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US Drones Hit Taliban More Than Terrorist Networks Despite End of Afghan War


US Drones Hit Taliban More Than Terrorist Networks Despite End of Afghan War

Jack Serle, Bureau of Investigative Journalism

The majority of US airstrikes in Afghanistan in 2016 have been in support of ground troops including Afghan forces fighting the Taliban, rather than targeting suspected terrorists.

An investigation by the Bureau reveals that more than 200 strikes, the majority by drones, have been conducted to defend ground forces battling a rising insurgency, despite the fact that combat missions came to an end in 2014. These strikes represent more than 60% of all US airstrikes in the country.


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The business of America is war. Over 1/2 of the US budget and so-described "defense spending, such as spying on American citizens and everyone else in the world, is committed to the war industry. Yes, it is sickening. Get used to it, stop complaining or do something about it! Our government is one of, by and for the people and as such there comes a responsibility of its people to control it; not the other way around. Our government over the years has been hijacked. Our resources, money, natural, air, water, quality of life, etc, have been stolen from us by a cadre of people who put themselves above all else. There is no stopping them until we stop them.


Yes, see my comment below and yes.


Such moves are palliative at best. We will never stop racism, sexism, war, etc. until we find it in our hearts as a species to abandon supremacist thinking…

Men are not superior to women.
“Whites” are not superior to people of color.
One set if religious beliefs is not superior to another.
One nation is not superior to another (or all others).

Such ideas are based on self-serving arbitrary standards.


Because ink is cheap and can be used to obfuscate and mislead. We would have to be very naive and have been living in a cave for the last half century, to believe that our military leaders would forego any chance to serve up a little smash-crash-bang


I like your idea, but it is not going to happen within the present System.
Your first step would have to be to continue to support the revolution to bring down the system and then we may be able to bring all of our war criminals to trial. The list is too long for this post.