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US Congressman Says Bankers Should Find Way to 'Neuter' Elizabeth Warren


So this corrupt criminal U.S. Republican Congressman thinks it’s okay for Chase Bank to subject me to fraud and identity theft by illegally keeping open a $6,000 credit account that I had closed. So this piece of filth thinks it’s okay for me to have ABSOLUTELY NO RECOURSE to launch a criminal action against Chase Bank for intentionally violating my rights as a consumer and a citizen. By the way, I filed two separate complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The first time, Chase Bank lied to the investigator and guess what? The investigator BELIEVED THE CRIMINAL. The second time, I filed proof that Chase Bank had lied, and guess what? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau NEVER RESPONDED TO ME. So, as of today, Chase Bank has never faced criminal charges for its criminal acts of fraud and identity theft against me. Blaine Luetkemeyer deserves to have his identity hacked. He deserves to go through what I did, and he deserves to find out that if he gets screwed by a criminal bank, he will just have to shut up and suck it up. In the meantime, he has a karmic debt to pay. I suggest pancreatic cancer.


The ‘Good Germans’ have different membership cards. Is Luetkemeyer a GG? Is Warren a GG? How about the trolls who mask themselves as super progressives so as to target someone while using the target’s ‘lack of progressiveness’ as a front. As the repeated attacks on Sanders has shown. How’s a Good German to know?


It is truly fascinating to read the terrified rants by frightened white fascist men on this site, who are trembling in their tiny boots and gnawing the tiny nails on their tiny hands and pissing in their adult diapers over a senator who is relentless about protecting the rights of ALL Americans, not just racist, misogynist, obese, stupid, white Republican men. It really is true that one intelligent woman can reduce a room full of racist, misogynist, obese, stupid, white Republican men into mewling babies shitting themselves. Well, thank goodness for one thing: these pathetic excuses for “men” are dying off at the rate of two million every election cycle. Yes, Mother Nature is removing them from the planet. Soon, very soon, they will be an extinct species. So let’s encourage them to keep eating meat three times a day, keep drinking a lot of booze every day, and never, EVER eat vegetables, and of course never, EVER exercise. There is a form of lower intelligence operating here. These men do not deserve to live and breed–and they know it–so they are unconsciously, but on purpose, taking themselves out permanently. It is truly beautiful to see.


Watch out! The ‘Donald’ agrees with you. Does that mean he’s got your vote?


This is were the so called Democratic Party should have him removed from the senate. That would be money well spent. Puta democratic or socialist in his unforgivable role as a sense leader. This man is obviously a sociopath.



Blaine Luetkemeyer should rot in hell for all eternity plus an additional eternity as a pustule inside Trump’s colon. Just another bought and paid for right wing filth.


Ah, yes, the left’s demand for ideological purity: if Warren doesn’t endorse Sanders, then she is evil. Not the different than the Jacobins chopping the heads off of people who were deemed counterrevolutonaries during the French Revolution. Remember that evutually Robespierre had his head chopped off.


Typical of the arrogant Neoliberals and their greedenonics.


Uh, try not paying your taxes and see what happens. There is a local ordinance where I live that mandates I be given a ticket if I don’t mow my lawn in the summer and shovel the snow in the winter. I can be fined if I don’t deal with weeds in my yard or don’t have the garbage person pick up my garbage.


I just edited it in anticipation of your comment. But note that community or societal obligations are concrete things - tax payments, club dues, physical maintenance of community spaces or sanitation.

There is never an obligation to hold a belief or express an opinion - at least outside of a tyrannical state.


Nothing at CommonDreams about DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/debbie-wasserman-schultz-payday-lenders_us_56e1a9d6e4b065e2e3d50764


So to be a legitimate LGBT woman, the woman has to be “strong” acting? Warren is straight and happily married to a guy as far as I know.

Hillary is rumored to be bisexual.


Speaking of “lower forms of intelligence.”


Why is that?


There is never an obligation to hold a belief or express an opinion - at least outside of a tyrannical state.

What is terrorism then?

Racist, homophobe, xenophobe, white supremacist, anti-Semite. What purpose to these labels serve and how do we express beliefs and opinions then without being able to escape this kind of terrorism, that is intended to silence our beliefs and opinions?


Judging by some of the intellects here
Name calling seems to be allowed for some but not for others.

Banal Rhetoric is still Banal Rhetoric regardless of the source


EXACTLY! They are kind of like one-celled larvae.


By “neutering” Liz, he meant that she has balls. I understand that to be a sexist remark, mysoginist and homophobic at the same time.


I’m thinking of all the money I’m going to save not contributing to any of her programs or future campaigns. And it just occurred to me that all the monetary support I’ve given Bernie is going to be recouped by withholding NPR contributions. As a matter of fact, I think I’m going to transfer some of NPR’s future donations to Bernie right now…


Common Dreams has covered this: