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US Beekeepers File Suit Against Trump EPA Charging 'Illegal' Approval of Insecticide Linked to Mass Die-Off

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/06/us-beekeepers-file-suit-against-trump-epa-charging-illegal-approval-insecticide

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Every day there’s more news about anthopogenic mass extinction, and in most cases, Trump or one of his allies (Bolsonaro, Duterte, etc.) are making it happen faster.
Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring is already mostly true. Trump is a destroyer of life on earth. For that alone, he should be impeached or otherwise driven from office.


The whole goddamn global Establishment is a destroyer of life on Earth.

Let’s be candid. Today’s global economy is a murder-suicide pact among ruling elites. The ruling elites — with their neoliberal politicians, their servile management classes, their corporate propaganda outlets, their militaries and police, are deliberately destroying the conditions necessary for the survival of human civilization. They are cruel, nihilistic ratbastards. They see no meaning in life, they have no sense, no moral compass, no love for anything, and they want to destroy us all.


the planet that we live on
allowed our lives to be
until we chose to trash it
and call it property

Fire was our first mistake
but warming were the flames
not knowing in our cleverness
we burned away our dreams

using fire we forced our land
behind a fence and wall
then fought hard for possession
of what was meant for all

then we created money
our busy’ness to allow
while destroying that very thing
on which our living drew

our population on the planet
was by pestilence unfazed
or wars that culled our numbers
and gods that made us crazed

now our world has had enough
and we must be got rid
we finally messed up our lease
and had eviction served

to be washed away by water
or fried by heated air
and poisoned by the fuels
we burned without a care

our planet has a fever
caused by humankind
and now can only cure itself
by leaving us behind


Yet they (both parties) allow him to continue

Trump ‘is in severe mental decline’: Republicans worry the president is ‘deteriorating in plain sight’

NAncy and Chuckles better come back from vacation with something better than supporting Republicans over Progressives


Phred, that seems about all they can do: WORRY.


I don’t think he has that retreat in Florida properly insured. The hurricane almost caused him to snap, and then it turned north.

It was just a tease.


Apologies if anyone is tired of my posting this.


I don’t know wings ?

There were lots and lots of horses in North America prior to the arrival of ‘us’ fifteen or maybe twenty thousand years ago. There was no property, no money, no civilization or its hierarchy - no banks - no derivatives on sub-prime loans - no EPA - no regulatory agencies of any kind to be captured. Everyone lived on the land in small close knit groups, and knew where the Sun rose and set, and where their food and water came from - and roughly what the carrying capacity was of their environment.

Soon after we arrived - no more horses, and forty or fifty or more of the megafauna went extinct.

The problem is ‘us’. Always has been.

Have ‘we’ made any progress ? I think so - there is an EPA now, though it is toothless at the moment.

Yet rich and not so rich guys still go out to trophy hunt - stupid is as stupid does methinks.

What gets me is how easily it is to turn these institutions like the EPA inside out - or to break both international and US laws with impunity - and to even stack the Supreme Court. But isn’t this just the modern day equivalent of Easter Island, or Australia, or paleo-North America ?

For all the talk of indigenous regard for the environment - well - the facts I’ve related above speak for themselves. Paleo People only seem to have developed this ‘regard’ for nature AFTER the man-made extinctions took place.

Maybe the problem really is ‘us’ - maybe not until the individual citizen grows some responsibility will things change, because our checks and balances appear to be worth nothing - less than nothing, because like avalanche transceivers, they lull one into a false sense of security.

Maybe real security can only happen when individuals are strong and secure in their own skins, and know the way things really are, instead of some mystical or metaphysical nonsense ?


How about millions of law suits from every American adult for destroying
the EPA and letting Monsanto destroy the BEES --???


The horses went extinct in North America, along with the Clovis Culture and many other animals, about 12,900 years ago, as the silicon carbide bollides from the super nova explosion that created today’s quasar Geminga passed through our solar system and crashed into the Laurentide ice sheet. It caused the Younger Dryas cooling period, which reversed global warming for about 1,500 years.

Many of today’s comets are those bollides that have been captured by our sun’s gravity.

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You forgot mythical.

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Hello Roberto, great post. I have been fascinated in the late extinction event and what species survived, what did not, and the why’s, especially concerning the North American horse and its place in Native American culture.

