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US Draws Ire with Dispatch of 'Small Armada' into South China Sea



It interesting how the Western press chock full of stories of "Russian Aggression and escalation" as every incident of a Russian aircraft flying close to the Airspace of a NATO country is detailed and fighters scrambled.

These planes never intrude on said Airspace but fly in what is acknowledged as international airspace. Guys like Breedlove harp on this "aggression" as proof of Russia's evil intent.

Yet here we have the USA sending vessels to cruise of the Chinese Coastline while claiming it the Chinese that escalate.


The other thing that is scary is warships are very vulnerable to cruise missiles.
This is not new; ever since the Falklands war everyone knows this especially the Pentagon. Using warships to intimidate small nations is fine but the Chinese and Russians have advanced cruise missile technology. The only people who aren't aware of this is the American people as well as the low grade drooling imbeciles that pass as Congress members these days.
If a shooting war ever starts, the Americans will be in for a shock and we will hear the howls of revenge from the aforementioned imbeciles.


China, Russia and Iran are building rail lines and pipelines along the old spice roads.

China's goods now reach the Arabian Sea faster by rail than by ship. A short connection through northern Kurdistan and Syria will provide a Mediterranean port.

US aggression also stimulated Russia, Iran and China to join into a mutual defense pact.

The US is facing US made headwinds. Death by a thousand self-inflicted bites? Very weird.


Where is the criticism of China's aggression in the Western Pacific? Geopolitical wonks will note that China is establishing a military presence in international waters in direct contravention of international law and treaty, expropriating islands claimed by its smaller and virtually defenseless neighbors right off their coasts and most importantly China is following the same path to a military presence in the South China Sea/south East Asia region as did Japan in the creation of the Japanese Empire's sphere of influence ( read oil, tin and rubber resources) pre World War Two!

Where are people's common sense about this? We are against all war and aggression not just American aggression. China is being the aggressor and is playing on the public's knee jerk perception about this.

Progressives and peace activists should not encourage China to think that it has pulled the wool over our eyes about what they are doing. Both countries need to know that world opinion is becoming alarmed over this butting heads. If China is allowed to think that it can take land from its smaller neighbors then where are we progressives if we countenance this aggression?

Both countries need be criticized about this. China is not some innocent backward country anymore and is seriously expanding its sphere of influence in preparation for what actually? That question should be considered fellow peace activists... Why is China aggressively taking land and establishing a huge military (naval and air base) in the trade lanes..


This is rather sickening. The United States has still not learned to keep its nose out of other countries' affairs. If there's another 9/11-like blowback, it'll come as no surprise...or at least it shouldn't.


Arabs did not pull off 9/11 that was the war profiteers and they dream of wars as that is how the enrich themselves sick bastards one and all.


You constantly attack America but do so as if you were criticizing your own country's government but it is a lie. You are not an American and it is unethical to not reveal such when you criticize.

That said - please stop trying to manipulate people. Take a look at the damn map as to where China's coastlines are and where they are for the Phillipines and Vietnam and Indonesia and other countries in the South China Sea. China is building artificial islands and is then claiming territorial waters but those reefs have long belonged to the neighboring smaller countries and are hundreds of miles from China's coasts. It is outrageous that there is an attitude that anything America does is criticized and anything other countries do is not. Where is the fair play and honesty in that?

China is the clear aggressor but it seems that many on the left are just as dismissive of the rights of smaller countries as are the major superpowers. China is in the wrong and establishing a huge naval and missile base that will give them control and establish a permanent threat dominance position towards the maritime SE Asian countries. Why is that okay? The USA is not doing that but is sailing in international waters as has been established for decades.

Other countries can be aggressors besides the USA.


China is building a missile base in the South China Sea hundreds of miles from its coasts by constructing artificial islands on reefs (that have long belonged to the Phillipines and Vietnam and Indonesia) which it has simply expropriated for itself despite protests from the nearby and far smaller SE Asian maritime countries. China is the military aggressor in the region not the USA.


How bizarre that you say this when China is the military aggressor in the area.


Meanwhile China is building a missile base in the area that is in the territorial waters of other countries and hundreds of miles from China on artificial islands.


