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US Government Steps In After Judge Rules Against Standing Rock Sioux


US Government Steps In After Judge Rules Against Standing Rock Sioux

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

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A series of "game-changing" developments impacting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) battle on Friday afternoon were testament to the power of organizing.


This is great news. I was quite disappointed by the court's decision - but am certainly relieved that the administration stepped in after all.


Confirms my best hopes that the wheels were working, and working for justice. Thank you for posting so promptly.


For all you who wail about how voting for Hillary is necessary because of federal judges, Boasberg (the presiding judge in this case) was nominated by Obama. Earl Warren, on the other hand, was nominated by Eisenhower - a Republican 'outsider' - and even though there is that "Warren Commission" thing belying his fascistic soul, he did champion many progressive moves by the court. This whole Democrats = progress thing is a sham, and this ruling just provides more evidence: The Establishment Sucks as much as the Republicans!


I am still not sure why it is that The First Nations peoples in the USA are not consulted on these matters. The number one reason such projects are halted In Canada is the Court rules there was insufficient consultation with First Nations tribes.

The role of the Army Corps of Engineers and why they would have more say in this process than the peoples the developments will affect is also mystifying.I did a few searches and found this.

As SR says Mars Rules!!



I am particularly pleased that the administration has decided to review and improve the procedures by which the tribes consult with the Corps and other Federal agencies - that is exactly the issue where I was hoping we might see a dramatic effect.

I realize that the pipeline is 97% on private land and most of it is essentially already built and outside the Federal jurisdiction - so the fight to stop the pipeline probably won't win. But avoiding continual atrocities against the Dakota peoples is also important to me and we should be celebrating the determination and solidarity of the people in bringing about this victory.


Should be a freedom of religion thing - but wait - it is: the reference to the Native American God in the article was "creator" with a small C. Got it - the Native American God isn't real like the Christian's Creator.


Yes, it's been insiring and awesome to see the courage and conviction the tribes have maintained, even while their sacred/burial sites were damaged beyond repair. We could all learn from them how to get a peaceful protest accomplished. So glad to see all the support from non-Native Americans here in U.S. and all over the world.


Ummm ... this actually showed the opposite. You might want to read the decision by the administration in what the Standing Rock Sioux called a "game changer for the Tribe."


They are to be consulted by law. The current process is rather narrowly interpreted though, and needs to be dramatically improved (e.g. just in a narrow band around the pipeline in areas under federal jurisdiction which is usually only a small track of land and also relying on State rather than Indian officials to determine some aspects). Here, the tribe wanted a much broader consultative role and refused to participate in much of the usual consulting because they disagreed with how their role was perceived. Thus, the administrations decision to halt construction at the Lake and review and revamp the way tribes are consulted is exactly the victory the Standing Rock Sioux were going for.


"[W]e request that the pipeline company voluntarily pause all construction activity ": Voluntarily??


Absolutely. The justice department statement made it clear that it was the peaceful demonstrations and the solidarity shown by so many tribes that made them step in.


They completely halted construction in the areas they have jurisdiction over. The voluntary part is with respect to work on private land.


Lissen up, everybody. There is a White House 'comment line' that all may use to give brief comments to OBAMA. I emailed the # to all my contacts urging them to use it. I myself have made 7 calls over two days to urge him to take "executive action" or whatever he can to halt this murderous project from going forward.
You can call [202[ 256-1414.
Tell the operator you want to make a comment and you will to transferred asap to the volunteer-staffed comment line. It takes longer waiting for someone to pick up than it does for you to say what you want, as I suggested just above.
The operators all told me--because there were 7 different ones-that the lines had been jammed and were running 9 out of 10 about cancelling the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Please help keep the pressure on the comment line, on petitions, on donations, by being part of nationwide demonstrations.
Please do all you can because THIS IS THE FIGHT OF OUR VERY LIVES--of course, also to defeat the equally murderous TPP so-called "trade agreement" that steals our government's power to give to corporations!


Not sure why you'd see it that way - the tribe is suing the Corps regarding procedures they used in complying with federal law. This case just involved a preliminary injunction on the historic sites aspects. Since the Federal government is the defendant in this case, they are certainly free to work things out with the plaintiffs. That is not an "attack on the court" in any way what-so-ever.


Suspira--I have wondered why "Americans" are so different from Canadians in general when it comes to First Nations and find a clue in the fact that in the US or Turtle Island First Nation Peoples were actively exterminated. Was this ever the case in Canada? Perhaps the fact that Canada gets pretty cold also has "protected" to some extent the First Nations in Canada.


Small consolation as most of the pipeline is already a fact and built on "private" land--all Indian land let's not forget our history.


Yes, Red Raven, I will be voting for them for the sake of our children and all of Life on our common home planet. Thanks for the reminder.


Using dogs as injurious or lethal force is illegal, as is colonial imposition upon all 1st Nation lands represented in the illegal Dakota Access Pipeline. People are being attacked & bitten intentionally by pipeline hired goons. There are a range of Ultrasound Dog Repellents, which cause attacking dogs to stop: DogDazerll, 26$95, Apesto Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent 29$95, Hoont Repellant & Trainer 31$95 Dog Repeller etc. Ultrasound is a range of kHz to which the human ear is inaudible, but very bothersome to dogs who will try to get away. Such devices should be used surreptitiously, so dogs, handlers & the trickle down chain of oligarch masters, aren't sure what is happening.


Since when do fossil fuel interests 'voluntarily' act as good citizens?