There may be some hard evidence the wild horse survived the late extinction event in NA along with other larger species. Those that are known to survive include bison, pronghorn, brown bears, wolves, cougar, coyotes, and other smaller species.

The Younger Dryas impact event is fascinating, although controversial. The Clovis Peoples impact on mega fauna extinctions after arriving via Beringia - Bering Land Bridge -is also in the mix.that worked both ways., allowing humans to migrate into NA, and horse migration westward into Siberia (where they did survive) to be domesticated and eventually return to NA.

Native American oral history states the native horse was part of their cultures long before (pre-Columbian) European “explorers” (between circa1493-1519) returned the horse to NA. I will not include Book of Mormon claims.
The US military mass-extermination of the Indian Pony is also part of the question.






Nope - I believe in ‘mythical’ (see “The Power of Myth” by Joseph Campbell, with Bill Moyers, 1988).

HOWEVER, thanks for the chance to elaborate.

First - I highly recommend the new issue of American Scientist to all and sundry, a ‘special issue’ on “WATER”. Wow ! - I am only part way thru, and this is seminal - a keeper - discussing especially the ethical issues surrounding our most precious liquid (Water).

Second - As per my original post here, “Silent Spring” begins with Rachel Carson quoting Albert Schweitzer:

"Man has lost the capacity to foresee and to forestall. He will end by destroying the earth."

I have used this quote in the past, saying what we have lost we can recover. Maybe I was wrong ?

Maybe we have NEVER had the capacity to forestall, though we certainly have always had the capacity to foresee, at least a few unusually prescient ones have, like Alexander von Humboldt, many nameless seers from our distant past who have been lost in the mists of time, before writing, before the internet.

Maybe it is ONLY now, in this our emergent time, that we finally have some of the tools to ‘forestall’ ?

  • Modern science (Earth System science, the IPCC and now the IPBES);
  • Modern legal argument (rights for nature…);
  • Modern global spanning political bodies, exemplified by the United Nations and our NGO’s, such as Greenpeace.

Maybe we are only becoming intelligent NOW ??

I know, amidst the tumult and turmoil, the troglodytes now governing the world, it seems overly fanciful to propose this, but I think we need to look to ‘myth’ for “A New Hope” !!!

Yes indeed, good old Star Wars, and likewise Jacques Cousteau in his mythical momemt, i.e.,

"It is only the impossible missions which succeed"

or Ernest Shackleton, i.e.,

"Optimism is true moral courage"

Cousteau and Shackleton were hopeless romantics & hard core adventurers and explorers - both at one and the same time - we are all split personalities, and much more complex than even we think - much more capable.

Reinhold Messner: “By Fair Means”.

I will even be so unhumble as to include my way of looking at climbing:

"Every footfall a small work of art."

Your bees will not only survive wings - they will once again thrive, as will we all.

But first there will be war, or upheaval, whatever you want to call it ~

PS: You know, I just got Greta’s little book “No One is too Small to Make a Difference” - a modern myth is born methinks !!


Let’s just hope that the judge isn’t one of those GOP appointed corrupt to the core misfits.

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Lawsuits might help get Monsanto’s (Bayer) attention nothing else seems to be working.

Well this seems to be the controversy.


But for me there is no confusion. For years I have been collecting pieces of the actual debris from the impact on the Laurentide ice sheet. It all started when I was reading a book that was written by Roger Williams and published in London in 1643. (“A Key To The Language Of America”)

Williams was a staunch anti- Church of England theologian who, even though he was in New England and loved by the Pilgrims of Plymouth Plantation, needed to escape the long arm of religious persecution and did escaped to live with the Narraganset Indians in what today is Rhode Island. There he learned about their life , culture and Language.

After the English civil war, with the victory of Cromwell over Charles the 1st, it was safe for him to return to England. On the long voyage he had time to write the book. The chapter on Indian gambling describes the “smitten Thunderbolt” that the Indian used to bring him luck . Thunderbolt is the Elizabethan word for meteorite.

Capitalism has no place on earth. Capitalism is the destroyer of life. Think about it!

What do you mean, is in severe mental decline. He has been in mental decline for years and it’s slowly getting worse. This oaf needs to be kicked out of office at the earliest opportunity as he is a serious threat to ALL life on the planet. Along with his idiot allies like bojo and bolsonaro and a few other nazis, he is hell bent on creating the fourth Reich.

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Nazis sure don’t know anything about living in harmony with nature.