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US Government Lists Non-Violent 'Valve Turner' Climate Activists as Threat on Par With Murderous Neo-Nazis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/13/us-government-lists-non-violent-valve-turner-climate-activists-threat-par-murderous


Gee, here I thought “Rogue Fascist President” would top that list.


The work of corporate goons and corrupt politicians.



Do not turn the valve.
It may be in the closed position and you are opening it to allow flow.
I witnessed a man get killed inside a Whiting refinery when an operator opened a valve by mistake.
the incoming pressure dislodged the ‘pig’ inside the pipe upstream of the welding. When the hydrocarbon got to the hot, molten metal, it exploded and cut the man in half.
Boycott, pursue alternates, demand double pipe at water crossings - but do not turn valves, hack into control software.

1,500 men were there and only two of us immediately recognized the cause.

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Hi PonyBoy: That calls for a rhyme! : )

It’s Trump , Pompeo and Pence;
three brains without any sense!
The world cannot trust them–
for PEACE can not function.
AMERICA-- one BIG pretense! : (


I made this video of a conversation between Michael Foster and Emily Johnston, two of the five “Valve Turners” and syndicated talk radio host Peter B. Collins, presented on January 14, 2018, as part of the Green Chautauqua Speaker Series on Climate Change at the First Presbyterian Church in San Anselmo CA: https://vimeo.com/252440389


Great video. Everyone on the planet needs at a remedial presentation like this if we are to win the war against fossil fuel consumption.


Kind of like the Nuremberg laws –


Were we to be only a little more vague about the usually already vague epithet murderous neo-nazis, it might be obvious that the US government qualifies.

One take-home here ought to be that the opposition between neoliberal and ecologically regenerative policies is stark and mutually exclusive.

Knowing this ought to inform us that parties and candidates that make friendly noises about ecology or climate change as “soft issues,” but support war and centralized control by the wealthy will not embrace effective ecological policy.



Several years ago a line depressurized and half the state of NM lost heating gas for 2 months in a freezing winter.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


According to the link, the gas lines depressurized due to lack of electricity, not valves being turned off.
I’m guessing turning off valves would have the same affect. Depressurizing?

The Iron Heel begins to grind

British home secretary, Priti Patel, has defended anti-terror police for putting the Extinction Rebellion environmental protest group on a list of extremist ideologies.

Climate change protesters face the introduction of draconian laws


Governments and many citizens consider animal rights activists, deep ecologists, anti-natalists, and others to be enemies of the human domination project that’s leading to anthropogenic mass extinction…and they are correct.
Anyone who opposes ruination of the biosphere, hunting, destruction of intact ecosystems, logging, fishing, and other destructive activities in an effective way is considered an eco-terrorist.
In many states, there are laws stating that if you scare a deer, even inadvertently, so a hunter can’t kill it, you’re guilty of a felony.
The few people who defend mother earth will be hunted down and killed, branded as enemies of the state.
It’s a noble cause to die for and live for, as Edward Abbey and Earth First! said.

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“the department detailed domestic terror threats and said “racial and environmentally themed ideologies” are the biggest threats facing Americans today.”… Ahhh the Big FFF - Fossil Fuel Fascism in full attack and complete deception! Recognize who your neighbours are. Recognize who are the biggest threats facing Americans, documented dispassionately by the actual unsanitized history. FFF will never disclose/remedy such matters.

Uuhhh I am pretty sure.these people checked…which way to turn it befire hand…

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They checked. They are all from skilled trades, engineers, trained employees.

my total sarcasm, disdain, distress.

They do not know a gate valve from a ball valve!!

Here we are, trying to insure the steel pipe brought in from India for XL is metalugrically correct, the welds are good and the weld effected zones stress relieved to avoid corrosion from hydrogen enbrittlement - and you throw all that away.

It’s time to at least consider protests against overzealous policing.