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US Blocks UN Global Ceasefire Resolution, Objecting to Indirect Reference to World Health Organization

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/09/us-blocks-un-global-ceasefire-resolution-objecting-indirect-reference-world-health


The GOP has wanted the US to get OUT of the UN ever since the UN’s 1945 formation. WHO’s 1948 formation as a branch of UN instantly made it a target of the GOP.

Trump has simply taken these multi-generation GOP goals to a higher level of priority.


" The President has offered no evidence of his claims". Trump doesn’t have to…because he knows since being exonerated from impeachment by his treasonous, Republican, Fascists in the senate! Trump is no longer the American President, Trump is now the Amerikan, Fuehrer


Trump’s insane power trip has warped his humanity, if he ever possessed any.

His animal instincts demand he be caged.


" Helen Clark, former prime minister of New Zealand, wrote that the U.S. is playing the “blame game” rather than joining with other countries to focus efforts on the global health crisis and put fighting on hold."

The US is not playing any ‘blame game’. The US is a ‘forever war country’. To expect that the US would agree to an international cease-fire for ANY reason, reflects a naivety beyond word.


Nothing will happen with Trump unless American’s do something. America’s government has made it clear it will not do anything. The job has been left for non government actors, not only with respect to Trump, but with respect to every pressing issue the nation faces; the government does not intend to address any of them; from climate; to pandemic; to inequality and injustice; to ingrained corruption; to public health; to international affairs; etc.etc.etc. There isn’t a single area of government, normally held as a government responsibility, where the government is acting or will act - it is a completely self serving organization, associated with organized crime/big business, and organized religion, which does not in any way represent any other part of the nation, or the nations interests. If those areas are ever addressed they will have to be addressed completely outside of the halls of government. In other words The USA has fully collapsed, and unless people organize a functioning system of government, they will fall along with that once promising nation.


In the current political environment where there is no difference between the D or R elite, it does not appear that this tyrant will ever be “caged” or limited in any way by any force on Earth.


I see two men from the U.S. are being charged for terrorism in Venezuela. That should end any authorization of war AGAINST terrorism unless we are going to war with ourselves.
Somebody better cease fire pretty damn soon. We have no mone?y for war for one thing.
Trump wouldn’t trust his mother, certainly not anyone else.
Six year old, remember


Hi raydelcamino:
It has now become more than embarrassing to be an American. My feelings have now morphed into horrifying and unbelievable.


There certainly is a big difference and it’s time we to ramp our disgust for republican governing, and sure, democrats who act like republicans too. Our intrepid DINOS.

The “they’re all the same” meme gets over done here.


The US Corporate State does not want peace. That much is obvious. We are indeed a rogue state.


It’s time the UN got OUT of the US. Otherwise it’s just curtains for the UN. No future here.


For goodness sake, did you expect anything else from the US? Even when the “saintly” Obama was ruling the roost, war waged eternal! Now that we have a deadly clown ru(i)nning the show, did you think things would be different?


If one is not 100% ashamed of what your country has become and has done in your name as an American, citizen murdering untold millions of innocent people all over the world, to protect the vested interests of the Amerikan, world wide Empire while using the most egregious canards ( we are bringing them ___ fill in the country…freedom and democracy ) IT MEANS YOU HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED! And that is not an opinion…THAT IS A FACT.


I suspect slime ball’s number one agenda in this action is the continuing destruction of Iran and attempts to rule Venezuela. Pitiful and criminal.


Serial Killer USA…


Sad but true Adam. We the People must either shit or get off the pot.

Shame that so many have no fight in them.

In terms of the Universe, my time is short, so I’m ready.

All that’s left is someone to say, “Go.”


You mean these two imbeciles:



Make that “terrorist” state Nighthawk, and I’m with you.


Never say never Farmer. Lightning could strike.

Being more positive is better for more positive outcomes.

Karma, can be a bitch.