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US Blamed Venezuelan President for Burning AID Trucks. Wrong.


US Blamed Venezuelan President for Burning AID Trucks. Wrong.

Common Dreams staff

On February 23, a caravan of large cargo trucks was crossing a bridge from Colombia into Venezuela delivering food and other aid when they dramatically went up in flames. US officials seized upon the event as evidence of a "sick tyrant" stopping food from getting to hungry people:

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted:



"United States Endorsed Terrorism."

Another Impeachable-Offense.



Hungry people won’t burn good food, but the ignorant masses will lap up all sorts of tripe.



NY Times sez:
“Unpublished footage obtained by The New York Times … suggests that a Molotov cocktail thrown by an antigovernment protester was the most likely trigger for the blaze.”

Curious. Wonder who decided Molotov cocktail-throwing protesters would make for an ideal escort for this ‘aid’ convoy.



The video provides strong evidence that a hungry protester caused the fire. He did not do it on purpose. The video shows a Molotov cocktail he threw broke apart and landed in a truck with food.

Regardless, as in the cases of racist police murdering Black people in the US, US government officials, and much of the media, back the US position despite the evidence.



Did we hear his stomach growl? Perhaps he was a well fed Guaido-supporting operative. Cui Bono? Big (US) Oil is my bet.



Cui bono? It may have been an accident, but nevertheless, it is a huge benefit to the opposition as a way to demonize Maduro.



I saw this story, reported in several places the day after it happened.
Max Blumanthal, an award winning reporter, is doing a great job of keeping current on this ongoing story in Venezuela:, and showing some otherwise ignored facts about conditions in that country.:

here’s another site with lots of coverage of the real backstory on Venezuela and other US Misadventures:

I/m pretty sure regarding this new BS story that it is an accident, is a cover story to hide the increasingly well known fact that they are using false flag tactics to overthrow the oil rich country. Anyway throwing Molotov cocktails around, and then claiming something, anything accidentally burned is disingenuous; it’s sort of like bombing a school and then saying they weren’t targeting children or innocents.

Here’s the underlying issue that is perhaps the most revealing thing about the National Assembly, Guaido, and their followers: Their movement isn’t and has never been a peaceful protest. The National Assembly has burned Maduro supporters alive in the streets, it claims it had meant the Molotov cocktails to land on government troops, rather than the supplies. The group falsely reported that the Maduro government lit the supplies afire, and only minutes after they themselves had done so - illustrating a high degree of media manipulation and deception in their tactics. This is a group of violent, manipulative and extremely dishonest right wing extremists, using terror tactics to seize power, and they are supported by the largest and most dangerous terrorist organization in world history, the USA.



The US ‘humanitarian aid’ convoy is Washington’s Trojan Horse:



Anyone ever hear of the “Berlin air lift?” If someone running a large country wants to get aid somewhere tricky they parachute it in, or at least have armed protection for a convoy. If there is a real food and medicine shortage, where is the U.N.?

Of course we have plenty of extra million dollar cruise missiles to send them.



How do you know he was hungry? Maybe he just " throws like a girl ". There are many Major League baseball players from Venezuela who make mega-millions and who don’t support Chavistas. Why weren’t they recruited to throw bombs at _________ ( insert your target here ) to insure that the rotten lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes and onions got through to the huddled masses, yearning to be free and have a gringo burger with fries? Heroes are hard to find among the 1% in baseball, evidently.
You missed the point of the article and also that 87% of Venezuelans want the Oiligarchies and Canadian mining companies to stay away from their nation’s sovereign wealth. The illegally imposed sanctions, as well, allow int’l banking interests to steal and sequester Venezuela’s own money with impunity. Money for nothing and your kicks for free, right? If you’re a Koch Brothers investor or a Kleptocratic member of the world’s 1%.
Of course this incident at the bridge was a set up and a very crude attempt, at that. But, the U.S. can act like 5th graders in this Hemisphere and get away with mass murder and robbery. 200 years of their historical crimes proves their policy of " might makes right " is still in effect.



