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US Experts Say North Korean Leadership May Be Ruthless and Reckless, But They Are Not Crazy


US Experts Say North Korean Leadership May Be Ruthless and Reckless, But They Are Not Crazy

Ann Wright

Despite the rhetoric from the Trump administration about military confrontation with North Korea, the common theme of many U.S. experts on North Korea is that the U.S. presidential administration MUST conduct a dialogue with North Korea—and quickly! Military confrontation is NOT an option according to the experts.


Excellent analysis by Ann Wright, and I agree completely. The problems with North Korea cannot be resolved by military action, but it CAN be resolved with honest and respectful diplomacy.


Heck of a way to start your day,
Wondering whether nuclear war will come your way,
So now we wait while these two madmen play
And see the nuclear piper - they may yet make us pay.

Could we ever have had a less competent person in the White House than Trump?


These days I am unsure if the U.S. government is even capable of fathoming a diplomatic solution. When all you have is a hammer...


The tension between the two nations serves the "leadership" in each well--the people of each, not so much.


The warmongers (Cheney, Bush) who trashed Clinton's efforts preferred tension in the region, to sell more weapons, to encircle China and Russia. The only sane solution is to negotiate a Peace Accord and at long last end the Korean War. The Armistice of 1953 is just that - an armistice, not a Peace Accord.


Hmmm, it looks like North Korea may be one up on us. OUR "Dear Leader" is ruthless, reckless and now with the disclosure that Trumpo the Klown has an imaginary friend named "Jim" it looks like he is turning crazy as well. I would never want to live in North Korea but if Trumpo the Malignant and his enablers have their way with the U.S. for the next 8 years I'm pretty damned sure I wouldn't want to live here either. This current crop of loathsome "Republicans" is the biggest threat to our country I know of, not North Korea's butterball of a leader and her tiny missile force.


Just get to a damned table and formally end this idiot war. This has always been a game of all or nothing. The Kims aren't giving up their bizarre monarchy, and the US/SK partnership isn't going to see their fantasy of the North's peasants rising up to topple the bad guys.

It's a stalemate with no end in sight on these terms. The best way to get the North to slowly rejoin the rest of the world is to grant Kim the security he craves. Over time, there's at least some chance the DPRK will mellow it's defenses against the outside world and perhaps mutate into something a bit more decent.


What if US leadership is ruthless and reckless and its assumptions about the efficacy of force and threats of violence are flawed?


Best option is to hope the little fat dictator with the bad haircut has a massive heart attack.


There are numerous comments about "the thuggish" N.Korea and assuming
that the US is a sane and rational actor and we must be patient with the N. Korean
and perhaps they will come to their senses.
I disagree with this assumption. I think the US is the thuggish actor in the drama.
The US and its war games in S. Korea, twice annually, the refusal to sign a peace treaty
or even meet with the N. Koreans. This position is simply a continuation
of the hostile policies of the Neo Cons that that hijacked our government. They
love war, threats and pentagon on hair-trigger. It keeps them in power and it
is good for profits and capitalism. I fully support the N. Korean nuclear effort
as defend itself against one of the most evil regimes in the history of the world.


Or how about the big fat dictator with the bad hair having a massive heart attack.
If it happened, nothing would change. Nothing ever changes in the US, despite
our magnificent democracy and wonderful electoral system. We the people have
so say in the events that control and influence our lives.