poor General Lloyd Austin III! No wonder he sits there with battle ribbons ablaze, four stars on his shoulders, mouth agape and looking slightly confused. They probably didn't have any classes in "rebranding" at the Point or Army Command College when he matriculated through. Not to worry though, our stenographer journalist class will "splain it" to the general.


And Slick Oily said, that we should not worry because, al-Qaeda, like Israel is a friend and ally! Ah yes dear reader, with friends like that, we certainly don't need enemies!