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US Denounced as 'Threat to Humanity' as COP25 Ends Without Deal on Big Polluters' Responsibility to Frontline Nations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/15/us-denounced-threat-humanity-cop25-ends-without-deal-big-polluters-responsibility


A “Threat to Humanity.”

This’ll look good in the history books as an addition to Trump’s legacy of nothing positive accomplishments.


What legacy? What history? This is about survival. We have to ask if there’s going to be anyone to look back on this.


We are all slaves dependent on the petroindustrial plantation that controls everything we need just to survive.
Our overlords have created a worldwide grid of services based on worldwide destruction of the biosphere.
The USA is a morbidly obese consumer and polluter, especially per capita, but it’s not just the USA…
all humans consume, pollute, and destroy the biosphere.


“It’s time to choose”

Socialism or Barbarism

Why capitalism cannot deliver

An analysis by the World Socialist Party of the United States

A blog-post by myself here


“The bad news is virtually everything else—there is no new finance for loss and damage for developing countries hit hard by climate change, nor is there any agreed provision of long term climate finance,” she added. (Sara Shaw, Friends of the Earth)


There seems to an awful lot of talk about money, carbon trading schemes and such.

But I wanted to hear a plan to halt first the rise in greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere and world ocean, and some prediction as to when we could see the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere halt, and then reverse, i.e., drawdown.

Then I would have liked to see ideas on the biodiversity crisis, and the eutrophication crisis.

I know there is a separate IPBES unit tasked with the latter two, but to what avail if the climate conference cannot even address the climate crisis?

It seems to me a comprehensive UN conference joining the climate and biodiversity, with attendant land use discussions - would be a good idea.

And then there’s the human population issue.

The nuclear issues…

If ‘democracy is participation in power’, then we seem to have been kind of left out.

Evo Morales had - once upon a time - in a land far far away - a People’s Conference on the Climate and what he called Mother Earth.

Must have been dreaming ~

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A luta continua. You can’t overthrow capitalism at an international conference or through a class action suit or through impeachment.


OK - suggestions ??

Maybe barbarism isn’t so bad. Maybe civilization is ~

‘Humans were not centre stage’: how ancient cave art puts us in our place

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More struggle, on every front–political, creative and intelligent direct action, legal, scientific research and agitation, local organizing, media work, fundraising, international networking and alliance building, linking up with other issues and movements, exposing the climate criminals, you know the score. Keep it up and toughen it up.


Trying !

PS: There is an important article here on CD just now:
Drugs, Guns, and Despair: How America Is Killing Americans ) - Larry Beinhart

The United States national treasury has been sacrificed. Our government is in debt $23 trillion dollars.

If the desert planet of Tatooine is on track to have chronic agricultural failures, ask not whose grandchildren shall now starve to death. What do you expect to buy the remaining food with?

Yes, this bugs me. It bugs you too.

Part two of my message as an inventor is that most of the trouble is definitely unnecessary from an engineering standpoint. As with a war of convenience, this is a nightmare of convenience.

We have a job to do.

I guess we all have nothing to look forward to, but “certain doom.”

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Manysummits, I have a beginning plan for you. Turn your heat down to a level which will just keep your water pipes from freezing. Do not use any air conditioning next summer. Do not go anywhere unless it is absolutely necessary. Leave the TV and stereo and computer off. Spend you free time next summer growing your own food. Buy nothing that isn’t absolutely necessary.

Unless we do these things we are ‘not-in-my-back-yard’ hypocrites.

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Thanks. Don’t have time to get into a bun fight right now, but the poor people suffering from this appalling nightmare of opioids & economic despair need to be reached out to politically. Honestly I think the Dems are doing a flamboyantly shitty job at that, with the exception of Bernie. Ohio used to be a blue state. I don’t think the Clintonites give a rat’s ass about them, nor do most coastals.

Some of us like to think the world would be better off without humans. But once we are gone, no one will be around to monitor the hundreds, maybe thousands, of nuclear reactors. Meltdowns in these unmonitored reactors will undoubtedly occur and the earth will be so radiated, few life forms will survive. So in a Catch 22 way, we need humans to carry on, but with a much smaller population, one that is sustainable.


You could spend your free time next winter growing your own food. You’d be pretty warm too. I’m a solar greenhouse inventor. klinkmansolar.com/greenhouses.htm is what I do.

You could retrofit the average house for 20% solar heat easily. Mount some PV panels and wire them to a heater or heating element under a barrel. The barrel might be full of rocks or water. The barrel will hold the heat for at least a night, and the top of your natural gas bill will be cut off. Unplug the heating element in late spring and plug it back in in the fall. Easy enough? Affordable enough? You won’t feel quite so guilty about using natural gas yourself and you can brag about it to the neighbors, who might also do it.

There’s a deluxe version of this home heating and cooling system. It uses a mini split heat pump to warm and cool the rock bed while the sun shines on the PV panels. Caution: be absolutely sure to keep your rock bed bone dry and enclosed so that no mold ever grows on the rocks. The goal here is to use 0% natural gas, toss the natural gas meter, rip the pipe out. You still need electricity from the grid to run the mini split heat pump at night, but the system uses 90% less electricity than an all electric baseboard heat system. The payback period is eventually going to be pretty good and you’ll be so bragging rights, not to mention how relieved you’ll be that your home isn’t part of the climate problem, it’s the major part of the solution.

Some people are in real pain over the climate crisis. This could be some relief. You aren’t doomed at all. There is redemption for you, and it comes from your own two hands and from your mind. Choose life therefore. Merry Christmas!

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“The world without us” by Alan Weisman.

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“Rights for the Environment” - perfect !!!

The UN already has a Charter of Rights - expand it to include the environment - this could pass as a UN resolution I think.

It would be a template - something to guide us - an aspiration. Why not ?


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