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US Establishment Press Dismiss, Shrug Off Seymour Hersh’s Story on Killing of bin Laden


US Establishment Press Dismiss, Shrug Off Seymour Hersh’s Story on Killing of bin Laden

Kevin Gosztola

Most distressing about investigative journalist Seymour Hersh’s story on the lies President Barack Obama’s administration reportedly told about the killing of Osama bin Laden is the general reaction of the United States establishment press.


I remember how remarkable it seemed that it was Native Americans whose intuition cracked the Nazi codes that led to an important shift in the calculus of World War II. Apparently, codes were embedded into still more codes; and I use this allusion to point to an analogy operating today. It’s that DISINFORMATION runs so deep that the majority of journalists and reporters work FROM the disinformation to spin their own tales and resonant narratives. The discernment of truth requires a mind similar to those that can untangle chains of falsehoods.

This was absolutely the case in the run-up to War of Aggression: defined as THE SUPREME crime against humanity.

It was seen in the Saron Gas narrative attempted in furthering the goal to remove Syria’s Assad.

It IS at work in demonizing Putin and reversing cause with effect as per events in Ukraine.

It is the narrative that seeks to prove the guilt of the Black kid gunned down by rabid macho police, and the narrative that sleazes out on the young girl raped or abducted.

Held in common by all of these (along with those that blacken the reputations of persons who dare to oppose these State Narratives) is allegiance to authoritarian creeds… NOT Democracy, and NOT Truth, and NOT the goal of an informed electorate.

Largely responsible for this outcome–inasmuch as military-style propaganda has an old and illustrious history–is the deregulation of media (under Clinton, the Trojan Horse for Pro-Corporate values, a stance formerly directly associated with Republicans) which enabled a relative handful of persons/corporations to CONTROL THE NARRATIVE through their purchase of mass media, print media, and radio.

Just as the words “Global Warming” were NEVER uttered on the Weather Channel until relatively recently, and no anti-war pundits heard or seen across the MSM during the run-up to the Middle East (PNAC) wars… today’s Official Stories are just as tightly monitored and controlled.

To the uninformed portion of citizens, the APPEARANCE of 50 T.V. stations suggests choice and diversity; yet one finds Truth made conspicuous by its absence in all of those corporately-controlled venues.

I knew the Bin Laden story was a total fabrication. I’d like to know how a guy requiring Dialysis managed to live in a cave, at all?

Not producing a body is an easy cover-up. But then the really big cover-up used as pretext for starting these wars is YET to be honestly divulged across mass media. Meanwhile, hundreds, if not thousands of scientists and engineers know the truth; and when I was visiting San Francisco, I spoke with a German scientist who required no convincing. He also told me that there was a black-out on even discussing it at any major college symposiums. He was headed to one comprised of some pretty sophisticated engineers that very week.


I suspect Seymour Hersh did not get all the facts correct either. The press in the Middle East reported the death of Osama Bin Laden some years earlier. Shortly before her assassination President Bhutto of Pakistan mentioned his having been killed some time before.

Early in the war a man in Afghanistan with a beard was executed via drone because the operators claimed he “looked like bin Laden”. The murdered person turned out to be a poor Afghan metal scarp dealer.

These “brave navy seals” killed some old man with a beard and claimed it was Bin laden. Those videos of Bin laden allegedly claiming responsibility for 9/11 were faked. So was this execution.


I am inclined to believe THIS version, too… given how many other falsehoods–bombs over our cities, Saddam gassing babies, Uranium processing tubes, and what else… used to SELL a fake war to a public vastly deceived… even by their would-be spiritual leaders, the church patriarchs who were gung-ho to kill those of a different faith and hue. Just disgusting… and a total inversion of everything that Christ taught.


When did anybody claim that Native Americans had anything to do with cracking Nazi codes?



Was the execution in Pakistan fake, or a fake execution of someone else?

What you posted can be read to mean that the entire raid didn’t take place. The raid on the bird in a cage took place. Who that bird is remains unconfirmed.

Right, the video of “Bin Laden” claiming responsibility for the attack on the World Trade Center was highly suspect from day one–gone was the grey hair and the model weighing as a heavier man.


