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US Guilty of 'Basically Unconditional Support' for Saudi War Crimes in Yemen


US Guilty of 'Basically Unconditional Support' for Saudi War Crimes in Yemen

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The United States and other governments that continue to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia are guilty of "the worst kind of hypocrisy," an international watchdog charged on Monday, as the arms trade continues despite mounting evidence of civilian causalities, war crimes, and other atrocities being committed by the kingdom in Yemen.


If you've not read "House of Bush, House of Saud" by Craig Unger, give it a try.

The United States exports more military equipment, munitions and arms around the world then any other country on earth.

But all we want is Peace? There's a bridge in Brooklyn that might be for sale if you're interested.


When the Judgment Day comes civilization will have an alibi, "I never took a human life, I only sold the fellow the gun to take it with." Will Rogers


War is the most profitable business in the world! The Oligarchy that pulls the strings in the Fourth Reich has always realized this and they put their enormous organization of power brokers, propagandists, lobbyists, and billions of dollars to work to continue wars and arms sales, to overthrow legitimate governments that do not accede to the wishes or orders of the Reich, and to put in power and support puppet dictators who will do what they are told.
* Every time this is done, there are protests around the world, which are laughed at by the Reich and its allies. The Reich has the power to veto any action by the UN through its permanent position on the "Security" Council.
* The Oligarchy has the purse strings to the UN, so they can cut or threaten to cut funding if the UN gets "out of line" and protests war and the arms industry, as was pointed out by Ban Ky Moon when he explained why he removed Saudi Arabia from the blacklist of nations killing children and civilians. The Saudis said they would cut off funding to the UN's children's relief programs and Voila! They were off the blacklist and continuing to kill children and civilians wholesale.
* I had hoped that the Fourth Reich would invade its "Poland" and the world would rise up to stop them, but the Reich seems to specialize in invasions and conquests through third parties, who live in the Reich's pockets. Also, the Reich is a nation which has proved itself willing to use nuclear weapons against those who may rise up against it.
* At one time, there was an international agreement not to use any nuclear weapon except in direct defense or response to a nuclear attack by another nuclear armed nation. Now, the Pentagon's "Laws of War" allow field commanders to use their own judgement whether to use nuclear weapons or not, in virtually any conflict.
* The Fourth Reich is committed to following the "Project for a New American Century"'s plan to enforce "Full Spectrum Dominance" of the World through military and financial means.
* If We the People of the World don't get creative, and active, pretty soon, we are all in a heap of trouble.


why not, we have supported Israeli war crimes for decades.


End Saudi Arabia military support. End money and arms to The Sauds. Stop the goal of taking our 7 Mid East countries. See Gen Wesley Clark reveal that's been the plan of the US. End war. Tell your Senators and Representatives ...No more war. Cut the Military budget in half. Elect only candidates who don't support war unless we are attacked. National Guard members were not supposed to be deployed outside of the US. Use them in the USA on borders, etc. We don't need a war. We need to stop warmmongering. Don't vote for a president that wants to change the governments of other countries...that's not strength, it's war crimes. Stop giving billions to other countries while our vets commit suicide and live on the streets. Cut the military budget in half.


Imperialist amerika is GUILTY of every murder committed by the Saudis! The #1 terrorist state amerika continues its war on the World. But, the great collapse is coming to the fascist amerikan empire!


Instead of punishing the Saudis for their asserted role in 9-11, we are helping them to destroy one of the poorest peoples on Earth.
The Owners surely are tossing and turning at night over this.


True, but look at all the riches the elites are getting on your tax dollar.


The ( Very ) Barry Obysmal Adm. will go down in history for being the best " guns and ammo " promoter in American history. The first black President will have that, and much more, for peddling death ( genocide ) in Libya, Yemen, Honduras and Syria for a wasted, destructive legacy. What a worthless chump he's turned out to be. No wonder this colorful, charming, running lackey for the MIC and Endless War crowd, is a willing flack catcher. And, capable of taking a beating for the the $$$, no doubt. He'll soon enough actually have his own Flacking Catcher " Hope & Change " Foundation. The Clintonista & Obysmalista Clans are " making bank " on the Amererican people. Can this worthless POS be any more sanctimonious and two-faced? I'm not betting on this worthless guy,, Barry is a real piece of work; too, too bad he's a complete sellout. Ask Barry in 16 years if he's worth $250-300 million and then watch him slither on the floor. A trick he's learned from the Clinton buncb, no doubt.


Such a waste of humanity and just plain disgusting.

That picture of Obama with his big smile makes me want to vomit.


Just catch the segment on Democracy Now about Yemen being bombed into rubble in 5 months. As much decimation as has taken place in 5 years in Syria. Now, that's vomit inducing. Blowback is coming to future generations that will resemble a Medieval seige. Fortress America, indeed!


Worth a call to the WH and reps re selling arms to SA.

Dem Now is invaluable.


This is the real job creating stimulus package we've come to expect from the Uniparty. American voters have no shame or consciousness if they cast a ballot for any of these people. The House of Saud needs a major remodeling or a complete demolition; they've gone completely off the rails. The " bomb train " analogy writ large across the planet.


We imperialist amerikkkans do not approve of these endless, illegal, pointless wars that only benefit a few & we have staged protests, written letters, made calls, tried to "vote out the bums" to no avail.

We have no say in how this government is run, our "votes" don't matter. Our young are brainwashed to be patriotic & to "defend" the country but they are sent off to wars against people who are of no threat to us, we kill their unarmed citizens, destroy their homes, farms & work places, how could anyone here ask "why do they hate us?"
Now this government is trying to stir up a reason to start yet another illegal, pointless war but this time, he might just find he's bitten off far more than he can chew & could be consumed himself instead.
Good riddance then to this corrupt government, we need a real democracy not this sham we have now.
Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely!