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US Eyeing Militarization of Antarctic as Well as Arctic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/31/us-eyeing-militarization-antarctic-well-arctic

It’s good to know that Planet Earth has weaponized all that methane before man has a chance too!


The Antarctic glaciers should retreat-to right on top of these military-industrial-complex
oligarchs’ heads


Will someone remind Gen Brown that the Antarctic Treaty provides that Antarctica shall be used for peaceful purposes only. It specifically prohibits “any measures of a military nature, such as the establishment of military bases and fortifications, the carrying out of military maneuvers, as well as the testing of any type of weapons.” Knowing the MIC, the greatest threat to humanity, they will tear the treaty up like they did with other treaties as well as their constitution. I suggest they send their entire military year round to the South Pole and keep them there so the rest of the world can negotiate peace.


They’ll be militarizing the moon next.

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Good one Ditton - really !!!

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It was all spin, and how did anyone think it was other than that?

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Already has been.

One of the LAST things we need to do is militarize the Arctic and Antarctica.

Maybe one of the FIRST things we need to do is remove the leadership of the US, Russia, and China that seem to want to militarize everything. More war, must what we need.


And so the empirical madness continues to every last corner of the Earth led by the
non-questioning whores in the U.S.military. Hey, you ass clowns - you’d better hurry as YOU are the leading producer of CO2 and the place may melt away before you can really get your hooks into it.

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Weaponize Antarctica? Are you shitting me? How about filling a few potholes first.
There may be vast resources there, or advanced alien technology, but do we have to weaponize to share it?

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I retract all my previous statements about gun control, the nra and the arms industry.
The problem is not that America has too many nutjobs with guns, it is that the armaments are way too small.
We should begin issuing nuclear armaments with a mandatory deadmanswitch for ever single American as soon as possible. You win NRA. #nukeamerica.

I guess I can thank some god that they don’t have enough time, too bad so sad . .

Geez, maybe there really is an entrance to middle earth at each pole. It has to be greed that is drawing people there.

“just as it has the arctic” - -
How have 13 readers missed that?
We own the artcic with our nuclear submarines.
At water surface, Russia has the ice breakers for commerce and their navy ships.
We do not have and one we have at antarctic seas is breaking down daily.
The U.S. Coast Guard commandment is correct. We do need ice breakers.
This is not military. Shipping oil, fishing, passenger ships.
2048 treaty? I ain’t gonna worry today.
Plus, todays american leadership, generals etc. will all be long gone by 2048.
Private enterpise from many nations will pillage the continent down there.
Easy pickens always attracts grifters.


A question. Why doesn’t trump have a dog yet?
I am a little curious what derogatory name he would have for it.
Or is he more of a Pussy cat person?

“For peaceful purposes only”
You mean like the work all those scientists were doing for decades? This has been coming for a long time. Ive always suspected that most of those scientists were just checking out which minerals are where, a mile under the snow. Ill bet anything that emission levels are intentional.
And the worldwide wildfires? The road worker in Northern Cali told me, “Smokey the Bear starts forest fires.”


Thanks many :))) Gawd I’m scared, I have stopped posting on my site. There is no point. If you haven’t read all 7 pages I encourage you to do so. We have 45 to 60 days before we can tell what the clock will read. Are we in fact going to have a Blue Ocean Event by the end of September? I fear we are…

I doubt it - but time will tell of course.

If it did occur - that’s fine with me.

Nothing else is catching the attention of the world just yet - maybe this would?

Probably not though, given the state of human nature today.

I much more worry about societal and financial collapse Ditton.

The Fed just lowered the bank rate a quarter. Heh - I was once a full fledged stockbroker, a dispiriting one year less a month - what an eye-opener. I wanted to learn about The Market - THEY wnated me to own a Ferrari - burn em an turn em as the saying went is accurate enough to summarize that way of life for all too many. I can tell you though no one who listened to me lost a dime - but not everyone listened - human nature on display - get rich quick - with thrills - until financial loss takes the shine off the thrill aspect.

Anyway - as for being scared. Heh - that’s human nature also. It might help - it is what Greta wants - for us all to be scared like she is - seriously.

What else is gonna work - certainly not the current political system or the pathological publicly-traded corporate construction.

But fear would get people out on the streets, maybe?

Maybe Gilbert it is a kind of destiny - we were always techy - now we live or die with out tools, just like the Mayan Popul Vuh suggested in ‘the revenge of the tools’.