Hey listen, warrior0713! You're way the hell off of the subject here! Don't try to accuse me of not knowing what the **** went on during 9/11.

All I was ******** saying was that sooner or later, the United States was bound to get a reaction. As some people should've learned on the school playground...keep poking people with sticks, and sooner or later, you'll get a reaction. Get it? Fine!


I'll also add, warrior0713, that a bunch of Saudis did pull off 09/11. Don't try to tell me that they didn't. 9/11 happened, because we supported the Saudi government, which is one of the most repressive governments in the world towards its own citizens.


I do not see China dropping bombs on people in Pakistan or sending in Seal teams to murder people in Somalia. Nor have I seen China support coups in Chile or drop cluster munitions on poor people in Laos.

"The United States of America is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world."

It was an American that said that, not some "foreigner" and he was bang on 100 percent correct which was one reason they killed him for saying it.You continue to defend the indefensible hiding behing that canard called patriotism. Your responses are puerile and pathetic.

That all said I was speaking to the western press and its remarks on Russian aggression pointing out how they label it aggression even as THIS evidence of Western nations doing the same.you do know that NATO comprises more nations than the USA and you do you know the Western press includes countries other then the USA or is it your belief this all about you again?


Did they start this before or after the pentagonian pacific pivot combined with a pincer attack overthrowing the government of Ukraine and working on it in Syria.


It is not the Chinese coastline. China is the aggressor to the small SE Asian countries like the Phillipines and Vietnam. These are recognized international waters and have been for decades. China is constructing artificial islands and then claiming territorial extension and it is building a huge naval and missile base that will militarily dominate and control the South China Sea region.

Yet you see no problem with that huh?


China has ignored diplomatic requests from the neighboring countries for at least two years until the issue was brought to a head last October (?) when a single US ship challenged China's aggressive expropriation of territory from US allies like the Phillipines by asserting international waters rights of passage. China wants to assert a claim to an area that they have no claim to other than that they want to control the region militarily.


By the way I can comment on any article that i wish. I do not need your permission. Nor do I need to be an American to do so enough of your childish flag waving. Grow up.

I know trump wants all Muslims to wear badges so they can be identified. I guess you are right in line with that sort of crap.


Read History. The Chinese had a presence in the Spratley islands for thousands of years. In 200 BC this was considered part of the HAN empire and was regularly visited by fishing vessels from China. This is not conjecture as texts stating such date back to those days.

This predates , just as example any presence of the British in the Falkland Isles, the USA in Samoa or the French in New Caledonia. The Falkland Islands, New caledonia and Samoa are a lot further away from the British , American or French Coastlines then are the Spratleys off China and France, Britain and the USA did not even exist as nations in 200 bc.

Yet all of those countries have a Military presence in the same and claim economic rights to the waters off their coastlines.

I would also point out that Countries such as the Netherlands, the USA in Florida and Countries like the UAE have extended their offshore territorial claims in part through the construction of artificial islands.

The proper place to determine territorial claims is at the hague where such claims have been made in the past. China , Vietnam and the Philipines should be using that forum. In meddling what is happening is the USA is stating they have the right to INTERFERE in the affairs of other nations. What the USA is doing is claiming it will use its military to back claims made by other nations in the region.


This is not the business of the USA This is akin to Russia telling Cuba to lay claim to waters off Haiti and if Haiti complains Russia will send in their military,

The USA is not "right in this manner" because they have no RIGHT to dictate to other nations .


The article was about China and the military tensions in the SouthChina Sea... You can say whatever you like and so can anyone elsein case you forgot that. All this nonsense is just knee jerk anti Americanism and in this particular case >>> China is in the wrong.

I am not being particularly patriotic or anything else but someone who is against all military aggression by whomever whenever wherever. I criticize my own country as my patriotic duty but I will also criticize other countries who act aggressively because it is the same thing no matter who does it. Us or them or whomever. Too many people seem willing excuse behavior that if the USA did it they'd scream about it. China is in the wrong here, that doesn't make everything the USA does is right somewhere else ... It just means the USA is right in this case.