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US Blamed Venezuelan President for Burning AID Trucks. Wrong.


And the default plan is likely to just bully our way in and start shooting. Who’s going stop us.


They pulled the same stunt In Chile, and in Iraq and in Libya and In Syria and each and everytime the MSM cheered intervention on up until it became too late to reverse the course to war. It makes me as mad as hell to see the MSM pull the same stunt over and over again only to follow up with the TRUTH when it too late to have prevented those wars.

Polls showed that even years after it reported Saddam Hussein had no WMDS and was not linked to 9/11 millions of Americans still believed those lies.

This is why alternative media so damned important and it why Governments and the MSM work to limit access to the same.

This not directed at anyone here in particular. I know most that follow Common Dreams think much the same as I do. I just had to vent.


“ You obviously side with the fascist, racist and often undemocratic opposition.” - JoanRobinson

Way off the mark, and extremely offensive Joan.

The ‘hungry’ in the comment was a quote using the previous commenter’s language to what was, what I interpreted, as a denial of the fact that Maduro didn’t burn the food. When the commenter responded, I realized my error. I apologized for my misinterpretation of his comment, because I believe people with integrity should apologize when they are in error.


I am happy that the NY Times gave the report that it did. Maybe the famous Grey Lady’s face had turned a blood colored red in the face—for ignoring actual facts for so long. I am also annoyed that Maduro is referred to often as a bus driver. An occupation has never been a way to decide a person’s educational experience or abilities. I for one see Pompeo, Bolton, Abrams , Rubio, Pence and Trump as dishonest speakers as soon as they open their mouths. Perhaps they should all suit up and go if they want a war----but trying to create a war and so blatantly too, is adding another notch in the soon to be gravestone of an America that is hysterically trolling the world to point out the flaws and errors of other nations, while never seeing that its own dishonesty is imploding this republic." I saw an old Marlon Brando movie the other day, and his character says," I coulda been a contender." Yes, America, you coulda been— but on the way to becoming Emperor of the world----you forgot to clothe yourself in honesty-----and yeah, you coulda been somebody, but like so many nations in history, you have become," a coulda been" and well on its way to becoming," a has been nation." : (


This is key, because before the internet, stuff like this was much more successful, it was much harder to beat back the dominant media and propaganda. We essentially had Chomsky, and some others, and it was somewhat easy to marginalize him. To this day, Chomsky, a national treasure, is not known to many Americans, but his critiques are still powerful and people like us can use them to fight against bullshit like this.


Hope everyone here understands that the NED (National Endowment for Democracy) is a CIA funded NGO which has been active in US-instigated regime change ops for decades.


Want to understand what’s going on in Venezuela? Here’s a start - Listen to Jimmy Dore interview Greg Palast specifically on the situation in Venezuela Listen to the March 7th show Palast begins at about 10:09


Including prompt and coordinated twit messages from Bolton, Pompeo, Rubio, the State Dept. AND Pence!
It’s gratifying to know “President” Guaidó can afford to retain such a high-powered and reputable P.R. firm, in light of the sanctions crippling “his” government’s treasury.


Yesterday, a friend told me that the Venezuelan populace is, in fact, an armed militia; and, an armed intrusion by US mercenaries (currently being assembled in Puerto Rico) would be met with severe resistance.

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There is also evidence online about the “aid” convoy being bogus on its face. The Red Cross has denied the people in the videos wearing RC shirts are theirs.


Yah, but every household in Iraq had an AK-47.


And after the shock and awe, and ‘mission accomplished,’ the citizens of Iraq used militias, guerilla tactics and IEDs to confound the US military for five years.


In case anyone hasn’t seen this Abby Martin interview of Alfred de Zayas, the first UN investigator in 21 years to visit Venezuela, whose report is being buried by the MSM and not seeing the light of day:

An Ocean of Lies on Venezuela: Abby Martin & UN Rapporteur Expose Coup – Feb 22, 2019 -Abby Martin - YouTube


When I see things like this my first thought is - I wonder where Erik Prince was at that time.

But then the CIA has been pulling this shit since the 50’s


-I know this is off topic, but still it is relevant as to the force of propaganda-

“On The Waterfront,” a 1954 acclaimed film by Elia Kazan.

