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US Government's Refusal to Confirm or Deny It Put American Journalist on Drone Kill List Called 'Chilling'


US Government's Refusal to Confirm or Deny It Put American Journalist on Drone Kill List Called 'Chilling'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Putin would be proud. Take them out, take them out.


Is there nothing that Obama wasn’t first at?



If a people are willing to allow “their” “representative” “democratic” government to write up drone kill lists of non-citizens…

They should soon anticipate that such drone kill lists will include the names of citizens, too.

We should be equally appalled, and denounce and work to end any such practice, whether the lists are drawn up without targeting US citizens for murder, or including the murder of US citizens.


IIRC these two powers were granted the President and the military, respectively, in NDAAs passed during the Obomber’s stay in office:

  1. The creation of the Presidential Kill List, which originally left it to the Attorney General to decide whom to kill, and

  2. Gave to the military the power to detain anyone anywhere indefinitely without recourse to habeas corpus.

To his credit my otherwise hideous Republican Tea Party Congressman Morgan Griffith voted against both NDAAs precisely because they contained these provisions and he considered them unconstitutional. Duh!


And note: Technology will continue to rapidly get more sophisticated and powerful, on multiple fronts, at an accelerating rate. We need to demand strong limitation on state and corporate use of technology for killing.


Worse than chilling, it’s immoral, unconstitutional, and disgusting.


If this government insists it has the right to deny due process and kill any citizen, then it’s time that the citizens organize and create our own kill list of those who would kill us.

Equal rights afforded under the Constitution.


Should a distinction be made between US citizens and foreign individuals who are targeted?

If so, what legal constraints are there on another nation’s targeting for execution someone in the US alleged to be involved in terrorist acts?

American exceptionalism shuns the light of reciprocity.


Great question and given the manner that Democrats and Republicans have twisted the notions of justice, terrorism, and war, it may be the type of question that gets one added to the kill list.


I am constantly amazed at how many people don’t know their country even has such a list or that their country has killed U.S citizens and non-citizens, alike, via such a list, when I mention it to them. Some are vehement in their denial, insisting that it couldn’t happen, here. Others are actually proud of their ignorance, saying they don’t bother following politics, but if the government has such a list, it must be for a good reason and therefore, okay. Some are offended that I would even say such a thing. I must not be a patriot or maybe I’ve been fooled by that fake news Trump keeps talking about. Some even say it’s okay because these people are Muslim terrorists. Little wonder, then, that the government can get away with such criminal acts.

The cult of ignorance is alive and well in this country.


Inflation of propaganda to reality replacement leads to this sort of thing.


Yeah…Single-Payer health care.


Nah, Steve

They’d likely just declare me an “unusual and extraordinary threat to
the national security of the United States”, and place sanctions on my
credit union debit card.


I saw today where the new space force program wants the budget to include 45 billion and insists that it be an annual priority. WTF. This was the Air Force asking.


This IS the most chilling thing I’ve heard of, and there’s a lot of competition from the past two years.


Hi LilikoiJammin:
Whoa-----well this will certainly make a mess of voting for politicians…you think I’m kidding? Look at the Mueller actions, and see how many accusations came out about all kinds of people There would be no way to stop one party from killing the candidate of another party.

In fact, imagine what will happen to students seeking to get into the ,“said to be great colleges like Yale ,Harvard, etc. etc…” …parents will start whacking their neighbors kids just to get their kid into the “right college.” So this action will kill politicians, and universities and parents and students and TRUTH, HONOR, JUSTICE and what was once said ," To be the American way."
Americans and their cheap ass drones will be taking out each other----A secret drone program to eliminate any source of original documents in America ( like the Constitution) —wow can’t have any drone missed evidence-------this all led, of course, to Americans destroying their own nation faster than any outside source, : ( Well there is that old saying, “Most nations fall apart from within.” Yep : (

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Here is something even more chilling: Drones will soon be fully automated and will be making “independent targeting decisions” based on the 5 eyes facial recognition database.


And they force everyone to assist them by forcing us to answer CAPTCHA questions that ask us to id storefronts, traffic lights and the like, in order to do normal kinds of internet business. These IDs are part of the databases used for targeting.


They are also compiling a massive DNA database in a variety of ways, such as forced swab tests by police and customs, “free” ancestry tests and so on.

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