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US Drone and Air Strikes in Somalia Kill an Estimated 150 'Militants'


US Drone and Air Strikes in Somalia Kill an Estimated 150 'Militants'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Critics were quick to question the official narrative after the Pentagon announced Monday that a combination of U.S. drone and air strikes killed 150 "fighters" in Somalia on Saturday.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism called the death toll "unprecedented"—the highest in a U.S. counter-terrorism strike yet recorded anywhere since the group launched in 2010.


Thar indiscriminate murderous crap, which does nothing but recruit terrorists and drags our already severely tarnished international reputation even more deeply into the morass of contempt by all nations simply must stop!!!


How many cluster bombs must fly before they are forever banned?
Yes "n" how many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry?
Yes "n" how many refugees will it take till we know too many have died?


It's in the Legacy !

Do we all have Obama's back? Do any of us?

Dust off the Nobel, I feel a "patriotic" speech is on the wing.


I suppose the Pentagon is getting more efficient. They checked the wedding announcements and found a day when three weddings were taking place.


"But experts cautioned against taking the government at its word." About anything.


Terrorists are US!


"Last year, whistleblowers warned that the US drone program 'is one of the most devastating driving forces for terrorism and destabilization around the world."
But don't you see....this is the PURPOSE of the drone program. How else would you create an enemy for which you need. For you need an enemy to fight in order to justify your Offensive Military....and the weapons. How can you have a war if you do not have enemies? What would justify spending trillions of dollars on weapons without a war. ...
How can you have a terrorist force intent on destroying "our" way of life without a 9-11. For the Drone program is a way to create new enemies.... for you need to give them a reason to hate Americans and then to justify strikes upon them..... Drone Program--how appropriate the name is for the operators of the Drones..... mindless insects are Drones...following the orders without thinking....Drones.....killer insects they are....


"Estimated 150 Militants killed" Their names have been withheld until they notify next of kin. Alas.


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Where are the people who say: "All lives matter"?



The United States distinguishes itself by murdering "suspects", "alleged militants" because they "posed an immediate threat". "Chicken shit" fuels the bravado of America's killers today. Snipers and drone operators are in a class of themselves - cowards. The gall to even suggest anything is "immediate" when the "alleged" threat is 10,000 miles away is the identifier of a spineless cretin. These are despicable people lacking character and self-respect. Never trust such a "chicken shit" hero. They are despicable.


Didn't you know that drone operators are psychic?


I'm not aware of any of those. No one I know is supporting these barbaric acts or barBarak himself in any way.


lol this is a masterpiece of dark, Po....hahaha.


Another tweet from Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald ‏@ggreenwald 3m3 minutes ago

How do you know you live in a militaristic empire? When your Gov kills 150 people in a country you're not at war with & barely anyone blinks


The indigenous people of America were demonized as " SAVAGES" and this saying was said by many in the American military that: " THE ONLY GOOD INDIAN..IS A DEAD INDIAN".

The only true Americans are the Native Americans who had their country taken from them through broken treaties, lies, subterfuge and horrible violence. Yep, like many say today: FIGHTING TERRORISM SINCE 1492!


Here's one:

Friday, March 18, 2016, 5:00-6:00 PM
No More US Wars in Iraq and Libya
for more info: pwj.org

Perhaps the issue is who you choose to call a Democrat or 'liberal' but some of those involved, participate in and help organize such demonstrations are registered Democrats. I know some. Sorry you don't.


Thanks posting the lyrics......


This heroic deed must be the Love that Hillary was speaking about a day or so ago.