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US 'Complicit in This Nightmare,' Says Sanders, After Trump-Backed Saudi Coalition Kills Over 100 in Bombing of Yemeni Prison

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/02/us-complicit-nightmare-says-sanders-after-trump-backed-saudi-coalition-kills-over


This is so much the norm for US–killing and terrorizing by proxy (Saudis) or drones. Sickening, and normal. Our taxes fund it, we go on living and consuming and worrying about kids, bills, life in the USA, while hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands over time die or are maimed in our name. If we had to, even, say ok to ONE death, to watch the blood and terror–to watch as children die and mothers die in front of their kids, most of us
would say NO. How long will this continue? Partly, the answer is straightforward: elect an overwhelming majority of Democrats to Congress, kick the majority clueless, greedy, elitist Republicans out of the Senate altogether, and hope that the Dems we elect will follow through on previous Dem-led resolutions to get out of Yemen, out of all proxy wars, and wars of greed and stupidity. It would also save our soldiers’ lives. And if we work on the election front to do that, we can also oust the mendacious, cruel and dangerously ill Prez.


As others I’m sure will also point-out, “killing and terrorizing by proxy”, as well as directly, goes far beyond “Republicans” and very much includes Democrats as well. In fact, some of the worst offenders are “democrats”.
The depraved indifference for the lives of others and endless for-profit political/commercial wars and the diversion (theft) of resources from civilian needs and priorities to the culture of death by the Military Industrial Congressional Complex is very much made up of multi-party people…


Of course Bernie Sanders is correct in his criticism, and his principled comments deserve the respect he was denied in 2016.

He was viciously attacked as not being “anti-war” enough in 2016 by some including the “real left” so-called, who just as surely as the DINO DNC Hillary neo-liberal camp’s betrayal and sabotaging Bernie’s candidacy (and our future). Those detractors and trolls were, in part, responsible along with other forces, for the rise of der trumpenfuhrer and his brand of extremist destruction, racist bigotry, unparalleled ignorance and stupidity, and multiple mental illnesses.

Sometimes the possible should not be rejected for the perfect - a state of being that rarely, if ever, exists - like chicken-lips.


Again, helpless dead bodies of civilians and non-combatants, killed by our bombs, our intelligence, our fuel, our support of our fascist allies. Saudi Arabia, Israel, numerous other fascist government groups and raiders whom our Nazi government and its fuehrer supports.
*Every effort to curb this insanity is vetoed by the fuehrer, or blocked by his schutzstaffel of CEOs and billionaires that are either in his cabinet or in his senate. This is all backed and protected by a Nazi appointed court system.
*I think it is way past time that our Nazi government of the Fourth Reich and its bloated Wehrmacht should all be vetoed by We the People, not only of this country but of the World, before it’s plan of total control and destruction of all but a handful of people who do not look or believe as they do is accomplished.
*Those of us who were born before WW-II and grew up during it remember the cost of ridding ourselves of the last bunch of Nazis that ruled from Nazi Germany.
*Those of us who have studied German History between the wars and on to its “ending” in 1945, recognize the same MO, the same increasing control over its citizens and the rampant growth of its Wehrmacht at the expense of its own people, their well being, and the death of nations that followed it.
*It is time for We the People to veto the fat one and all of his actions, his fascist appointees and all of their actions and destructive laws up to and since 2016, for this madness really swung into gear with the “Supreme” Court’s appointing of the shrub of Bush as president, and the adoption of the illegal, unconstitutional and misnamed Patriot Act. All since is what the legal eagles call “the fruit of the poisoned vine.”
We the People then need to work to recreate the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America, with many more safeguards so that this sort of thing cannot happen again.
*Mrs Minitrue and I speak as two who have lived through all of this in our lives, and I speak as a nuclear survivor, one of the relatively few who survived and personally know the horror the fat one and his Oligarchic owners are willing to unleash upon the world through nuclear warfare.
*We are out of time, and our planet, our home in this vast universe, is sick and dying from the rape and robbery of its very essence, to fill the vaults of the Oligarchy.
*Wake up America! Act!


" Accountability needs to prevail.".UN special envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths…

Martin may mean right, but just more empty rhetoric. The Amerikan, Fourth Reich has a plethora of accountable war crimes and has never been held accountable for even one!


From my perspective good idea but too many of we the people are much like the “good Germans” of the Third Reich. Trump is reported to have some 60 million twitter followers who are part of we the people.


True, but that leaves some 290,000,000 who are not Nazi-minded fascists. We just have to learn to work together!


Principled comments are like the Rodney Dangerfield of the comments of today’s war rhetoric. Bernie will get little if any respect again in 2020. Even many Democrats are saying Bernie is NOT electable because he is " TOO FAR LEFT"!


The day will come when the Saudis hold no favor with the United States. Though I may be gone, my soul will celebrate.


Seems to me, impossible if Trump steals a second term or if Biden/Harris gets beat honestly in 2020; or if our US Fuhrer starts a third world war. Also, how many of the millions of Americans are apathetic and too brainwashed to work together. No chance, at least in Alaska!


The problem has always been, as Ken Kesey said, there has always been and there will always be more stupid than smart people. I can confirm this as a public school educator with over 30 years experience. Hence the widespread but not universal support for Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan Chump trump.


Bernie is my 1st choice for Prez and Warren is my second. In the recent years, Bernie’s foreign policy and international positions have become clearer. Not so for Warren. Her views on foreign affairs remain pretty vague. That is something I’d like to hear more about.


Your statement is certainly true of many of my Trump supporting, wealthy relatives! I was speaking with one about Trump wanting to purchase Greenland and their response: " Great idea! There are vast resources waiting to be explored in Greenland."


You are perceptive in wondering which way this will go. I suppose, pre-election hype aside, The post election will indicate which way we are headed. I’m not very confident that that direction won’t turn into a long slide into a fascist state.
We might as well add the apathetic to the rolls at that time, of participants in the downfall of the America we hoped it would be.
A couple more baby steps to the right and it will take a civil war or revolution to come back to center. Whatever that would be.


The US provides the intelligence and targeting information to the Saudi Military . This has been confirmed many times. It more then a little likely they gave the coordinates for this attack and the Saudis did this under their direction.


… or importing them to the U.S. to share their ‘expertise.’


Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barack Obama, dropped 26,000 bombs on seven countries during his last year in office. And during his first two years in office, when he enjoyed overwhelming D-party majorities, he upped the drone bombings significantly compared to Bush/Cheney.


Yes, thanks for your reply.

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That narrative is propaganda like the manipulated polls and “front-runner” status media deceptions. Those “Democrats” are not, they are the DINO wing of complicity and collusion, and what “they” are saying is BS, lies, and deception, designed to maintain the status quo of repression and oppression - they are the enemy and agents of the “too-far corporate-right”, while Bernie is electable, with more energy, vision, and wisdom than any far younger candidate.

The politics of today is all show and glitter; staged carny fiction, photo-ops, and consultant techno-electoral manipulations, that have replaced truth and honesty…

Of course those deceits have become more and more effective in today’s political circus, designed to con the rubes and elevate posers and idiots to positions of power they have no right to - the increase of an electorate with less and less education, wisdom, independence, and accurate information also play an increasing part.

Peace Shanti.