That film itself was a false flag piece of propaganda, done by Kazan, who’d been a member of the American Communist Party for a year or so in the mid 1930s, to ingratiate himself with the reactionary Capitalist McCarthyites after he cooperated with the HUAC to turn in a long list of names of other Hollywood figures in the film industry.

“On the Waterfront” remains the most effective piece of propaganda against Unions made by the reactionary forces. The fact that an award winning film maker, Kazan, and a top notch cast led by Brando, made a film that was artsty, black and white, and seemed to represent the perspective of workers rather than the bourgeoisie obscures the reality that the intent of the film was to demonize organized labor as inherently corrupt.

Since the mid 1950s it has become more and more an accepted thing that Unions are bad and filled with ‘thugs.’ In fact ‘Union Thug’ is a part of our vocabulary, especially on the right. This all really seeped into the minds of the public when a supposed leftwinger, Kazan, created this reactionary piece of propaganda.

The result has been the destruction of a working class ‘middle class,’ the transfer of more and more wealth from the masses to the plutocrats, and less and less protection for the worker. For instance, National Holidays are meaningless as far as workers are concerned, the idea of a paid three day weekend every so often is a joke. Pensions were destroyed and instead workers were forced against their will to hand their funds over to Wall Street investors who make ungodly profits off them as they gamble with these funds in the Stock Market.


Ah, Bay of Pigs, redux!


Hi LibWingoflibWing_____wow and LOL. Times change and I saw that movie in a totally different way…LOL. I saw it through the eyes of the boxer and a person who was already marginalized because of his place in society. It is amazing to me that from the 21st century----he represented what was wrong with America—I guess the opposite meaning that you say the film makers wanted. However, as the loser in the film, it seems like a perfect analogy of what America’s future could be too.


When I first saw this article my initial thought was that this would be good to post on Facebook so my friends could see the truth instead of the lies they’ve been fed. I mean, it’s from the New York Times! Surely my cultural liberal friends, who are so pro mainstream media because Trump calls it ‘fake news’ and they are so anti-Trump (they’d say anti-tRump,) would want to read this since it’s about the darling of the mainstream press, the NYT.

But then I started reading it and it was nothing but false flag tweets from liars over and over.

It didn’t get to a critique of those lies until way too far in the story. I know most folk don’t read an entire article. They might read just the first few lines, or at best, the first few paragraphs.

I decided posting this on FB would have the opposite effect than I wished. Most of my friends would never get to the critique. They’d just get more and more of the lies into their minds.

Then I looked at the headline again. I realized what would remain with my FB friends would be “Venezuela President” “Burning AID Truck.”

What is wrong that even an article supposedly about demolishing a false flag actually could end up supporting it? Why write it like this? Why such a convoluted headline.


How about not repeating the tweet lies in the article?

How about a strong first paragraph instead of one that repeats the coup propaganda: “On February 23, a caravan of large cargo trucks was crossing a bridge from Colombia into Venezuela delivering food and other aid when they dramatically went up in flames. US officials seized upon the event as evidence of a “sick tyrant” stopping food from getting to hungry people.”

How about instead: “On February 23, forces aligned with Juan Guaido burned their own supposed aid before the trucks left the Colombian side of an unopened bridge with thrown Molotov Cocktails. The New York Times recently obtained unpublished video footage revealing this as a false flag event.”

No, thank you. I won’t share this on FB and give my cultural liberal friends more reason to think the NeoLiberal narrative is true.


Within the context of the film, Brando’s character is a sympathetic good guy caught up in forces beyond his control.

That’s why the film is insipid, the context is the problem, a meta-narrative that is implanted in the public consciousness because the story within the context is one of the oppressed every man trying to be better than his situation.

It had another mid-1950s narrative that we now should be very critical of: the local Catholic priest as the warrior moral center that you can trust more than the Union. I don’t even need to explain the problem with that trope.

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There’s the thought that many such articles of propaganda are now being aimed at folks like us here on Common Dreams, who are not as susceptible to standard MSM propaganda.

I’m not yet convinced that the NYTimes article is not being complicit regarding exactly what happened on the bridge…that it is attempting to cover up the actual truth of the incident. I need to do a search to try to find an article I read a number of days ago which stated (and provided video) that the convoy was assembled by the CIA and that it was the convoy truck drivers, not anti-Maduro protesters, who purposely torched the trucks. In other words, the entire incident, torching and all, was another CIA false flag op.

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