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US Declares Venezuela 'Extraordinary Threat to National Security'


US Declares Venezuela 'Extraordinary Threat to National Security'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In the latest sign of rising tensions between the United States and Venezuela, President Barack Obama on Monday issued and signed an executive order declaring the Latin American country "an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security" and ordering sanctions on seven state officials.


This might be a good time to see and read “Harvest of Empire”.

“[E]rosion of human rights guarantees, persecution of political opponents, curtailment of press freedoms, use of violence and human rights violations and abuses in response to anti-government protests, and arbitrary arrest and detention of anti-government protestors, as well as the exacerbating presence of significant public corruption.”–for a moment there I thought he was talking about the USA. Silly me.


I think it is time to retire the Monroe Doctrine. But what strikes me most about this “extraordinary threat to national security” is the reckless, irresponsible exaggeration. And now wonder. Our golden-mouthed President is fresh off his insane rant at the Pettus bridge; a very significant event that he marred considerably by descending into a hypocritical sermon about American exceptionalism–every positive tenet of which he has violated by his capitulation to the war and banking machine of the Bush era. My oh my. Obama is one helluva loose cannon, and needs to keep his damned hands of south and central America.


By what justification is Venezuela a threat to our national security? Obama proudly displays another neocon feather. We are monsters. In the 70s I was a military guest of the old ESSO company at their compound. The exploitation I saw at the time sickened me. The sickness I feel watching our continued exploitation and bullying has become overwhelming. We are world terrorists and gluttons. “Whoever seeks the world is like one who drinks seawater. The more he drinks, the more his thirst increases,until it kills him.”


Well put. I wake every morning sick to my stomach in disgust at what my country is doing to the world. Simply put we are the worst bullies the world has ever had to deal with. The Nobel Peace Prize is in disgrace. Our country’s actions by a government we citizens seemingly tolerate, are a disgrace.



When I read the article I was thinking the exact same thing and was just about to quote that very paragraph.

We do, indeed, live in a mad, mad country.

Jim Shea


We don’t need their oil. By your reasoning China should get the same treatment. They own corporate and business interest all over the country and hold huge sums of treasury securities.


The U.S. is currently exporting oil like crazy and planning for more.


Is there no end to American greed ? Now we want Venezuela’s oil ? The only threat to American security is the neocon/zionist influence, rather orders from the AIPAC lobby.


Has anyone else noticed that little countries with lots and lots of oil almost always need rescuing by the benevolent USA? Funny how that works, isn’t it? Oddly, the U.S. government is not at all concerned about the brutal governments in Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia and many other places. In fact, a few years ago Hillary Clinton’s “diplomats” apparently green-lighted a brutal coup in Honduras and the U.S. has rendered similar aid to oppressive regimes around the world. Funny how none of those right-wing regimes have posed any “significant threats” to the U.S. But then they just have bananas, not that liquid gold.


Slick Oily’s executive order is nothing more than a point by point indictment of US human rights violations around the world. From Columbia to Honduras to Palestine, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Ukraine to Okinawa, amerika’s politicians and wealthy elites are “an unusual and extraordinary threat to national security”!


Well I saw this coming. A gallon of gas in Venezuela is what? Six cents a gallon now? For years it was Seventeen cents a gallon. The government nationalized the oil industry and subsidizes fuel for the people. The Texas Oil Mafia who extorts us all the time is not happy.

And the Venezuelan idea, just like Libya and the BRINCs countries, is to sell oil cheap outside of Texas/OPEC’s World-wide price-fixing efforts and to stop accepting worthless US dollars for that oil. Every country that did that got an aircraft carrier parked off-shore with ill intent. Iran, Iraq, Libya, Kenya, etc all Nationalized their oil industries and got destroyed for it.

The Gunboat Dollar. All that’s holding it up is fear of the War Hawks.


You beat me to it!

  • Any person, group or nation that disagrees with or may eventually disagree with US Fourth Reich policies is automatically classified as an enemy, or a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer. If he or they are resisting a Quisling government put in by the Reich, they become “insurgents.”
  • Once these classifications have been made, the Reich can assassinate, send in black ops squads, spend billions to overthrow the government or movement, drone, kill, starve whole nations.
  • They call it, "Supporting Freedom and Democracy," if memory serves.
  • I can think of other names for it, and I’ll bet you can, too.


"Grenada! I hear you calling to me…"


Giovanna, you don’t know what you are talking about. You belong to a class of
people in the US who criticizes the US government for minor problems, you are
spoiled because you have never suffered under an evil dictatorial regime like
what has been oppressing Venezuela for 16 years and Cuba for 56 years, those
are two examples of communism horror that I mention because my family and I
have experienced them. Any government of the US, either democrat or
republican, the same as the governments of Canada, Western Europe, and Japan,
have problems because all of them are human systems and we humans are not
perfect. However, any injustice or wrong decision taken in those
developed countries, is nothing compared to the cruelty of the dictators of
Cuba, Venezuela, and other communist countries, which regimes are specifically
designed to increase the bank accounts of the leaders while making the people
to be poor and to endure hardships. And please do not mention the
hypocrisy of the Yankee intervention in those countries, that happens but that
is small peanuts compared to the thousands of Cuban soldiers who died in
Africa, at the opposite corner of the world from their country, so just Castro
could receive the “hated and dirty” $ from Brezhnev and his Moscow combo of
clowns in payment for the Cuban mercenaries, who were not in Africa to help
with the major problems that exist there like lack of water and malnutrition,
but to wage war to impose the communist misery to more countries.
Whatever bad situation has the poor sector of the US population, once again
that is nothing compared to the 95% of population in Cuba that has nothing to
eat, and that has nothing to do with the US embargo, because for the European
tourists that go to the beach in Varadero, Castro has plenty of luxury food and
supplies to sell to them for a nice 300% profit. And don’t get me started
about the tortures against political prisoners in Cuba, once more,
waterboarding in Gitmo is just kids play compared with metal cans with half of
the lid opened facing up and men standing barefoot on those two cutting edges
for many hours, even more that in Gitmo they are torturing our enemies from
other countries (but I personally think that is wrong), but Castro does that
against his own people. And I don’t want to talk about the thousands of Cubans
killed in the 1960s by firing squad and without any trial, simply by the orders
of Che Guevara and other psychopathic killers. Please open your eyes and
see the reality!