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US Figure of Casualties in Iraq and Syria Hides True, 'Devastating Scale' of Deaths, Says Amnesty

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/05/31/us-figure-casualties-iraq-and-syria-hides-true-devastating-scale-deaths-says-amnesty

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Anyone done the math on AIPAC dollars per death?


Denial? Next word coming down the pike is “mistake”.

Just say what it is, systematic coverup of war crimes. Is it really that difficult?


If only Amnesty took a critical look at U.S. efforts to overthrow the government of Venezuela. Instead, AI essentially supports the intervention as U.S. sanctions blocking food and medical imports have reportedly led to thousands of civilian deaths. Please wake up, Amnesty!

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The United Liars Of America, more commonly known as the Democrats and Republicans, have the Zombie population right where they want them.

In the voting booths every two to four years.

Quite a change from the Vietnam era. Then it was about body counts, and they were eager to tell our people how many we got today.
Now when we know we can’t fool the people we hide the number of children we kill, we hide the caskets coming home, and greatly censor the constant war, coverage.
Greatest country in the world our leaders would have you believe. It’s difficult being a veteran that is proud of service and ashamed at the same time.

The other day in Afghanistan, four US soldiers were “slightly wounded” during an IED attack. It’s difficult to collect data on the actual number of US contractors or paid mercenaries KIA due to non-disclosure measures imposed by the US military. I did come across this study by a group of Russian generals who did an in depth study on our light casualties and it’s far worse than reported.

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Lowballing of these killings is endemic to our stupid wars. Officials know we know they are stupid but nevertheless try to conceal the extent. The first and best documented instant concerned infants in the period between Iraq wars, mostly but not exclusively dead from dehydration. Lancet, NE Journal, Columbia School of Nursing, Odyssey all collaborated in programs where Iraqi doctors collected death certificates. Americans might say a thousand or at tops a hundred thousand kids died but the certificates would say a million.

The statistical effort was too good for the Military, which came up with every means possible to fudge all wartime figures-- a common feature, i.e., propaganda, in all wars.
The people who eagerly carry out war will never read a poem by Siegfried Sassoon and will do anything to conceal truth.

All atrocities des3rve attention - and ones committed certainly deserve the attention and action on the part of US citizens.

But the facts are that the state actors who have committed the overwhelming majority of civilian deaths and the murderous crushing of all dissent in the Syrian Hell are the Syrian military and the Russian military. But what do we hear from what is supposed to be the internationalist US left? Absolutely nothing at best, with the most common response being, lunatic conspiracy theories in support of the blood-soaked Assad.

It seems that Chomsky’s propaganda model is proving itself to be as valid in the isolated internet Left-O-Sphere as it is in the corporate media.