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US Calls 'Unacceptable' Turkey's Attack on Kurdish Fighters in Syria


US Calls 'Unacceptable' Turkey's Attack on Kurdish Fighters in Syria

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The United States has criticized as "unacceptable" the fighting between forces backed NATO ally Turkey and U.S.-backed pro-Kurdish fighters in northern Syria, just days after the U.S. and Russia suggested there was no imminent ceasefire to the conflict that has killed at least a quarter of a million people.


Our country should take a long hard look at it's own foreign policies...US action has been unacceptable for some time.

Read this article:


"American Citizen Calls US violations of Syrian National Sovereignty Unacceptable'.


So what will the US do, now that Turkey a member of NATO (that now refuses to be subject to the North American Territorial Occupation farce), will no longer obey the dictates of the US government, problems, problems.
Can the US attack a NATO country, will the US kick Turkey out of NATO (can't do that, because the Bosphorus Straits https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bosphorus bottles up the Russian warm water fleet, and the Ukraine scam so that NATO could take over the Crimea and especially Sevastopol failed).
So now Turkey can poke the US all it's wants and they just have to swallow it, apart from some surprisingly well trained 'er' ISIS agents with American accents, who will be shifting focus from Syria to Turkey but then Turkey knows all about them, hell, many of those well trained ISIS types had Turkish accents, all part of the deal for which part of Syria the US would let Turkey have).
The US is definitely going to pushed out of Syria by Russia, Iran, the Syrians and surprisingly enough Turkey (oh, and flock the EU of Victoria Nuland fame (good job vicky, the Russians thank you for the return of the Crimea), yeah, they are looking to hand a 'screw you', right back to the US for all this mess, NATO looks to be on it's last legs (as the sales arm of the US/UK war industries, it really made a mess of it, under corporate direction of course).


At some point one has to wonder who's telling which lies to whom when and where, as a kind of key to who things who is fighting what for whom when and how.

It is all disturbingly remniscient of the Spanish Revolution.


That one was simple. The Fascists of Italy and the Nazis of Germany loved their little fascist Franco, and the Communists hated everybody on the left, who, incidentally, were running around ripping each other to ideological shreds, as only the left can do.