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US Failing Dismally on Sustainable Development, Despite Vast Wealth


US Failing Dismally on Sustainable Development, Despite Vast Wealth

Nika Knight, staff writer

The United States is far behind other wealthy countries when it comes to sustainable development, a new report found this week, meaning the country is "seriously far" from achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ratified by United Nations member states in September 2015.


As we watch the sorry spectacle of climate-change denier Trump running against corporatist warmonger Clinton I am convinced that anything that happens at the national level in this country will not be good for our grandchildren and the planet. We CAN, however, work with like-minded people at the local and state level, Greens, Dems, Repubs, whoever, to support alternative energy, sustainable agriculture, water conservation, etc. Our focus has to be people driven, not corporate-profit driven.


We're also one of the most inventive countries in the world. We could have vastly accelerated solar thermal, in particular. This country ...


The theme for World Breastfeeding Week, Aug 1-7, for this year is "Breastfeeding: A key to
Sustainable Development".


We're not failing "despite" our vast wealth, we're failing because of the choices we implicitly make in pursuit of wealth, and thus end up (at a national level) vastly wealthy. When anyone, individually or collectively, prioritizes a single value (wealth) far beyond any other, they will likely achieve their narrow end but at the sacrifice of all other values. Such is the US-led consumer economy.

Bernie Sanders emphasized the wealth disparity in this country. He spoke about how an unbalanced power structure inevitably leads to increasing concentration of wealth in a few hands, and widespread poverty for virtually everyone else. What he didn't explain well was the panoply of negative social effects (crime, violence, poor health, poor education, et al) that are manifestly triggered by unequal income and wealth distribution.

The public disaffection on display at the Republican convention is one such negative social outcome. Ironically, a bully billionaire is poised to garner political support resulting from income maldistribution, of which he is, himself, a prominent example.


Arctic climate scientist John B. Davies asserted, in a 2013 article, that our species would be nearly extinct by 2040. Why should I not BELIEVE him?!


Trump thinks climate change is a hoax. Clinton knows that the science is solid and is still all for fracking and selling coal to China. That tells me that she and the the 1%ers are giving the rest of us the finger... BRING IT ON, SUCKER! The great culling of the human race has already begun.