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US Global Standing Plummets as Trump Threatens Human Rights at Home and Abroad

US Global Standing Plummets as Trump Threatens Human Rights at Home and Abroad

Julia Conley, staff writer

President's "disturbing fondness for rights-trampling strongmen" has delivered a blow to global opinions of the U.S.

I hope people around the world realize most Americans are appalled by Trump’s threats to human rights as well and that he was only elected because of this strange system we have called electoral college. Yes, Trump is still popular among Republicans which more and more is appearing to be a party of white supremacy and fascism rather than a major party that supports democracy but the majority of the country is opposed. I doubt if many people around the world know about voter suppression and gerrymandering in the US but it helps explain why the will of the majority is not always represented in election results,


Donald trump is a thug that revels in the most despicable acts of vast wealth, corporate/banker/wall st usury and predatory nature, as well as foreign thug “leaders”.

there are arguably none more despicable than Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte, who murders his own people in some very mentally disturbed fascism. The numbers of people he has caused to be murdered violates every rule of law or decency, yet there are here on CD duterte defenders who laud his crimes against the people.

I expect we will hear their words lauding and defending duterte’s over 6,000 “drug war” murders - that likely include political opponents and others innocent of any crime!

trump & duterte, two criminal murdering thugs - perfect together!


I have taken HRW’s annual reports with sometimes whole shakers of salt in the past - notably their smearing of the democratic leaders Jean Bertrand Aristide and Hugo Chavez. But this report may be largely spot-on this time, although I suspect that they will still do a smear job on Venezuela…


If the fantasy of the USA as a champion of human rights, as a ‘good’ superpower, dissolves as a result of Trump, that would actually be a good thing. The fairy tale of Captain America has made USA an incredibly dangerous, reckless, & extreme. In reality, nation states are amoral, only occasionally rising above that in very very rare circumstances.

Imagine if NATO nations were no longer in the thrall of the American Mystique. Imagine if no one had gone along with Obama when he attacked Libya?

The world might finally see us for the way we really are.

We are the most violent & extreme nation on earth, yet we believe we are the Mr Rogers of the world. Imagine if we could only see the truth about the USA!


Best not to eat or drink prior to scanning any given article, otherwise one might choke when reading tripe like this…

The administration’s abandonment of human rights, Roth added, “makes it much more difficult to stigmatize these authoritarian leaders when Trump says these are great guys.”

Abandonment? How rich.

US foreign policy and human rights is an oxymoron.

Although bringing the brutality of US foreign policy full force of criminality to the US citizenry is a work in progress, Trump is set to accelerate this no doubt. But the groundwork has been long set.

Mass surveillance in place, militarized police in place, limits to Constitutional rights in place through codification into law and covertly in place, yadda yadda yadda in place.

Meanwhile, those of us carrying around this awareness have to process it into some sense of normalcy just to get through the day.


“Rights trampling strongman” best describes Trump’s role in his reality TV show that debuted 1/20/17.


Yes. The US’s decades-long, ongoing and unconditional support of Israel and Saudi Arabia (and previously of apartheid South Africa) make a mockery of any pretensions toward respect for human rights.


I am worried about mass surveillance here. Particularly with people buying high tech devices that respond to their commands from the high tech mega corporations that seem convinced that they can create algorithms to replace human thought and creativity and basically replace humans period. But the king of surveillance is China. With something like 170 million cameras in place and another couple of hundred million on the way the Chinese with face recognition technology are reaching the heights of surveillance that the East Germans probably didn’t even dream of. And they have one party rule and no elections.

Both are having a War on the Poor.


The big question is WHY?

The imperialist amerikan empire hastens its demise; as its evil core group headed by the Insane fascist fraud is dragging the empire into the abyss! May the fall, including the collapse of the MIC be soon!


Odd to me that people seem taken aback, shocked, that a president has been able to so overtly express the tyrannical roots and possibilities that the office of the presidency has evolved to encompass.

Clearly the loss of an efficient and fast stopgap measure, if one was ever built in to the structure of the Executive at all, is the consequence of mistaking a reverence for the Founders with a refusal to recognize the fallibility of their design.

Layer upon layer of Executive over reach and power-hoarding has been put in place to fill in gaps in the design of the Executive since the Founders’ designed it. Much of this can be put down to the weakness inherent in the two party system: the party not in control of the Executive at any one time has refused to act to rein in Executive power largely due to the understanding that the Executive will, sooner or later, be transferred to them and their party. They are unwilling to take back even constitutionally questionable powers if they believe that they will, sometime, be theirs to wield. A multi party system, especially where the Legislative is concerned, is much less likely to covet such increasing uncontrolled power due to the necessity of forming coalitions with a number of legislative partners who will pull back at such power at the same time that they push for it.

The Impeachment process is a failure. This has been demonstrated more than once. A president is Impeached for sexual behavior but can go on unimpeded when he or she smashes through any limits to war powers, only because the power his or her party wields in the Legislative, or looks forward to wielding, prevents them from performing the necessary re-balancing of the three wings of government as they are required to do. Impeachment has been demonstrated to have become a mere political hammer for propaganda, a campaign tactic.

As it is it, and especially with Citizens United added to the mix and encoding a complete misunderstanding, a purposeful misunderstanding, of personhood, there is little hope for pulling back and “auto correcting” this errant evolution of the unbalancing of the three-legged stool.

Trump knows what he is about. As stupid as he is in many ways, his instinctual sniffing out the way to pull the reins of power only caps the disintegration of the limits of the Executive that has been gathering momentum for generations.


Didn’t you mean to say, “…almost never represented…”

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Whichever is correct we need to do something about it.

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Excellent post. Your post as I take it is a good argument for holding a constitutional convention, in the hope that a modern-day constitution might contain a “fail-safe” way of seriously checking the power of the chief executive. Or at least a way of preventing the self-interested reasons you describe for the failure of the legislative cum impeachment process to stop overweening, never mind tyrannical, executive power.

For the situation we are currently facing, with one man holding the power now to destroy the human race and most living things, is a nightmare terrorizing the entire world. As we dither.


Yes, Trump was elected by way of the quirks of our weird electoral college system.
Electoral College Makes It Official For Donald Trump, Despite Attempts By ‘Faithless Electors’
Despite their votes, Trump will be the biggest popular vote loser in raw numbers ever to reach the White House. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/?icid=hjx004

It is called “faithless electors” or electoral college representatives voting against the majority of voters in their districts against Clinton for Trump. Clinton ended up with over 2 million more votes than Trump but losing the election by way of “faithless electors” or electoral college representatives being “faithless” and not voting for who the majority of voters in their districts voted for. After this nauseating performance of the electoral college, America should simply have the candidate with the most raw votes directly from the American people win the election. We have the technology to go by the raw vote so there really is no excuse to continue with a thoroughly corrupt and stupid electoral college system.

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Hey Common Dreams, would you puhleeze consider including republiCons in any and all headlines that talks about Trump policies??? They are after all, conjoined at their respective idiot hips. Thanks.