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US Consulate to Citizens: Stay Away From New Zealand TPP Protest


US Consulate to Citizens: Stay Away From New Zealand TPP Protest

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Stay away from the Trans-Pacific Partnership protest taking place Saturday in New Zealand's capital, the United States Consulate has warned its citizens.

The Auckland action is one of over 20 that organizers have planned as part of a national day of action against the controversial pending trade deal.


GO KIWIS! Help stop this corporate domination rip-off in NZ! Others will hopefully make a strong showing as well in their own nations. These US consular warnings are rubbish - just a cheap trick to keep Americans in NZ from joining Kiwis protesting against the TPP corporate takeover! IF this TPP passes, anytime a corporate pirate thinks they have been denied profits for any rationale, real or not, they can bring the matter to a trade tribunal -national worker protections, environmental protections, and judicial systems are OUT! Rub-out the TPP!




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"Stay away from the Trans-Pacific Partnership protest taking place Saturday in New Zealand's capital, the United States Consulate has warned its citizens."

It is NOT THE PROTESTERS who should be feared in our actions against the .001% super-rich oligarchs who are attempting a global corporate coup via the TPP [Pacific nations & North America/US], the TTIP [EU and North America/US], and TiSA [EU and US]. These highly secret treaties have been written by corporate executives and lawyers and attempted to be passed by their bought-and-paid-for collaborators in elected bodies, such as the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives--betraying the very citizens of their countries who trusted them enough to elect them.

More people should be encouraged to attend and bring their own homemade signs saying to those representatives: "VOTE 'NO!' on TPP/TTIP/TiSA. America is already an oligarchy. Voters must learn about the staggering toxins contained in these treaties. In the 29 chapters of the TPP, only five chapters even involve trade--the other 24 are the corporations slicing, dicing, wheeling, dealing, and stealing the sovereignty of individual citizens, their cities/states/nations.

The single WORST TPP chapter is the "Investment Chapter" which contains an ISDS "Investor-State Dispute Settlement" section-mechanism whereby corporations can sue individuals, cities, states, nations in signatory nations for LOSS OF EXPECTED FUTURE CORPORATE PROFITS when the individual, city, state, or nation refuses to allow the corporation free rein to DO WHATEVER ACTIONS THEY DESIRE IN ORDER TO MAKE A PROFIT FOR A CORPORATION. Tribunals made solely of CORPORATE EXECUTIVES OR LAWYERS hear and make IRREVERSIBLE decisions in these cases. This is already being done under NAFTA.

So, the individuals to FEAR are the CORPORATIONS, NOT protesters who are trying to keep them from owning the globe, "Lock, Stock, and Barrel."


'because foreign companies like Statoil or Shell could sue Kiwi taxpayers for the loss of profit'

Call me crazy, but Shell or Statoil wouldn't really be suing for 'loss' of profits, having never actually made (or lost) any 'profit' from resources they haven't yet been allowed to plunder. But apparently they would be allowed to sue to recover 'expected' profits from resources they fantasize about plundering, which probably yields a much higher profit margin than actually doing real work to create profit, even if resources are being plundered and ecological costs are blithely externalized...


Five Spy Eyes, they're watching you
They see your every move
Five Spy Eyes, they're watching you
Five Spy Eyes, they're watching you
Watching you, watching you, watching you

with apologies to: Hall & Oates


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Stay away from the US International Insecurity Complex Cultivation Society (USIICCS)!

Since the US Nazis gave that warning, and since they cannot catch anybody doing some serious harm anyway, my first suspicion is that the USIICCS has hired some goons to disrupt that demonstration so they can later sing around the world in 225 different languages, "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" And then they can tell the always reliably gullible Americans, "We almost completely foiled that terrorist plot, and would have succeeded, if so many people had not shown up to demonstrate (against the USIICCS)."


Auckland is not the capital of New Zealand.


It's become clearly apparent that the vast majority of our population is anti-TPP, and why "our"
federal government in Washington is still promoting it is an interesting question. I would suggest
that when voters return to the polls, they clear the air by removing the majority of the incumbents,
who already rich enough.


Excellent description of the monopolistic, predatory,
catabolic, crony capitalist system under which the world operates.

