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US Corporations a Driving Force Behind 'Unprecedented Wave' of Global Land Privatization: Report

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/14/us-corporations-driving-force-behind-unprecedented-wave-global-land-privatization


A nation–US America–built on the stolen lands and lives of its rightful inhabitant-stewards, the First Nations, and on the stolen lives of African peoples which sees everything as a commodity is running true to form. Time we reimagine and make happen a new nation in its place that values Life and not things.


Hi Giovanna_ Iepore:
YES! And I am so excited that the indigenous people in Oklahoma had a court on their side. The “commons,” of earIy America disappeared pretty quickly too. I aways thought that pubic parks and NationaI Parks were an apology to having the "Commons, " stolen from the PeopIe. However Iand stealing seems to have returned in a big way----and which politicians are reaIIy working to save that?


Finishing what The Doctrine of Discovery started. And the Economic Liberty bunch. They pushed for all the deregulation from Carter on, and this is where we’re at. A very few very rich people, self-described as the Makers, and the rest of us, the takers.
If the anti-abortion, Pro Life folks really mean what they say, they would be at the forefront of stopping privatization, of saving the remaining wild places, and then increasing them.
Sorry, younger folks, you’re pretty much screwed. We tried, we truly did, but the adults of that time drank the Kool-Aid of the culture wars of Integration and abortion, believing government was the problem. They didn’t like what FDR did, throwing crumbs to the people to prevent all out collapse of capitalism. They believed corporations had their best interests at heart, and de-regulating them would bring true freedom and liberty. But their parents had given up on corporations during the Dirty Thirties, more than ready to go socialist, or outright communist.


Besides the c-virus devastation ravaging us all there’s also the neo-liberal economic monster selling everything in sight to the highest bidder, namely big corporations wanting to enslave us all from what needs to be in the public domain, whether water, natural beauty, forests, on and on. The fact that governments are complicit in these ventures just ought to get folks furious and vote the bastards out of office, or something akin to a revolution. Of course we are more concerned about surviving the c-virus in the near term. They think they are pulling a fast one under the fog of a pandemic–don’t let them. The children need to have a habitable planet to inherit, not a wasteland devoid of living natural wonderments.


Great yet another tentacle of unbridled wall street greed cancer. We all say goodbye to what we once called wilderness. Far too much excess wealth waz created in concentrated few hands who do not know what to do with it all. I assume the deep interest in the all out drive toward Russian borders must be part of this same organism’ s tentacle
Russia possessing vast swaths of wilderness looks increasingly attractive to these parasites of humanity and nature. I hope that with the onset of viruses like covid-19 this gross wealth accumulations come to an abrupt end. Since humans were incapable of learning to say enough I suppose nature has taken the reigns.


Right I think behavior such as these can act as catalysts to a massive world wide revolution. That prospect certainly looks likelier by the day.


Yes so true indeed. All throughout the 1980s the GOP was bitching endlessly about deregulation of utilities, banks, savings and loans, etc…just about all of it. Edwin Meese as I recall was instrumental in opening the backdoor to the US government organizations to the well connected powerful US based corporations. From then on it’s been down the toilet for the working class and middle class Americans.

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And down the toilet for the rest of the world. What do you think happens when a country from the global south doesn’t play ball? A US backed coup or the US military shows up on your door step for a little “humanitarian regime change” whether the people asked for it or not (their wealthy ask for it, but that’s the “real people” to the US oligarchs). Syria? Afghanistan? Do you think it’s a coincidence that the US and Saudi Arabia want to run a pipeline through those countries? The conflict between the US and Russia has more to do with oil and energy than “Russia is bad! Bad!” That, and the American Plutocrats are still pissed that Putin and his cronies gave their patsy Yeltsin the boot.


We never consider how some undesirable situations like this could be avoided if the corporation itself did not exist.

It is not an immutable law of nature. It was created (and is maintained) out of thin air. Those protected by its “corporate veil,” which is an actual, legal term of art, are protected from the negative consequences of their decisions in a way that they certainly would not be, when those decisions were made instead as private citizens.

Nevertheless, we continue to, in effect, make ourselves helpless before them.


China and the U.S. have been competing to take control of Africa for years. Africa would be wise to throw both these imperialists countries out.


Especially to “Tax Evading Corporate Scum.”

The framing should be STEALING LAND FROM PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALWAYS OWNED IT. Turning farmers into homeless people the world over. If we dont stop this we will be next. Imagine having to pay before every breath you take, every sip of water you drink. Thats what neoliberalism wants to do. The US is behind all of this push everywhere. They are just playing dumb in Washington.

Want a job? Pay for it. Want a two meter by one meter by one meter cage to sleep in? Pay now.

Just a reality check. The individual tribes of 1st Nations did practice “the commons” amongst their immediate groups and tribal relations. However, there were battles and confrontations between the factions for dominance, access to resources, etc… . War, slavery, torture and abuse was not unheard of. The concept of private property is not entirely evil when mitigated through good stewardship practices and with an eye towards the common good. That should be the goal of a working, benevolent legal system. That to me is an important point to be gleaned from the article. There are no common good considerations with this land grab, only greed and avarice.

Hi Jennifer:
I was referring to the “commons” when America was a republic, as at one time , the people in aII the towns shared that common piece of and concept–but then bit by bit, the “commons,” in America became quite an Uncommon concept. : (

Although the white people pre-America ___ the Puritans____ certainly used the commons concept for negative reasons, i.e. the stocks! : (

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This is also part of their amoral code… They feel that yields around the world have to keep getting higher, maning a global churn. Highly mobile global capital means business must push for higher profits or perish - THAT to them justifies taking more and more from people, breaking any promise if it can be plausibly put forward as more profitable to do so. That means that nobody has the right to exist or do good work and make a moderate profit, and be left alone. That becomes an unproductive investment. Simply because you take up space abd breathe air and drink water or so they might frame it.