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US Climate Assessment Exposes 'Simply Terrifying' Recklessness of Trump


US Climate Assessment Exposes 'Simply Terrifying' Recklessness of Trump

Jon Queally, staff writer

"Even as this report sounds the alarm, Trump's team of climate deniers are twisting themselves into pretzels to justify blocking national and international climate action."


Isn’t 20 years of this is our last chance looking kind of threadbare?

the message isn’t taking and rescreaming it isn’t going to help.


I can’t wait until research addresses the crossover between human activity and climate change and pollution. That pollution is not yet an inextricable part of this call to attention is absolutely baffling to me.

I increasingly feel that predatory capitalism with its “externalized costs”, which, as Yanis Varoufakis notes, has hit the wall, enters cannibal mode and the comfort zones of being able to lie to oneself turn to violent means and psychotic dimensions by the “powerful” and it is not my intent that this be considered hyperbole. Witness the insanely massive arms climax all over the world with US manufacturers making profits hand over fist.


You should try reading that National Climate Assessment report linked to in the article.
Here’s a quote from that report:

The likely range of the human contribution to the global mean temperature increase over the period
1951–2010 is 1.1° to 1.4°F (0.6° to 0.8°C), and the central estimate of the observed warming of 1.2°F
(0.65°C) lies within this range (high confidence). This translates to a likely human contribution of 93%–
123% of the observed 1951–2010 change. It is extremely likely that more than half of the global mean
temperature increase since 1951 was caused by human influence on climate (high confidence). The likely
contributions of natural forcing and internal variability to global temperature change over that period
are minor (high confidence).


What is Simply terrifying to me, is Trump and his flat earth, climate deniers will call this article: FAKE NEWS!


To focus human-induced climate change on the Idiot Trump is absolutely stoopid. It has been going on in a big way since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in the West and really took off after WW2. Also, there is a direct correlation between its rapid development and the rapid development of industrial and post-industrial (financial) capitalism. As has nuclear terrorism - which Dr Helen Caldicott recently pointed out on CD and elsewhere. Anybody who believes crap like this believes that Donna Brazille is a pro-“reform” Democrat.


Psychiatry should investigate the profit addicts need to accumulate and accumulate regardless the costs to everyone else as a psychological disorder. Then perhaps these people can be put in a home for the criminally insane.


Let’s put these fuckers on a small island less than a meter above sea level–along with all of their progeny. Used enhanced monitoring such as ubiquitous CCTV with satellite uplink. Popcorn anyone–be sure to have your solar oven at hand…


Like I’ve often said, Humanity is a failed experiment. The Climate window of a sustainable planet closed quite some time ago. All we can prepare for now is species extinction (including Homo Sapiens), famine, and continued nonlinear collapse of biosystems. Damn it…


What I find so astonishing is that one part of this government quashes other parts in constant conflict of interest battles. This just depresses me, I have a very small carbon footprint; a small studio apartment, no car, a TV a PC and a microwave I use for all my cooking, it’s all I can do. I just wish more good folks would realize how dire Earth’s life systems are becoming toxic, not just warming but poisoned by all the toxins used in industrial everything! Really tell all of your friends and buddies to help do their share and write your Senators and Representative. I wrote all three of mine again this morning, it’s all I can do. But Earth needs all of our collective help.


I hate to say it but Now I give humans a 30% survivability past 2 centuries and that’s generous. Some prominent scientists put the figure 100% in 10 years or so. The world for humans really ended in 1784 when the steam engine was patterned, it just took 2-300 years to evolve. Or to put it another way how much money can they count holding their breath immersed in toxic sludge. It’s truly depressing.


All the leaders are psychopaths and always have been since the dawn of civilization.


Sorry one more quickie. The human body’s temperature is 37C = 98.6F; now add 3C and we get…wait for it…40C = 104F and see how long you survive. Puts in proper perspective.


It looks like what matters to Trump is what Obama did. Obama sounded a warning on climate change so Trump denies it. Obama achieved the Paris climate agreement so Trump has the US leaving it. Obama got the Clean Power Plan so Trump is not following it. Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline so Trump approved it. Obama prevented oil exploration of the east coast and Alaska so Trump is opening those areas up for oil exploration. Obama got improved fuel efficiency standards for vehicles so Trump wants to scrap them. Trump basically has shifted gears and put the US in reverse. But the laws of physics and chemistry have not changed. The Earth continues to absorb more energy in the form of heat.


I haven’t read the report and most likely won’t because of the Facts you stated. Therefore I do not know if it says anything about the problems we are seeing today is because of the pollution produced 40 years ago. What we are doing today our monitoring methods haven’t caught up with so we aren’t seeing things in real time yet.


Excellent idea - interesting that trump calls for the execution of a deranged killer who murdered 8 people in NY the other day. He calls for bonuses to those who are killing 100s of 1000s of innocents every year and are predators destroying the very future of all of our children and grandchildren.

This is a criminally insane psychopath who must be locked up for life, taken off the streets to protect the children. And with him must go the likes of Pruitt, Rick Perry (talk about insane morons), Mnuchin, Ryan, and let’s not forget Pence.

If we do not do this, then we are all complicit criminals that our children will forever curse.


Thank you, to all of the scientists involved in this! They deserve our respect and support.


Thanks for pointing this out. It’s very obvious that his priority is to reverse everything that Obama did that was at all positive.


Thanx for that snippet. And in 1948 there were only 2.6 billion people on this planet. Go figure the result…


Hello there, Ol’Hippy. Thank you for posting. I’m no scientist (Just an Earth Science Minor in University… so STILL… many science courses)… so I can’t speak from data. Having said that, given the current CO2 readings in the atmosphere and ALL other ice data, sea level rise, etc. we really “cooked our goose” quite some time ago. As you stated, with the invention of the steam engine in 1784… it was really “game over” for Earth from that point on…BUT ONLY because our population has continued on it’s current increasingly fast growth-path. If we had managed global populations in a reasonable growth trend in the 18th century (start of the Industrial Revolution) and onward, I think we STILL could have dodged disaster. But now the “cat is out of the bag.” We are at 7.4 billion people with INSATIABLE needs in consumption. We all are a virus on this planet of a limited means of sustainability. Wake up!