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US Drone Program to Remain in Shadows as Obama Abandons Key Reform Promise


US Drone Program to Remain in Shadows as Obama Abandons Key Reform Promise

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

U.S. President Barack Obama has made a sharp U-turn on his two-year-old promise to move the CIA's controversial drone program out of the "legal shadows," according to new reporting by the Huffington Post.


Is there a campaign or presidential promise that would benefit the majority of us or make the world a better place that Obama hasn’t rejigged on?
About that single payer healthcare system he campaigned on…


So all that is ‘in the shadows’, as a methodology, is not in the shadows. That is, to coin an old expression, ‘the jig is up’. Smarmy tropes about the consequences of a system so corrupt that it cannot exist without deceit, full-on rapacious grabs to exploit and destroy the planet on which it is dependent.
I don’t know if life will make it through this constant replay of the Roman vomitorium modality. Such a high percentage of peoples and nature have for centuries been subjected to it and its regurgitation of deadly consequences. Rarely seen on the political stage are the reprieves implemented of perspectives that actual foster life that the Thatcherite bared teeth of ‘there is no society’ seems fully adopted by the self-proclaimed non-societal sectors.
The hollywood-happy-end-walk-away-from-killer-video-game-when-you’re-done approach is a patent delusion and at times literally a delusion patent. Will western society choose to walk away in time? Don’t stay tuned, stay engaged in fostering life at and in the most simple, humble, growing, loving and creative levels.


As I’ve said before, you can always tell when Øbama is lying. His lips move.


The O in Obama stands for opaque.

And the lawlessness continues.