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US-Guyana Maritime Patrol Near Venezuela Border Denounced as Latest American Imperialism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/23/us-guyana-maritime-patrol-near-venezuela-border-denounced-latest-american


Ever transparent and up to no good, our lovely corporate government.


My friend who is a native-born Guyanese person says the real deal is that South America is the last lush ecosystem left on the planet and that the world destroyers are carving it up for profits and plunder right now.
Guyana is being bought up by China and other countries and its beautiful native forests, rivers, and other intact ecosystems are being slaughtered.
The same is planned/happening to all other South American countries, with Trump’s lover Bolsonaro leading the destruction.
Say goodbye to the rainforests, rivers, peace and quiet, indigenous peoples.
Say hello to a paved-over, dammed, urbanized, chainsaw-massacred, oil-spilled, mined, cattle-ranched, GMO-farmed, firebombed South America.
Brought to you courtesy of capitalism, humanity’s natural destructiveness, and bribed politicians.
Note also: Guyanese officials welcomed Jim Jones into their country.


Pompeo says the joint naval and air patrols in the disputed, oil-rich region are meant to fight drug trafficking, but critics see them as the latest U.S. aggression toward Maduro.

We all know now and live the dishonesty of our corrupted government/CIA –

It must weigh on us the damage our government has done to other nations –
if it doesn’t, then we don’t truly understand what has been done in our name –
with our tax dollars –

Trump isn’t only lighting a match to many wild fires in US and across the planet –
He will set it all on fire if we do not all bend to his will.


The US currently occupies Oil Fields in Syria. This occupation is illegal as there was no UN Authorization for the US to enter Syria and the Syrian Government does not want them there.

They are shipping the Oil out via tanker convoys and selling it to the World market. There a private US firm involved here and it run by a number of ex US Military men and ex US diplomats. One of them was once in Delta force. They are a pack of thieves nothing more.

Recently those forces clashed with the Syrian army this prompting Trump to send in some heavy tanks to defend his oil.

Venezuela and its oil and resources are on their radar.


“Venezuela, whose increasingly authoritarian leftist government …”

Where does this drive-by slander come from?
Even the author’s disparaging reference to “a lengthy economic crisis [caused]
by government corruption and mismanagement, historically low oil prices,
a failed exchange control system, and U.S. sanctions and other intervention”
doesn’t back up this statement.

In fact, the accusation of “government corruption and mismanagement”
may be as true in Venezuela as in many other countries, but most others
– except Cuba, Nicaragua and Iran – haven’t faced decades of warfare
by the most powerful nation on Earth and its vassal states like Canada.
If you were running Venezuela, would you turn the other cheek
to usurpers, assassination and coup attempts, invasions, sabotage, etc.?
Or right-wing demonstrators blocking roads for weeks and killing people?


Note how the same type of language not used when they talk about the USA.

The USA is closer to a right wing Authoritarian state then Venezuela a Left Wing Authoritarian state.

For that matter such articles rarely refer to a state run by the right as “Rightist or Right Wing” . What they are doing is training the readers mind to believing everything on the left as Authoritarian. It the same thing when they always coupled the word “Palestinian” with terrorist. There is never a Palestinian “freedom fighter”.



This plot failed, so…

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Pompeo says the joint naval and air patrols in the disputed, oil-rich region are meant to fight drug trafficking, but critics see them as the latest U.S. aggression toward Maduro.

CIA creates insurrections by running drugs and guns in these nations to overturn democracies –

including our own here where they’ve been running drugs and guns since 1970’s –

and increasingly encouraging violence and chaos in our societies.

We are late as well on challenging police violence in our communities which NOW is turned

on every citizen by preventing any protests to occur without violence –

The violent responses to protests of any kind continue to rise –

Fascism requires violence to rise – and they will readily supply it . . .


Yes, that drug trafficking crap is the same type of "cover’ they give for their crimes everywhere else be it “protecting democracy” , “protecting human rights” or “Fighting terrorism”. Again this type of crap is seamless between Democratic or Republican administrations. I was born in the late 1950s and ever since I became aware enough to pay attention to world events every Administration in the USA has done this stuff in order to protect their empire and enrich the one percent.