The mathematician Alan Turing, the cracker of the Nazi enigma code, was British, not native-American.

Native Americans were employed by the US military as “code talkers” - using their native language for radio communications.


Here is the story of the Navajo Code Talkers: http://www.historynet.com/world-war-ii-navajo-code-talkers.htm


We’ve all seen the picture of the prez, Hillary and all the other govt. sociopaths gazing intently at the screen as they supposedly watched the operation in real time. This means video from helmet cams of the participants as well as ariel surveilence of the compound. I doubt they forgot to turn on the DVR. There should be plenty of video evidence as to what actually happened. We all know how enamoured of video the govt is. If they could even remotely edit some sort of film confirming the cover story we would have seen that video at least 1000 times within the first 72 hours on the continuous news loops. Didn’t happen…because the scenario they painted didn’t happen either.


Thank you. I had heard they facilitated the breaking of codes, too.


Thank you! This was what I was referring to, but I didn’t have the data in front of me. It’s a great article.


Remember in the leadup to the invasion of Iraq, the press was full of accounts of “body doubles” used by Saddam so as to prevent assassination.?

These guys would walk around “pretending” to be Hussein.

It my opinion it was one of these “doubles” that was killed and one that had been in the employ of the US Government. So the raid took place. Someone was killed and that someone dumped so the DNA could never be examined. That someone had served his usefulness.


“One has to be very gullible to believe this crap” I agree, but unfortunately the American sheeple have been so brainwashed with American propaganda and American exceptionalism that many are politically sophomoric. And this is nothing new, because the American MSM has been complicit in their mendacious reporting; and being stooges for the American Empire; everything from the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, and the rush to judgment of the patsy’s of the CIA assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK to name a few. Bin Laden was just the latest CIA patsy for 9/11.


I have a lot of respect for Seymour Hersh’s writing, but I do find it interesting that while he has poked a number of serious holes in the official narrative of bin Laden’s demise, he does not challenge the central point that the Navy Seal operation killed bin Laden - something that is itself not proven. It would probably be a very difficult and dangerous undertaking to try to discover the veracity of the statements and reports that years earlier mentioned bin Laden’s death, but it needs to be done.


Hersh should get a Nobel for his reporting. More likely, he’ll be prosecuted for exposing the lies and duplicity of these filthy murderous creeps. This should also shake things up in Pakistan and create needed rifts with the Saudi’s as well. Much of what Hersh writes clicks with Jeremy Scahill’s reports.


I seriously doubt that this execution was faked. They had to kill him to cover Saudi involvement in backing “al qaeda” and because he not only knew too much but the reality of who he wasn’t and his house arrest in Pakistan were too inconvenient to the CIA narrative upon which our foreign policy is based. The clusterfuck of competing cover stories and general ineptitude is pretty convincing.

I’m also glad that the hyper-macho heroism of the murdering Seals is exposed here for the disease it is.


From Hersh’s article: “The Seals had been warned by the Pakistanis that heavy steel doors blocked the stairwell on the first and second-floor landings; bin Laden’s rooms were on the third floor. ***The Seal squad used explosives to blow the doors open, without injuring anyone.***”

I find this last sentence extremely suspect – why would you write this entire graf and then at the very end say no one was injured? He could have ended it with “blow the doors open” and I doubt that anyone would have thought anything about it. It just seems out of place to add that addendum.

“Obama today is not facing re-election as he was in the spring of 2011. His principled stand on behalf of the proposed nuclear agreement with Iran says much, as does his decision to operate without the support of the conservative Republicans in Congress.”

This statement is just too little, too late – Obama has done nothing ‘principled’ from my perspective.


I have great respect for Hersh and I very much want to believe that what he has described was indeed what happened. However, I want to see whether the information from unnamed sources can be independently corroborated, i.e. - might these independent sources have a (let’s say Karl Rove orchestrated) agenda?


About codes and all that, as Sherlock Holmes said,“What one man can invent another can discover” (The Dancing Men).


Mike Morrell, CIA retired, stated today that Hersh is full of it! Wherever Hersh got his info from, the sources are lying and giving out disinformation. Knowing Mike, I’d believe him over Hersh any day!