Huge container ships are streaming into the country regularly with supplies from Russia and China, Its only the false flag supplies that are supposedly blocked.



The people are hungry because of the US economic war, which is kind of obvious. The cost of the economic war is greater each day than the small amount of aid that was being offered. The opposition and the Trump administration announced that they were trying to do this aid as a means of fomenting a coup. The Red Cross and the UN refused to be part of the aid because of how politicized it was and because of the fact that it was announced that it was a means to foment a coup, a coup that over 80% of Venezuelans oppose. Third rate propaganda bullshit. As the Max Blumenthal article shows, Guaido is literally a creation of the NED, not even known to over 80% of his own country when he went out on the street and just announced himself president. And take a look at pictures of the opposition versus the Bolivarians. The opposition is largely lighter skinned people, whereas the Chavistas in Venezuela are overwhelming people of color. You obviously side with the fascist, racist and often undemocratic opposition.



Thanks, hadn’t read about other aid, but it behoves us all to be up to speed on another potential war coming soon to a theater near you.



While this story welcome , the NYT is a bit late to the party. Alternative media was posting those same videos (I myself linked to them) the day the incident occurred.

If the MSM wants to be taken seriously they have to be a little quicker on publishing the TRUTH and not letting the US Government narrative to be accepted as fact for weeks on end. If you want another example of this it has taken over a year for that same MSM to report that the alleged gas attacks that occurred in Douma and were atrributed to the Syrian Government (which prompted a military response from US and allies) did not occur.



The U.N. is supplying food aid and medicines to Venezuela. The sanctions and siege of Venezuela has caused shortages. The siege is illegal under international law but who follows the law? Certainly not the U.S. and its’ NATO allies.



Anyone that has been following this situation already knows to at this point assume that stuff like this coming from the media and the government is a lie until proven otherwise. I mean, the coup against Chavez was supported by the NY Times. It occurred against what was then one of the most popular governments in the world. RCTV helped with that coup and undermined Venezuelan democracy left and right. Well, in the US, if a network did as RCTV did (the network was thanked on the air by the freaking coup plotters, live on national TV the day after the coup), its owners would have been thrown into jail and tried for treason. Chavez waited for its license to expire. Read the propaganda about RCTV back in the day and Chavez supposedly attacking the independent media there. The NY Times does deserve some credit though because it is often complicit in these things. Just goes to show that the Pompeo and Bolton plans have come apart. Given that the NED creation Guaido seems to have conned Pence into backing this, I think it is great that it is publicly blowing up in their faces. Unfortunately, that means a likely intensification of the economic war, and hacks like Steve Fernandez will pretend that the economic struggles of the country are entirely Maduro and those around him.



This very much like the sanctions on Iraq wherein Irag could not obtain items that were used to purify water after the USA blew up their water treatment plants or medicines resulting in the deaths of thousands. The US then proclaimed Hussein killing his own people.

In documents released under the FOIA and obtained from the Pentagon and obtained by Francis Boyle, the US Military BEFORE all of this occurred detailed plans to degrade the water treatment centers via bombing and estimated how many deaths this would lead to coupled with those sanctions. They postulated that this strategy would lead to rioting and the removal of Hussein internally.



The same old playbook, different country.



Oh, now I realize that I was mistaken about your comment.

Around where I live, there are a lot of undocumented folk. Lots of folk harassed by ICE, some in sanctuary, some separated from kids, etc. But, the Spanish language media here is much worse than the English mainstream media. So folk who’ve had kids taken from them by ICE, have been indoctrinated into believing that Maduro is worse than Hitter and Donald Trump is the savior who is trying to ‘free’ the Venezuelan people.

I’ve heard so many folk where I live use the justification that hungry people wouldn’t burn their own food to argue for the US line, that I took your statement as another denial of the fact that a supporter of the US backed Guiado insurgency burned the food. Now I see that you weren’t denying the evidence, but questioning the claim that these folk were starving masses. Sorry for my misinterpretation.