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US First Shields its Torturers and War Criminals From Prosecution, Now Officially Honors Them


US First Shields its Torturers and War Criminals From Prosecution, Now Officially Honors Them

Glenn Greenwald

As Vice President, Dick Cheney was a prime architect of the worldwide torture regime implemented by the U.S. government (which extended far beyond waterboarding), as well as the invasion and destruction of Iraq which caused the deaths of at least 500,000 people and more likely over a million.


Peacey Prizey President honors war criminals. Film at 11...


As Glenn suggested, surely, even with the ridiculous security around the Capitol (far more draconian than any parliament house in the world) a tourist can sneak something in and deface it. Presumably 3 or 4 people working together could topple it.

Direct action gets the goods.

I await the pacifists wagging their fingers at me. Such a thing is "violence".


Just 3 days ago Human Rights Watch challenged Obama to prosecute Cheney et al saying: “Without criminal investigations, which would remove torture as a policy option, Obama’s legacy will forever be poisoned.”

Instead we get the biggest fattest middle finger to human rights carved in marble.

It may be pure white marble, but I still see the blood dripping from Cheney's lips.


Hi, Mark. I am reading the 600 page treatise on the Dulles Brothers ("The Devil's Chessboard"), and while I'd heard the name Allen Dulles linked to several nefarious items in history, I had no idea how intimately he was linked to some of the most deadly historical maneuvers, ones that set continued reverberations into motion.

It's quite amazing to read the dark side of history and recognize the degree to which sociopaths with no regard for human beings, neither the rule of law, set horrors into motion. They also built templates and set up "decorated" troops to uphold them as if these modalities were sacred traditions.

My point is that so long as macho militarism is worshipped by far too many, and itself a basis for defining masculinity within a war-oriented culture, justice's capacities remain handicapped.

When courts serve the military state, there is really no room for law or justice.

Since the dark side was unleashed here inside the Homeland when those enamored with war secretly partnered with the Nazi mindset; it's become a pervasive Cancer. Horrors recapitulate with no authority or legal muscle to stop them or those committed to generating fear, terror, mass murder, and privation under the guise of "National Security."

The entities identified with this Deep State apparatus use, as their main tactics for pre-empting justice and any fair accountings that would bring their dark undertakings to light... the murder of those who can expose what they are up to. Barring that, there is bullying, black-listing, threats made to loved ones, bankrupting, and character assassination. The latter is made easy when the press is under contract to just follow orders... as an organic extension of that same military state.

The Beast must be called out. That is why I take pains to educate people on discerning what is not of their own will or volition but rather representative of unchecked powers that long ago decoupled themselves from any true Democratic forms of accountability.


Cheney is a war criminal and a corrupt politician. However even were he to be prosecuted (which he should be), he still deserves to have a statue among all the other statues of the other vice presidents.

What is this kid's stuff?

Making a big deal about this statue is dumbed down stuff imo. Remember Agnew?


It's all just a brazen, desperate cheap shot at swagger while distorting truth until it is unrecognizable.

In America, as advertising informs us, you shout the great lies often and loud enough to become accepted truth.

Our "leaders" shame this nation from top to bottom. They deserve NOT Power, but Banishment and /or Punishment.


I wonder if Time Magazine will make Cheney their man of the year; after all, they honored Hitler with that infamous picture on their cover in 1939.


It wouldn't surprise me if there is a bust of Hitler proudly displayed in one of the Bush family living rooms.
The bush family did a lot of business with Hitler before and during WW2.


No doubt whoever is elected president gets this same warning from these people.


Siouxrose 1, and when you're through with "The Grand Chessboard" check out "The Essential Mae Brussell" especially chapter 11 Operation Chaos in the sixties.


Yes, Prescott Bush was even indicted for treason! Too bad he never went to jail.


Perhaps, but the administration could have not sent the VP to say good things about him.


I suppose so but then that would have been awkward wouldn't it? That would open up that can of worms about obama not prosecuting and suggest that the administration believed that Cheney was actually guilty of something.


USA officially honors war criminals every November 11, Veteran's Day. It at least unofficially honors them the other 364+ days of the year too.


To answer your rhetorical question anyway, probably not. There is a certain thuggishness about USAn culture becasue it is a culture of "settlers" the word "settler" being a euphemism for people who violently rob another poeple of their land. As a prediction, the other two countries with a high proportion of ordinary citizens approving of torture are probably South Africa and Israel.


Yup, and in the rest of the world, it is "Remembrance Day" a day to remember how horrible war is - the US corrupts every tradition it touches.


Isn't that much of the purpose for the HUGE NSA spying apparatus with CIA as the implementors and enforcers?


His Partners were Brown, Harriman and Walker I believe- Good luck with that- The Union Bank was seized by the FBI and there were some fines, but just A slap on the wrist....


The current ruling class members will stand together no matter which party. This is just business as usual. Distance yourselves already!