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US Embassy Shuttered After Thousands in Haiti March in Protest of Trump's "Shithole" Remarks


US Embassy Shuttered After Thousands in Haiti March in Protest of Trump's "Shithole" Remarks

Jon Queally, staff writer
"We are here today to let President Donald Trump know that we declare him persona non grata in Haiti," declared protest leader and human rights attorney Mario Joseph


Could we please have FULL TRANSPARENCY regarding the role of the Clintons / Clinton Foundation and their ilk in the travesties following the earthquake?

As the woman’s sign notes: Trump is the TRUE face of US foreign policy

To which I would add: to guarantee entrenchment of colonizing dynamics across the spectrum of human and planetary life.

For shame (not to mention dysfunctional and destructive consequences of the variations of psychopathy)


I’d like to see that crowd marching on Trump’s White House-
Now that might get that bigots attention…


Haiti and the Haitian 99% have been betrayed by US foreign policy under Democratic and Republican presidents/administrations. Since at least the 1800’s the US has served the Haitian elite and wealthiest to the exclusion of the masses of the poorest people/nation in the Western Hemisphere. US support for the wealthiest Haitian elite, including military “interventions” has been and is an obscenity that continues under the trump regime!

The dictator “Papa Doc” Duvalier and his regime/family, including successor “Baby Doc” Duvalier, was the poster child of the brutality and domination of wealth and power supported by US foreign policy. Under the trump regime/family the racist abuse and de facto occupation continues, exemplified by trumps “shithole” remark and expulsions!

Whether in Haiti, Puerto Rico, or any of many other nations, trump has peoven himself a racist and pathological liar on that and near-countless other issues.


Yes, I remember seeing Clinton and Bush there in Haiti- On A “Humanitarian mission”- Bullshit, they both smelled money and were looking forward to some “Disaster Capitalism”…
What A couple of lowlife opportunists…


Bless the Haitian people! Unfortunately, the change they seek won’t happen until America’s streets are filled with protest as well.


What goes around…



“That” bigot, and all of the bigots in the country who have no shame, no compassion for anybody but themselves and their white friends, wouldn’t learn a single thing from the Haitians pointing out their bigotry to them.

Marching on the White House would just stir the bigots Hatred more.


The US continues under both administrations’ it’s “shithole” foreign policies…Trump is just the latest clown to do his “presidential” act…in this time in history.


Yes, Pony, you are more than likely right-

How about Trump being drug off in the dark of night for some “soul searching” by A crowd like that?


Sounds like a plan to me, Bones.

Grab him by his pussy. The one on top of his head that is.


The link to “Corporations Are The New Conquistadors” does not seem to work. Here is another link to the same interesting and informative article. Sorry…



The only “shit hole” I can think of is Trump’s big fat pie hole that is always flapping in the wind. Maybe Trump should be immortalized for history as President Shit Hole.