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US Cold War China Policy Will Isolate the US, Not China

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/03/us-cold-war-china-policy-will-isolate-us-not-china


" China’s economic miracle has lifted hundreds of millions of its people out of poverty." and USA predatory capitalism has lower hundreds millions around the world into poverty!"


Timely essay by Gareth Porter with regard to the 75th anniversary of the horrific terrorist attack on Hiroshima.




I have just returned to the US from spending most of the last thirteen years in China. I taught Oral English mainly to universities, usually a year here and a year there, covering the north, south, east and west so I could visit all of China.

One thing i want to say is that the worst place to work in Chengdu according to a friend of mine is the American Amazon factory. I would say that Amazon’s problem with labor management is equally bad in the US, but the labor is cheaper in China.

Everything is cheaper in China. Things are two to five times cheaper than in the US. Even Coca Cola, which is of course bottled locally. The exhange rate is nearly 7 RMB for $1, but in vegetables my 1 RMB buys the same as $1 in the US. Rent is the same way. So cheap laborin China, low pay by US dollars is not necessarily a low standard of living in China.
How could this become normalized? Im not sure. But the key may be reducing America’s huge government overhead in nonbenficial areas.
China builds schools, trains the poor in vocations. America builds warheads and dreams of Mars.


Well spoken. Continued “America first” strategies will only leave us more and more isolated from the planet we share with many, many others.

Someone (or a number of someones) evidently didn’t get the “lessons I learned in kindergarten” about getting along with others! It’s time to turn that around.


wow, i hope you will write about your experience in China and use your knowledge to help educate Americans about the need to work with China


Great article. I think I finally know what to do come November. Write in Medea Benjamin for President!

Thank you, Medea. While in China I tried to steer very clear of heavy political commentary. Maybe it is time for me to say something.
Although the new China initiatives are at least partly to Trump’s failure to have any positives to mention for his first term as president, there is another serious reason that hawks in the US (namely the two major parties plus the military) are disturbed. China is working to unite Asia and Africa and Europe. This will bring wealth and vigor to these areas. Poor landlocked regions of Central Asia will become hubs of trade and travel. How wonderful. Africa will be included. Europe will be included.
The US could work to do a similar thing with North and South America. For two centuries with the Marshall Plan the US has had free rein to play in this area. The area has not flourished as a result. The US does not want to be a team player with China on the team anymore. The US cannot compete.
The US game is a totally different game. Make the competitor weak by using minorities to split up the country. Even as Nixon worked to befriend Mao and open Chinese trade, war was ongoing in Tibetan interference, the Vietnam War, the US base in Japan, strengthening South Korea, isolating North Korea–all giving the US a presence surrounding much of China. The US wanted trade but at the same time was always working on a smaller China.
China responds now in the same way as always, with patience. And perseverance. I believe that the areas that the US is complaining about have real problems, due mainly to foreign intereference in these areas. Best thing to do? Let China handle it, back all the way out.

Cancelling Chinese apps like Tiktok and Wechat?
Wechat makes the US money. I will pay tax on the Chinese students I continue to teach online. Chinese families send money to their students in the US by Wechat.

Do the apps spy? Good grief. Every single contact I make online seems to be spying from the feedback I get.


Thanks Medea. Good article.

One question: how does the US have any legitimacy or right to criticize ANY country in the world considering what we have done around the planet? Just look at he Mid East.

And how come this blatant hypocrisy is not called out more? Does China use their military to invade other countries to gain an economic edge? Are they sanctioning countries whenever they choose. Are they sending their war ships to the waters off California or NY?


Despite China and US have different standard of poverty, it is a great achievement.

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