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US Forces May Have Committed War Crimes in Syria: UN Report

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/11/us-forces-may-have-committed-war-crimes-syria-un-report

Among the specific actions scrutinized in the report was the Al-Jazeera Storm operation in Hajin carried out by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and international coalition. One strike in the operation targeted a residential building and killed 16 civilians, the majority of whom were less than 5 years old. The commission said its investigation turned up no evidence of an ISIL presence or military target in the area.

From the report:

The evidence obtained regarding this incident indicated that international coalition forces failed to employ the necessary precautions to discriminate adequately between military objectives and civilians. The commission finds that there are reasonable grounds to believe that international coalition forces may not have directed their attacks at a specific military objective, or failed to do so with the necessary precaution. Launching indiscriminate attacks that result in death or injury to civilians amounts to a war crime in cases in which such attacks are conducted recklessly.

Actions by terrorist groups and pro-government forces were also identified as possible war crimes.

It’s a wonder that the United Nations still has the courage to report anything
negative about the US –

The UN has itself been corrupted by US and its allies, spied on (if I recall correctly),
and silently and secretly taken over by the US to destroy it -

beginning with Dag Hammarskjold’s assassination by alleged plane crash.


The term “war crime” is itself redundant, like “insurance fraud” and “police brutality.”


All acts of war are a crime. But the Syrian refugees I’m acquainted with are far, far more worried about the war crimes of the thug who started the Syrian Civil War to begin with.


Sorry, but the first thing to happen after I read the headline was that I couldn’t suppress a good laugh.
Where the hell does the “may have” come from? The same place as the intel for the Pearl Harbor attack, or the intel prior to 9-11?
Soon we will have to sort out who is NOT a war criminal.


As Manning and Assange showed us, the American military is a war crimes organization.
Anyone who volunteers for the American military is complicit in war crimes.
I don’t “support the troops.”
They’re not “heroes protecting our freedoms.”
They’re mercenaries for hegemony.


American army had a very light footprint in Syria. I do remember army soldiers dispatched from Kuwait about three years ago. No more than two companies. Light infantry after ISIS who had moved east rapidly into western Iraq. We also used air power there which if from drones do cause civilian casualties because the joystick operator only has a screen for targeting. No depth perception that a pilot has.

We did supply the Kurds from Iraq, Turkey who did the fighting against ISIS and maybe even payroll.

US Forces May Have Committed War Crimes in Syria

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And, maybe, “moral authority” when speaking of many a politician.

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But Tulsi met with Assad!!!


It’s ironic that the monikers used in this flagrant murder are “crazyhorse” and “bushmaster”. Crazyhorse being a Sioux warrior; loved and valued by his people as much for his charity as for his courage.
Whereas bushmaster is ridiculed for his ineptness.


duh ! guess My Lai never happened either. When we do it , it ain’t a war crime. Only when the other…


you must be referring to the CIA.See progessor Jeffrey Sachs for reference


It is naive in itself to put ‘may’ between US and Have Committed War Crimes. It is essentially always a yes in any context. The U.S. is the world’s largest terrorist organization after all…

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I have had an interest in Native American culture for many years. particularly the Lakota nation.Crazy horse was a radical, he refused to surrender. He was eventually captured and murdered. Another great hero was Red cloud, he won every battle the Calvary waged against him.They had to close a fort and abandon it as Red Cloud had taken out every replacement they sent up there.
our military has always been inept at everything except killing innocents. The Calvary committed many war crimes, killing women, the old and sick as well as infants and children.


For sure, our military comes up with the most Orwellian names for its war crimes. “Operating Enduring Freedom,” et al.
And the mercenary American killers who were in that attack copter got medals, whereas Manning and Assange are in jail right now!


Check out the movie Little Big Man, even more evocative than Dances With Wolves to show the criminality of America’s genocide.


Indiana war crimes against Chicago !!
Sept. 14, 2019 gun show at Crown Point, IN where ATF does monitor for gun dealers accomplishing the back ground checks.

Loophole: Any individual - any. Can invite you out to their car to see the pistol, AK47, 200 round magazine that they have in their trunk. This sale is person to person and within the law - without a background check at all.

Here is the 2019 Chicago scoreboard so far:
1,963 shot
331 killed.

War crime = yes because only 9% of the shooters are ever identified here.
With More cameras in use than any place else!!

The EMT says they park the ambulance at the end of the street until they hear the shootings stop.
We added 150 new detectives and ID’s of shooters dropped from 13% to 9%.

Hi Donald_Tuohy:

sigh-------Tulsi critics seem to despise talk----you know like what Kennedy and Kruschev did to not war on Cuba.
I think that if America’s biggest nation export was something other than death----the world would be a lot better off.


In this particular case they were not mercenaries. They were US citizens serving in the US military. Mercenaries are foreign citizens hired by a government to fight a war. The French Foreign Legion comes to mind. Or maybe Blackwater contractors.

Either way, the people on the ground were carrying weapons (AK47 and an RPG) and were on the way to ambush US troops. Prolly OK in the big scheme of things, as said US troops were occupying their country.