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US Embassy Move is a Day of Mourning and a Warning


US Embassy Move is a Day of Mourning and a Warning

Kamel Hawwash

The vultures are circling again, this time on a mission to take another bite out of Palestine's heart, Jerusalem, 70 years after savaging her to create Israel and in the process driving any remaining doves of peace into the sea.

As Israel celebrates on Monday the US embassy relocation to Jerusalem, President Donald Trump believes that by doing so, the Palestinians' dreams of freedom will be dealt the final fatal blow, forcing them to accept that it will never happen.


For some reason I feel it is very appropriate that the US formally moves it’s embassy to Jerusalem at the same time the Israeli army mass murder and maim innocent Palestinians in Gaza. I am sure they will be partying like crazy at the US embassy, as overworked surgeons in Gaza struggle, trying to put the bodies of children blown apart with Isreali bullets, back together again…probably without electricity or clean water. Salute Jared and Ivanka.


Death to all those who profit from deadly persecution of innocents.

Theirs is the kingdom of Hell.


Israeli Zionism seems utterly incapable of realizing that to claim victim-hood as a disguise for unresolved historical trauma turned offensive and murderous, is an unresolvable solipsism resulting in perpetual war. The US and Israel are locked in a death embrace that eats away at the soul and mind and heart like a parasite. The first thing that the parasite does is numb the host and then proceeds to consume it. Acquiescence of the western world to this is the extension of the host, and the media is the extension of the parasitic dynamic.

The question is, How long will it take to really gear up BDS?


BDS in America will be made a punishable crime by Drumpf and the near majority of all US political swamp creatures. Their political lives depend on this eventual reality.


On another thread, I asked what do we do in BDS. Don’t buy certain foods from Israel? Refuse meds produced by BigPharma in Israel? What else?