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US Banks Top Cluster Bomb Investment 'Hall of Shame': Report


US Banks Top Cluster Bomb Investment 'Hall of Shame': Report

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Despite the international ban on cluster bombs, more than 150 financial institutions have invested $28 billion in companies that produce them, according to a new report released Thursday.

Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Wells Fargo are among the 158 banks, pension funds, and other firms listed in the "Hall of Shame" compiled by the Netherlands-based organization PAX, a member of the Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC).


And these banks that support and fund criminal killers of children are the scum we bailed-out to the tune of trillions of dollars??!
These war criminal banks/bankers -“banks” don’t make decisions, people do! - are aided and supported by the US government/Obama et al, that has not ratified the International Cluster Bomb ban as 119 other nations have done!

Our “ally” the Saudis are killing children in Yemen at this moment with US aid and support! Our other “great ally” Israel also uses many banned and indiscriminate weapons/munitions against civilians: “IDF Commander: We Fired More Than a Million Cluster Bombs into Lebanon - Phosphorous and cluster bombs were heavily used; unexploded munitions litter wide area of Lebanon”.

Most all US allies outside Europe are non-signatories to the cluster-munitions ban - war criminal nations, their so-called “leaders” - like Barack Obama - and their banks tend to stick together!

See the cluster munitions-ban signatory map and more here


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With perpetual war (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria,Somalia, etc.) come perpetual profits for the banksters. It matters not the damage to all life wrought by weapons like cluster bombs when profit-making is the only goal. Cost to all life, who among them gives a F- - -.?


I was on the ground in Laos (1971) and Vietnam (1968-9), often clearing dive-bombers carrying these very cluster bombs (among other types of bombs) for strikes. We also used outlawed phosphorous bombs. I severely burned my left hand in a mortar attack on us while I was putting out white phosphorous booby traps.

We could and did neutralize and paralyse, if not wipe out, a whole division in a few hours. With a few flights of B-52s, one day on the Bolivens Plateau in Southern Laos, we destroyed a division, reduced it to rubble, hundreds of dead and writhing bodies and a few stragglers. Parked the stragglers in their tracks with cluster bombs.

Cluster Bombs we dropped in both nations then are still now maiming and killing farmers, children, women, and others up and down and across that war zone. It is not easy living with the memory of myself having had my innocent patriotism transformed into violent terrorist mercenary activities on behalf of the very same Wall Street that now holds even more control over the Pentagon, CIA, President, Congress & the Courts.

Like most of my sister and fellow citizens then in the early '60s, and now, I knew nothing whatsoever of my citizenship from what I learned in High School. High Schools then, as now, are merely bureaucrat-manufacturing plants that find kids the perfect raw material to shape into mercenaries while pretending to and indoctrinating them into believing they are patriots by obeying any shit head the majority of ignorant voters with the very same indoctrinations elect into office one election after the next, just another lock-step ritual as predictable as any German Army boots that ever fell upon the ground.

Get used to it, folks, the US long ago reduced itself to its own version of Nazi Germany, the USSR, & Mao’s China. The transition began with Truman and all the anti-communist paranoia already raging then. The perpetrators were primarily the corporate media, then to now, with lots of very keen help from elected and appointed Democrats and Republicans. As the cold war unfolded, the politicians found easy money in voting for more weapons and more wars. Filling the military’s ranks has always been relatively easy: just draft the little “patriots.” The show must go on. Vote for Hillary. Remember, it is a vote for your IRA.


Perhaps Hillary Clinton can bring this issue up in her next round of Political Pimping for Profit speaking engagements with these financial institutions.


Just think. They could have stopped at the game console and still made a fortune. Greedy is as greedy does.


good article