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US Government Accused of Stifling Medical Marijuana Research


US Government Accused of Stifling Medical Marijuana Research

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Government bias and schizophrenic marijuana policy in the U.S. are stifling research into its medical uses, charges a new paper published Tuesday by researchers with the Brookings Institution, which in turn could heighten public policy and health risks as more and more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana usage.


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The shit of not getting off the pot


Good grief!! Does it ever end, the dialogue between idiots? Prohibition is such a fun policy, filled with crooks, gangs, mayhem, bars and stripes, and tax free profits. It's the poster child for trickle down. The real threat to status quo wonks is industrial. hemp. Not as sexy as cannabis maxi mus; but with a vast array of applications from clothing,and paper, to building materials (hempcreat) and the list goes on.


Now there's a freakin surprize!

Big-pharma, their co-conspirators in government, and other anti-cannabis and industrial hemp players have sabotaged cannabis research and maintained schedule 1 listing to maintain domination of their damn deadly expensive drugs! Cannabis treats numerous diseases and conditions including some cancers safely (Gov suppressed this truth since 1974!), cheaply (grow your own at home!) effectively and if they allow the public to be educated and get off their prescription drugs they will lose billions!


Obama gifted big-pharma in his "Affordable" Care Act and drug costs are going to the moon, driven by greed and depraved indifference! Obama has many corporate supporters to pay-back (as do RepubliCons and most other politician swine) and he/they will do anything to further for-profit greed and maintain the status quo and domination of global fascism!



If your rich you have a "drug problem." If you are poor, you are a criminal. End prohibition now!


The only problem the rich have with drugs is too much is never enough and they go to rehab in Malibu or Palm Springs...repeatedly. The less fortunate get to spend time in the pokey, which then adversely affects their employability and, well, you know the rest of the sad tale....


They also, in partnership with Monsanto, have A Patent on ALL seed varieties-
They also seem to have the patent on the cash cow elimination of A cure for perpetual cancer- Too much money to be made from cancer- A cure would not be "Cost effective" and not help in the eugenics arena either-
I well know the cure is somewhere in nature- A natural plant like the tropical periwinkle cures childhood leukemia and Simpsons Hash Oil cures many cancers and helps reduce/cure children's brain seizures....That plant harbors many wonderful secrets yet to be revealed-
Alas, there is no profit for the medical establishment money masters since people can grow their own...Maybe the new rules for this are part of the "secret surprise" of the up and coming screw us all "free Trade Agreements"-
After smoking A bowl of sweet hemp, all of the inequities, false and fading hopes of what could be, what should be, the intentional nastiness of mankind becomes so blaringly obvious- It all just screams at you-


The list of uses for totally cost effective, agriculturally viable and advantageously sustainable hemp is virtually endless- This plant, given the chance, in the small farmers hands, could save the World!
I was absolutely outraged that the DEA repeatedly showed up at the totally impoverished Lakota Sioux Pine Ridge Indian reservation to destroy their escape from poverty crops of harmless hemp- When will this Government wake up and atone for their inhumanity?


Freaky Freddie says:
"Pot will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no pot" (Written around the time of Tricky Dick Nixon's "Operation Intercept" and his abysmal new policy called the "War on Drugs")....
And since "Operation Intercept" was so successful in sealing off the border with Mexico from Maryjane, the home grown Industry took off, potent varieties were given birth and better strains began to flourish...A posthumous Thank you Tricky Dicky :smile:


Having seen many stories, (Run from the Cure. Ricky Simpson Story and Clearing the Smoke, among many others), it does not take long to assess the nature of the stifle. So funny living in a country where death, disease, and incarceration are protected cash cows. Says so Much about The Greatest Country on Earth Every time I hear any incarnation of that phrase, my eyes just roll around. Especially for the people that blindly accept those thoughts. Thankfully, the rest of the thinking world is light years ahead in the research of Cannabidiol and will shed light despite the US darkness !


They've done plenty of research looking for bad things about MJ. A few years ago they had one out of four people taking and testing crappy, expensive drugs thinking they could fix the depressions conservatives caused that MJ could have easily fixed.


True -- from paper to medicine, to building houses -- boats, surfboards, clothing.

But evidently our CIA/Corporate press isn't allowed to discuss HEMP --

growing hemp also helps the environment -- ozone layer.


But philip,

Hemp would put the plastics-from-oil mob out of business. Don't you know that all products including Ag Fertilizer have to come from Oil? The Bush and Koch clans (intermarried) say so.


Hemp compromises established, well connected businesses, like in the beginning-Big Oil, DuPont, Cotton, Timber along with Paper Mills- The ubber wealthy must keep their monopoly, slave labor, dirty energies going ya know-
The hemp industry was murdered, like Rudolf Diesel, who had designed that engine to run off of corn oil, to get types like Rockefeller out of the wallets of the small farmer- Diesel somehow didn't make the steamboat passage across the English Channel to visit his new plant in 1913- His body was found floating in that water the following day- Standard Oil had developed Diesel oil which came on the market in the following year and few if any knew they would run on corn oil for years and years....There was, and remains, a great deal of mystery surrounding his death: It was officially judged a suicide, but many people believed (and still believe) that Diesel was murdered- Sounds pretty suspicious to me-


They may well be the bastard children of A Rockefeller-


Capitalism/Capitalists feed off exploitation -- of nature, natural resources, and humans.
Long time since we heard anything about monopolies, but globalization has been harvesting slave labor all over the globe.
Never heard the story of Rudolf Diesel before --
And not quite sure how they got rid of hemp ... will have to look that up.
I watched the "debates" the other night to see Bernie --
But, HRC's reaction to legalizing marijuana was like she had entered the Twilight Zone and just couldn't imagine that anyone would really be suggesting legalizing marijuana -- and saying it out loud on TV.

I'm with you on suspicion --
The only way the right wing can rise or has ever been able to rise is by violence -
assassination, coups. Throw in some thugs, intimidation, blackmail -- and certainly right wing lies/propaganda -- and stolen elections.
Still true.


Only if MJ also prompted folks to kick our crappy expensive pols out of office ...


If Only "Schedule I and II" applied to Monsanto's gen-tech, killer monstrosities! Or Big Pharma's latest--sell it to as many gullible people as possible --until it's taken off the market due to safety lapses fake panaceas.


And for tomorrow's headline, you'd be surprised what a billionaire-kissing Congress can do against solar research and development.