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US Concern Over 'Pervasive' High-Level Corruption Surging Under Trump: Poll


US Concern Over 'Pervasive' High-Level Corruption Surging Under Trump: Poll

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Although Americans are optimistic about the ordinary person's ability to help fight corruption, about 70 percent believe the U.S. government is failing at it

Donald Trump


Standing on principles gets you rejected, but selling out your principles makes you wealthy and acceptable. It is the collision of immoral power and powerless morality that is the conflict of our nation. MLK


All good ideas — and good luck implementing ANY of them!!   It was the majority’s awareness of the utter cor­ruption of “our” government – and sheer desperation to ‘Drain the Swamp’ – that led so many to believe the lie that Tweetle-Dumb (the e-pitomization of corruption) would do so.  If we had a truly fair legal system that didn’t give the wealthy a tremendous advantage over us “little people”, he would have been in prison for fraud many years ago.  The damnably corrupt DamnocRats’ nomination of a known swamp-dweller in 2016 didn’t help . . .

It is clear that America needs A Brand New Congress AND a Brand New Executive Branch as well — but how do We the People evaluate the candidates for all of these offices to ensure that persons of honesty and integrity, with the necessary intelligence & experience to fulfill their roles, are nominated?   And even if good candidates can be identified, how do we ensure that the elections themselves are fair?

I’d like to suggest one other change — ensure the independence of our Federal Judges by immunizing them from Executive Branch interference.  Let the President continue to make nominations, as at present, but once judges are confirmed by the Senate (perhaps for a fixed term of ten, fifteen or twenty years, depending on the particular office) allow them to be removed ONLY by a two-thirds vote of the Senate, so they can no longer be fired on the whim of a unbalanced Chief Executive.


Also, I think the election process needs to be moved from a two party system to a multiparty system.


Here is the Real Clear Politics poll page. They keep track of all of the major polls and have the results up to date on one page each week.

For example:

President Trump Job Approval Rasmussen Reports Approve 41, Disapprove 57 Disapprove +16
President Trump Job Approval PPP (D) Approve 41, Disapprove 56 Disapprove +15
2018 Generic Congressional Vote PPP (D) Democrats 51, Republicans 40 Democrats +11
Congressional Job Approval PPP (D) Approve 10, Disapprove 78 Disapprove +68
Congressional Job Approval Gallup Approve 17, Disapprove 78 Disapprove +61

In short, the majority of Americans polled disapprove of the Trump administration, but the disapproval of congress is even greater. Most of that disapproval of congress is disapproval of congressional Republicans. If this disapproval of congress continues into the 2018 congressional elections, Republicans will lose control of both houses of congress.