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US Blocks G7 Climate Statement As White House Waffles on Paris Deal


US Blocks G7 Climate Statement As White House Waffles on Paris Deal

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Nations attending the Group of 7 (G7) conference in Italy were unable to put out a joint statement on climate change this week because of the Trump administration's foot-dragging on environmental policies, particularly its commitment to the Paris agreement, Reuters reported Monday.



“As long as only those with a vested interest in economic liberalism are at the helm in the authoritarian democracies—which are really not democracies at all—and in nations dominated by capitalism—where the word democracy is derived, not from demos, the people, but from daemon, the devil: until then they will wage war against socialism; and when there is no other choice, they will drive their peoples and their youth to the slaughtering block for the sake of their economic power, for their money bags, for base mammon. And the people will be stupid enough, and will be kept stupid enough, to go to war in the belief that they are fighting for their fatherland. But they are fighting only to maintain the domination of capital over labor and for the interest paid on that capital.”

Quotes from Adolf Hitler in Hitler: Memoirs of a Confidant, (1978)


Maybe it’s time this group becomes the G6. I don’t think the US has a leader who qualifies to be part of this group. Maybe they should give all of the leaders a reality test before a country can participate. The US may as well be led by a patient with schizophrenia when it comes to the issue of climate change.


US has openly become the pariah of the worlds nations. Up till now its been but kept some what undercover. Now the gloves are off and its chaos in control.


I think the idea of G6 is a good one. It would be great if the United States would be the agent of change as a result of its intransigence. All the other countries of the world see that they need to do this themselves. If they develop their alternative energy capabilities, the U.S. will have no one to sell its oil to, and no reason to decimate other countries for their resources. It seems that’s the only way to stop both the U.S. and climate change.


Rick Perry…boy, the other members must guffaw behind his back. No horn-rimmed glasses to make him look like he has read a book? Wind him up and he spews fossil fuel fealty regardless of the reality of climate change that is being addressed by other nations with REAL leadership, not paid lobbyists.


What a slap in the face of Sweet Lady Justice! When this former governor of Texas, this guy, takes over the D.O.E. 81 days ago! A political hack of the lowest moral order - obviously hired to prevent sanity from gaining a foothold into the U.S. energy policy! From two back-to-back, real physicists during Obama, (however, with similar low morals, who never warned Americans about deadly nuke plants), to this plastic politician guy. The heart pulse of America better start pumpin’, before too long. Appears that the bankster drones, in silk suits, have had enough of coddling us “commoners”, errr… consumers and have their orders.


One more reason to be embarrassed to be American: the doofus in the photo!


I wonder when these pigheaded, proudly ignorant obstructionist quisling fossil fuel pushers will let the world move on to a viable future. I also sometimes worry about what to do when butterflies start flying out of my ass. Both seem equally possible,