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US Editorials Called the Polish Immigrant Grandparents of Laura Ingraham ‘Undesirables’


US Editorials Called the Polish Immigrant Grandparents of Laura Ingraham ‘Undesirables’

Juan Cole

Professional bigot Laura Ingraham, ensconced in the primo 10 pm slot at Fox Cable News, has delivered herself of one of her typical Know-Nothing pronouncements on immigration to the US.


Fox Cable News = Bigot TV

Laura Ingraham = Bigot Extraordinaire Spewing Hate For Money


That’s pretty good, with some useful stats, but I’m afraid Cole had to reach a bit far to find two editorials, not demonstrably from the year and place that Ingraham’s grandparents immigrated. I will, however, use the information that she’s only 2nd-gen US born. And I like the observation that a fourth wave is not unprecedented. (Was the 1st wave the European colonists?)

I’m a little dubious that Ingraham’s grandparents would have arrived in 1895 or 6. It was my own maternal-maternal great-grandfather who was among the Italians recruited for immigration about that time, as a coal-miner scab in southeastern Ohio. The story goes that he was so graciously forgiven by the union miners he was meant to put permanently out of work that, even when his cousin returned to Italy, he embraced the name he’d been given (his death certificate reads “Michael Welch, born Italy”) and the union, and felt he had much more power in American democracy. Indeed, 6 of his first daughter’s 7 children were college graduates with or married to those holding white-collar professions. One of them was a colonel in the US Air Force. None of them was a drain on the system or a professional bigot.


Growing up as a kid in the DC area from Philly-Irish and Italian descended parents (way before moving to Polish-heavy western PA), I recall that as late as the mid 1970s, crude jokes about “Polacks” were still quite popular.


The article quotes a 1895 Kansas newspaper: ’ … The northern Europeans come educated and skilled. Later came the swarming immigration from Austria-Hungary, Poland, Italy and Russia. These represent the poverty of their native countries, the laborers who work for the lowest wages or the class who do not work at all. These, too, are the most ignorant; they cannot read or write their own or any other language. Is there any reason why this latter immigration should be welcomed as was the former? …’

Yup, each generation has its prejudiced plank puller-uppers of varying degrees of eloquence, and obliging ‘sh*t hole’ countries aplenty.


Isn’t it depressingly ironic that many of the countries whose residents were deemed “undesirable” are today viciously xenophobic?


The same jokes are still made about Ole and Lena, van de Merwe, Gallegos, Argentinians, Belgians, and any other ethnic group you can imagine.


Ingraham, Limbaugh etc. are all I find on radio talking head politics, spoonfed BS repeated over and over. Gag me with a shovel, the money grubbing warmongers own the airwaves. And tv, Lester Holt, gag me with a backhoe.


“The America we know and love doesn’t exist anymore. Massive demographic changes have been foisted on the American people, and they are changes that none of us ever voted for, and most of us don’t like … this is related to both illegal and legal immigration”

And which America would that be, Laura? Colonial (indentured servitude and slavery), Antebellum (slavery), Civil War (hell on earth for everybody), Reconstruction (sharecropping and burning of our towns and settlements), World War 1 and Postwar race riots), The Depression (another hell on earth for everybody), Depression, Jim Crow, Civil Rights Era? We African Americans want to know. I know, I know you hate it when we “play the race card”.

Maybe you mean 1619 Virginia where the number of First Americans far and away outnumbered the immigrants from England before the genocide for which this country has yet to be called into account? Or would that be the North American portion of survivors of the 12.5 million Middle Passage human cargo shipped from Africa between 1525 and 1866 to the New World? By the by, you DO know the southwest those “heroes” at the Alamo “defended” was stolen from Mexico, yes? Or maybe you mean the industrial age when we were importing Chinese workers to build our railroads and work in our fields but forcing them to leave their families in China. Of course, perhaps you mean the more modern days…recent decades to the present, where US employers have been importing those from Central and South America, the West Indies, Caribbean and other countries for slave labor in the agricultural, service and construction business.

You concerned about the “colorization” of “America”? You needed all of us to build this country as well as wait on you hand and foot…deal with it.


Laura! Just who do you mean by we? Foxy news watchers? Racists? White supremacists? Trump’s idiot base? You and your ilk need to change the name of Fox News to: FAUX NEWS!