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US Congressman Says Bankers Should Find Way to 'Neuter' Elizabeth Warren


US Congressman Says Bankers Should Find Way to 'Neuter' Elizabeth Warren

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, a Republican from Missouri and senior member of the House Financial Services Committee, on Wednesday described Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as the "Darth Vader of the financial services world" and said bankers should find a way to "neuter" her.


Luetkemeyer is the one that should be neutered. E-vil.


So, now those supported by the Koch Brothers’ network of think tanks have absconded with the term “integrity.” Amazing, isn’t it…

Under the guise of Free Enterprise, the 1% endeavors by hook and crook to lay claim to it all.

Under the guise of Obama’s health CARE plan, a whole new realm of extortion (to profit Insurance companies) is paved.

And on and on.

To couple Integrity with anything supportive of today’s vulture capitalist style banking is as much an inversion of nomenclature as is coupling the Term “Intelligence” with (the) Military!


He probably wanted to say “neutralize her,” but that could have been inciting to what ordinary folk get arrested for.

Would Hillary Clinton really disagree with him?



That name has to be the epitome of oxymora!


Funny how the good Germans never fail us


Yes, the right of free speech and free enterprise have been so utterly abused and twisted for far too long. It’s like Israelis using anti-Semite excuses to steal Palestine, kill and imprison the Palestinians all along crying Nazi atrocities during WWII. Palestinians had nothing to do with the holocaust but are paying dearly for the crimes of the Nazis.


Siouxrose doesn’t give a shit about the Palestinians. Check the record.


i guess Missouri has gone from being the ‘show me state’ to the ‘show me the money state’. i welcome the honesty of their congressman openly selling out his constituents to the interests of the criminally corrupt banking industry. do NOT let him take it back, hang it around his neck and use it to get rid of him.


Couldn’t agree more.


Dave Lindorff says, “by not endorsing Bernie Sanders, she proved that she’s no radical progressive, but just another calculating self-interested political hack”



Sometimes the bankers and their lackeys forget that some people still think this is a democratic republic, when, in fact, the banks and their corporations control the state, which is a textbook definition of fascism. http://coloradopublicbanking.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-view-from-top-of-power-pyramid.html


Crooks, liars and murderers have come out of the closet.

Conservatives were put on earth to kill us off, to “mow the lawn”, to kill off the “unproductive”, or more scientifically, to restore a population/resource balance. They also kill themselves off in the process.

The Force works in mysterious ways.


Really, trollie, can’t you make up enough sh*t on your own without stealing someone else’s post to add your bs lies. You trolls have the imagination of a bowel movement. Check the record.


He meant “neuter” as an insult to a woman with “balls” that he sees as “uppity and macho”, a wider insult to strong women and LGBT women everywhere.


Well looks like they are not wasting anytime after all the wins of Wall Street candidate Hillary and her right hand henchwoman, Wasserman.


This "Warren did not endorse Sanders - Therefore she is the devils spawn!..is laughable! You do know that she hasn’t endorsed Hillary either. Right? The majority of the members of the US Congress at this point have not “endorsed” any US presidential candidate.

But what I find so maddening about it is that, while there is justification for criticizing someone doing something (a crime, a blunder, or Luetkemeyer’s brazen alliance with the bankers), it is another thing entirely different to attack someone for not doing something. Firstly, a human being has the full right to NOT do anything they please**. The whole history of the fight for human dignity can be summarized as this. You (and especially Mr. Lindorff) don’t own Ms. Warren. Secondly, to make your own objectives and agency in pushing toward those objectives contingent on the positive action of another person is right from the playbook of a spoilt 3 year-old - or a totalitarian dictator. You need to organize your own agency. And no, her status as a “famous” person does not change this.

Edit note - I totally reworked this comment to better explain, in a more civil manner, why I find this attack on a public person for “not” doing some specific thing, so enraging.

**Except for perhaps, certain concrete obligations to a community while claiming membership in that community.


This thuggish bankster Luetkemeyer who calls for the “neutering” of servant of the people Senator Elizabeth Warren needs to be re-educated in a labour camp and taught not to threaten morally superior individuals. In the meantime, Luetkemeyer would be well-advised to religiously count his dick every morning, lest it should go missing.


Loogymeyer, Clinton and many other Congresscritters past and present are just doing what their corporate paymasters tell them to.

As Trump recently noted “there are a lot of empty cells in Guantanamo”. Perhaps those cells should be occupied by corporate Congresscritters ?


Loogymeyer would send it to his bankster cronies to use for a training film.