Unless the Left is capable of envisioning and advancing
a better alternative, the power elite will use each new crisis
to ram through their agenda of "drilling and killing" while
society is reeling and traumatized. If the Left cannot build
a movement strong enough and flexible enough to resist the
ecological, economic, and military emergencies of a declining,
industrial civilization, and begin generating new and workable
alternatives -- it will quickly lose momentum to those who
profit from the ''Shock Doctrine'' of disaster capitalism.


"We urge citizens to avoid the protest march... We remind
citizens to always exercise caution when in the vicinity
of any large gatherings, protests, or demonstrations."

Does this ''warning'' imply a threat?
i.e., we're not responsible for what happens to you
if you ignore our ''warning.''

What happened to:
"...the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and
to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."


You might want to look at what is going on in Iceland as it pertains to "counterfeiting"
I just got this news from A New Zealand blog site-

John Key Is A Counterfeiter And Here Is Why!
by Travellerev
Around 97% of all money is created as debt by a privately owned banking system. It is non existent and we pay interest on the loans they extend to us. This money is not based on savings or deposits. This is money created out of thin air for which we pay with our labour in return. Here is the second half of a recent Max Keiser show about the counterfeiting banksters.
John Key was one of those people who helped build what is basically the biggest Ponzi counterfeiting scam this world has ever seen through the selling of huge amounts of worthless Derivatives. In other words: John Key is a counterfeiter. Plain and simple. In Iceland the home owners association is taking the banks to court for counterfeiting and the government is talking about creating sovereign money as in by and for the people separate from the privately owned banking system.


This is more from New Zealand:

And Then They Come For The Bloggers
by Travellerev
With every journalist and TV presenter including the 60 minute team either being fired or put under severe pressure to shut up about important political issues the police have begun to harass writers of the Daily Blog and the editor Martin Bradbury aka as Bomber. Bomber was in fact one of the very first journalists to be banned from NZ TV for criticising John Key!
The article which triggered a "friendly" request to remove it for the sake of National safety (!) was written by John Minto.
John Minto wrote the article in support of the workers at the Talley factories. He reminisced about what they did when fighting the apartheid regime which was wilfully damaging products coming from South Africa.
In the article he writes that in a purely metaphorically we should do the same with the Talley products as they attempt to break the meat workers union and trash their workers rights. He suggests that we should simply refuse to buy Talleys products as a way to show our displeasure with their Dickensian approach to workers rights and their union.
Bomber refused to take it down and the police told him they would be in touch with him next week. Bomber and John Minto, did not violate any law when the exercised their right to free speech. They did not call for violence and to call for a peaceful buyers strike against a company is hardly calling for an all out revolution.
It is important to understand that this is part of a coordinated effort to shut down dissent! They came for the journalists and TV hosts of programs critical of the government and the international 1%er coup called the TPPA first and now they are coming for the bloggers!


During the 30 plus years that I have managed large design and construction contracts in the public and private sectors every contract that I managed includes specific language excluding claims for "loss of anticipated profits" and excluding claims for "consequential damages".

Corporations and government entities know that there is no limit to how creative claims professionals can be when it comes to such hypothetical and nebulous claims. TPP, TTIP and TISA are defying long standing standards of global trade.


Sounds like the CIA and the Slick Oily administration are going to be up to no good this weekend!


Why are there not massive protests in Washington DC??? Anyone here remember Seattle, DC, Quebec, and other places? Yeah, I know, 15 to 17 years ago long-long-long-long time ago - and I have never seen anything about it on Twitter of Facebook. Wait! Twitter and Facebook didn't even exist back in those incredibly primitive times! How did activist organizers get ANYTHING done?!?!

(edit: Oh, forgot to include the mandatory warning that is needed nowadays that I was being sarcastic)

Oh, and Wellington, not Auckland, is the capital of NZ.


This article definitely needs a proofreader/fact checker. "Thought negotiations taking place in Maui recently ended in failure,...
I thought it too, though I expect it will continue.


All money is fiction. No matter who 'prints' it. To borrow from John and Yoko: "Debt is over if you want it."


Yes, true words- It is so hard to swallow all of this BS which is nothing but "Debt" and "Usary" via this fictitious printed up, "Fiat" play money-
How could all of these generations of bull-shitters have kept this perpetual pilfering by the Western Bankers and mainly that richest square mile on Earth in London-Via "The FED"
Reminds me of the "Wizard of Oz"- And it will soon, as in Humpty Dumpty, all come tumbling down-
Capitalism's days are numbered and I just hope these bastards have the good sense to find their humanity in how they deal with it-