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US Cities Need Masks and Tests, Mr. President, Not Shock Troops

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/25/us-cities-need-masks-and-tests-mr-president-not-shock-troops


Pitting governors against themselves for supplies, why? Because Trump has a “reality” TV mindset. Sending shock troops into Portland, why? Because Trump has a “reality” TV mindset. Blow in the wind in response to Fox “News”? Because it strokes his ego. What does IQ45 do way too much of? Watch TV. What is a well known and early coined nickname for TV? The idiot box.


There will “never” be a monument erected to honor Donald Trump.

Simply because a number of us in the 2/3 of the country that knows him for the vile, hateful human being that he was, is, and always will be will never leave it standing, no matter the consequences.

Symbols of pure evil have no place in humanity.


A friend made a FB post that hits the mark: “He’s the most ‘transactional’ person I’ve ever seen.”


But a huge number will be flushed!


“Pitting governors against themselves for supplies, why?”

The law of supply and demand, it ratchets the price up for these supplies, making the corporations that supply them much more money.
In Jan. or feb. the WH was contacted by a man who ran a mask manufacturing company in Dallas. He explained he had 2 lines in his factory that were shut down, and wanted to know if the WH wanted him to ramp up production. He was told don’t bother by a WH spokesperson. I had a link to this story, but lost it when my hard drive crashed.


The headline might as well apply to the USA when that Country tries to resolve issues abroad. Rather then entering into dialogue, the United States of America sends in the troops and starts killing people.

Tens of millions of people in foreign lands have been killed bu US troops when food and butter would have worked. 40 plus years of complacency wherein that allowed to happen as people waved those stupid fucking flags when the troops came marching home or stood up to salute when a flyover happened over some football is now coming back to bite the people in the ass.

These shock troops are no where as brutal to US Citizens as they are to some poor Iraqi or Afghan or Somalia , but that time is coming too.

Shut down that Military PERIOD. Never mind restricting deployment against US Citizens. Shut them down and there plenty of money for masks and tests and maybe some child in Pakistan could sleep peacefully overnight and not have to worry about a US Drone flying overhead looking for “terrorists” to kill.

Those “shock troops” are a disgrace wherever they go.


" There will “never” be a monument erected to honor Donald Trump."

Oh I don’t know

the Donald Trump Sewage Proccessing Plant

has a nice ring to it.


~ Fund 140,000,000 Poor Americans! ~

After decades of a corporate coup, beginning with Reagan in 1980, 140,000,000 Americans are still being forced and kept into poverty - and now - climate breakdown! By corrupt #AbolishCorporations/politicians

Covid-19 is OUT-OF-CONTROL!
$2000/mo NEEDED!
$600/week unemployment extension
NO rents & mortgages
Medicare FOR All
non-gmo Food!
Thank you: “Wall of Moms and Dads”!
Thank YOU, PORTLAND! T You are what Democracy Looks Like! Standing up to heavily armed shock troops sent to your state and city against your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO REFUSE! THANK YO FOR YOUR INTEGRITY AND KINDNESS to stand non-violently against a secret police!


I like Gov. Inslee’s comment: “I wish he cared more about living Americans instead of dead Confederates.”



Amy, do the world a favor, expose the truth of 911. An event in your own backyard.


Where tests to detect SARS-CoV-19-2 and other viruses–as Fort Detrick staff have the Town of Frederick MD–to continually trace their community sources and treat the public health…

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