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US Falls Behind Other Wealthy Countries in Infant Mortality Rates

US Falls Behind Other Wealthy Countries in Infant Mortality Rates

Julia Conley, staff writer

A report by the United Nations' children's rights agency found that the United States' infant mortality rate is below average for high-income countries, and is only slightly lower than that of less economically-stable countries including Ukraine and Sri Lanka.

Another shameful consequence of our militarized corporatism.


Does anyone need further proof that we are a 3rd world country? Expand Medicare for all from pre-birth to the grave is the sane and rational thing to do, sadly neither one applies to the u.s. of a…


This is what comes of allowing the necessities of life to become commodities.

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Let’s take a close look at a few of those countries noted in the piece, ALL have better health systems, education systems, sane gun laws, fair drug prices and on and on. Why the fuck can’t the richest nation on earth do the same (or better) than these countries?? No, we need more god damn tax cuts & military spending.


The United States of America.

Where you have the freedom to make it on your own.

Or not.


After carnage on all US poor, sick, needy, elderly and everyone not a Republican or Fox-head the suffering and death will be the equivalent of a modern-day genocide. The Trump cabal will launch another war of choice that will benefit their sponsors probably on Iran. Coming soon because the heat is rising from the sheeple in the US who need to be put in their place.

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And the country with the lowest newborn mortality rate is…Cuba!

Deaths per 1000 live births:

Cuba 2.6
Canada 3.2
US 3.7
Uruguay 5.0
Chile 5.4

See the Annex at the end of the document.


I would imagine that access to affordable abortion also has something to do with the newborn death rate.

On a positive note, since it is apparently the goal of the Oligarchy to “reduce the surplus population” of us useless Plebes, our increasing infant mortality rate, dropping life expectancy age, and skyrocketing death rate from guns, drug use, and suicides will make us a 3rd world country before much longer, if we are not already there. Third world countries are not known for their high GDP, or for being wealthy. They are poor, heavily in debt, don’t produce much, and have very little influence on the rest of the world.

If that is where the U.S. is headed, at least some good will come out of all of this. The fact that the 1% is doing it voluntarily to themselves due to their inability to see past next week’s profits, is simply gravy.

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