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US Government's Own Report Shows Toxic TPP "Not Worth Passing"



Only help[ a few multi nationals, increase trade deficit, bad for US workers and businesses, environmental catastrophe, predicted to fail in all its promises; should move smoothly through congress as on greased wheels.


As you say, regimes have no interest in representing people's interests as polls constantly document.
Time for regime change.


More like God have mercy on your pocketbook!


We know it's horrible and it begs the question, why would these "liberal" Democratic stalwarts want this deal so badly??? They have ushered in Fascism and are proud of it. If this deal is passed we are going to see the end of what shreds of Democracy may be left. A vote for Hillary is a vote for their agenda and a vote to end life here, as we now know it. They know it's a killer just like they know Hillary will push for it. They go hand in hand.
Never Hillary


Actually, reworking Lincoln's phraseology, it would be:
"Government of the people, by the corporations, for the corporations."

That is:
People being governed, by corporations, for corporations.

It's a little ambiguous because "of" has so many meanings, but against the straightforward "by" and "for" i think his intent becomes clear. Lincoln was saying three distinct things.

We've heard the phrase so many times, it sounds like one concept, and we don't really think about what he intended with the three clauses. Not super important, but FWIW!


An article in The Nation by Jon Nichols puts it in the simplest of terms:

The ITC's BEST CASE SCENARIO would result in the US achieving the same net economic growth on January 1, 2032 that the US would achieve without any new "trade" deals on February 15, 2032. Six additional frickin weeks worth of growth over 17 years IF WE ARE LUCKY. Best case scenario is a huge IF and any other scenario results in no net economic growth.

While the ITC report on the 5 TPP chapters addressing trade have proven TPP is a dud, I am certain that the 24 TPP chapters transferring economic and judicial authority from governments to corporations will be far more effective...at enhancing corporate profits at the expense of the rest of us.


Keep in mind that President Obama endorsed this nasty piece of legislation enthusiastically.

And we're supposed to believe these fabulists? Tell me another story about the drones, Pa . . .


Not simply a "dud" Nichols, but an insidious coup masquerading as a "trade deal".


Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and they're still voting for this woman. Turkeys and Xmas etc.


B/c we Bernie supporters sure as hell won't!


What in the hell is Obama thinking and why in the hell are the Democrats supporting this disaster. Of course the Republicans support TPP but they have lost their souls and their caring about anyone but themselves and their bank accounts.


Barack and Hillary are sell outs.

We don't want the damned TPP! We also don't want more war which is virtually guaranteed if Hillary becomes president. Hillary will have to demonstrate to the world how tough she is.


Obama must be doing it for the money. If he gets the TPP through he will end up a billionaire. If he doesn't he will will remain a mere millionaire.

Either way I have no respect for Obama.


Obama is perpetrating a fraud. And as both Clinton and Obama and others have teamed to perpetrate a fraud it is conspiracy.

Sanders should campaign on the promise to prosecute.


It's called oligarchy. While I'm at it...Princeton study "Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organised groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence." http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-echochambers-27074746


Doesn't it just give you pause this is the only piece of legislation elected Republicans didn't balk at or obstruct?


But why did US ITC issue an objective report this time? I'd LOVE to know what went on behind closed doors here. Seems safe to assume that Clinton is the anointed next president, and that she will push for this--but only if she has to. Surely she'd MUCH prefer it to pass during the lame duck session so she can pretend she was opposed to it, and not have this big deal in the list of broken promises right off the bat.


I think they have to issue a report within a certain amount of time. Remember, Obama has already signed the agreement, he just hasn't brought it to Congress to vote on yet. Right now, our trade representative is working on a list of which US laws have to be changed in order to comply with the TTP (and TTIP, etc.); that list has to go to Congress along with the bill to vote for the damn thing. I'm sure the population at large, on the other hand, does not need to be informed of exactly which of our laws are going to be overturned or altered in order to bring us into compliance.

And Clinton would sign it in a heartbeat - she'll say she's doing it "reluctantly" or because "the Republicans made her" or offer up that "Congress made it better" (which would be a desperate pitch, given that they aren't allowed to alter any of it, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't say it) or maybe she'll say nothing at all. But she will sign it.

Obama did not close Guantanamo, did not bring any Wall St bankers to justice, did not bring charges against Bush and company for Iraq lies, and his first appointments were all the same financial wizards who brought us the crash and the same neocons who brought us Iraq. His advisors on the ACA were the pharma and insurance CEOs. He didn't bother to apologize or explain any of that flip-flopping to the commoners; Clinton won't either.