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US Border Patrol Denounced as 'Rogue Agency' for Using Predator Drone to Spy on Minneapolis Protests

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/29/us-border-patrol-denounced-rogue-agency-using-predator-drone-spy-minneapolis


They were just practicing for the riots this summer and the Martial Law that will quickly follow, through the first Tuesday in November


It just gets better. And…we are allowing DT to seek a second term.


WHAT THE SWEET HELL … ? Gee I wonder who signed off on this? …


demodogs and repugs in congress and senate.

They have it together to ramp this up way beyond OWS.


Blacks are being blamed for all the Minneapolis damage the way Hitler blamed Communists for burning the Reichstag.

Perhaps the drone’s photos need to be examined by somebody outside the US Border Patrol bolster existing evidence against Trump and the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP that keeps protecting him.


There is a pattern here that follows the patterns of previous empires – the people are kept comfortably sheltered about the workings of the Imperium outside its borders in as far as they are told that the looting, pillaging and raping are naturally the winnings of a strong and exceptional state. Being from the exceptional state means being superior to the ‘inferior other.’ Things go well enough until it doesn’t and the coffers start drying up due to profligate spending on military conquest bringing fewer benefits and profits to the people of the imperial state. Unrest and factionalism grow amongst the ‘lower orders’ of the exceptional peoples so has to be quashed through heavy-handed policing causing more civil unrest. The cycle repeats often enough that finally the only ones not rebelling are the ones who most benefited from the gutting of the state social apparatuses necessitating the masses be sublimated and subdued. So the techniques used to subdued the ‘inferior other’ now refined and fully incorporated into the state military apparatuses are used to do the same to the citizens of the state. Seems to be true in all declining empires.

PS: These techniques have been suggested in many of my past cultural studies.


Just off the top of my head, I’d want to know if this violates the Posse Comitatus Act.


Good overall analysis by Moon of Alabama:



I believe that Obama basically did away with the Posse Comitatus Act when he endorsed and signed the NDAA.


I have previously personally violated the Posse Comitatus Act.

The details are important.
Reasonable protection of elderly black ladies marching in Alabama for their right to vote.
Would you permit 13 KKK armed guys free …??

I do not have nightmares about this.
I think it was legal, moral, ethical and prevented violence.
I would do it again.
May be a genetic defect inside my soul.


Unfortunately, it’s not a rogue agency, it represents “our” government, the right wing is in high gear, lots of strange things going on, and the media is failing us big time.


I think the military is not supposed to quell internal dissent unless ordered by the President. The Northern Command is specifically tasked for this potential.


Let’s look on the bright side:

Something to look forward to!

Anybody remember the movie “Blue Thunder” (Roy Sheider) about the police starting to use helicopter gunships for crowd control?
Life imitating art I guess.

I have a question that I can’t resolve on my own so maybe someone can tell me the plausible answers to it:

Why do you call the functioning of your representatives, presumably democratically elected to govern at the local, state and federal levels “ruling” instead of “governing” institutions as governing is what democratic governments do? We hire them by choosing those who best represent our concepts of a free and fair society and they are supposed to govern on behalf of those who pay them, which would be the taxpayers. I don’t ever recall governance being linguistically linked to ruling, which is what dictators and monarchs do. So why?


Flights of protofascist fancy


The first time I read Les Damnés de la Terre (The Wretched of the Earth) by Frantz Fanon, I was struck by this implicit warning that the violence needed to maintain empire is always fated to come home.

For years I’ve tried to reconcile Gandhi’s non-violence with Fanon’s call for open rebellion. I really think the key is in Gandhi’s caveat - namely against fascism, one really isn’t left with any choice.

Sure wish there was some way to get through to those in the apparatuses that we really aren’t the enemy here. We are the people, too.


This is going to sound paranoid but, some have observed that the admin has given the BP unprecedented military and law enforcement networking privileges, latitude and power, in effect creating the modern equivalent of black/brownshirts.


I’ve been wanting to read Fanon’s book for quite a while, years actually but always end up finding another book in the stacks that is compelling, especially when digging through bookshelves in used book stores. But even most of our local bookstores don’t have it, nor does our library that I can find. I haven’t checked their e-book section though I hate reading books online. I know that Karl Polyani’s book (fair economic systems) is listed there and that’s another one I want to read if I can get over the lack of a physical book to hold.

I refuse to shop Chapters/Indigo or Amazon indie bookstore eaters.