All the while the media on board proclaiming the USA as a beacon of liberty and justice and even on these boards we have articles praising the sacrifice of US troops the world over.

One would think when they imported all of those Nazis to the USA through operation paperclip that those same Nazis took over the US Government but then as Smedley Butler pointed out, this predates the Nazis.


Much the same happens in Africa. The Saudis as example have a water crisis and can not grow enough food to keep up with a growing population. What they are doing is buying up vast tracts of land in Africa on which peoples have lived for thousands of years and using those lands to grow crops. The people that lived on those lands are thrown off and flock to Cities where there not enough jobs to go around. This leads to them trying to make a living “illegally” leading to ever rising conflict.

China the USA and the EU are also in on this. AFRICOM was formed to protect “western Interests” in the region under the guise of fighting terrorism.


Supira –

We here in NJ are supposed to have a vote on Legalizing Marijuana –
Trust the nation has awakened to the reality of how the War on Dugs is simply
a war on democracy and that it will be passed –
There is still a question as to whether or not it will make it to the ballot –

Lots of money in the War on Drugs – in many different directions –

True also re “support the troops” – what the hell does that mean in regard to US/CIA
“illegal wars of aggression”? And, I do think that always there is more resistance from
the troops than we are told. Of course, with VN the resistance was more organized and
visible so we did know.

(I’ve been trying to support “Courage to Resist” though I hesitate because they were
supporting something that caused me to stop for a while. But they do need legal help
and will be looking to see if there is another better organization.)

Granted I’m not going far from CNN right now, but from what I’m seeing there, it looks
to me like Global Warming is now a reality for so many Americans with the fires and
with Trump ignoring it all and 200,000 virus deaths that the vote will be based on that
old question – 'TO BE OR NOT TO BE."

As I mentioned in a previous post a while back, my sister is in California – about an
hour and a half from fires in Fresno a while back – and this is what she relates the
“NEWS” there is saying …

The news said California and some fire areas will begin to become ghost towns as
people will not be able to insure these areas and people will get sick of evacuating or
rebuilding several times a year!

We may not be realizing it but NATURE is taking hold – and we will either begin to
cooperate with Nature or be disappeared by it –
What we are beginning to feel at the moment is harm done to the planet after 1970.
All the harm begins to accelerate, of course.

Public must wake up to reality that CAPITALISM IS SUICIDAL –

All of these nonsense WARS must be stopped –
and we need to begin to start shutting down the 500 nuclear reactors across the globe.
Takes one solid year to properly shut down an individual nuclear reactor – and then,
of course, you are still left with the WASTE!

Love Smedley Darlington Butler – and “War Is a Racket!” for those interested –
can be found on internet. And Butler’s saving of FDR from coup can also be
found on YouTube.
There was very active support and funding for Hitler/Nazis here and internationally by
Eliites – with Prescott Bush. Harriman and Allen Dulles running front companies to
FUND them … and with help of Vatican to move GOLD into Germany. At the time, you
could still convert the American $1 bill into GOLD.
There was also a considerable rising of Hitler/NAZI sympathy, especially in communities
with German heritage here and that’s why HOUSE UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE
was created. Took them a long time to catch up with Bush/Dulles however – until they
used the “Trading With the Enemy Act.”

Along the way, HUAC was reversed to attack liberals in government – and used by McCarthy.
And, the only thing that happened to Bush and Dulles was Bush’s funds were confiscated.
Prescott went into the US Senate and Dulles of course had a long career in Intelligence –
CIA, Warren Commission – a great many opportunities were given to him to betray the public
and liberty – including advising at least Eisenhower and JFK – where he outright entrapped
and betrayed them. U-2 flyover being one – and of course Bay of Pigs.


It must be at least technically feasible to separate salt and water with solar distillation of seawater. I wonder if it economically feasible to do it On a large enough scale to irrigate enough of Saudi Arabia to feed Saudi Arabia.

It feasible but it more expensive then buying up land In Africa and having the US Military there to protect “your” assets.

This is why I am fundamentally opposed to the concept of “private property”. The Bush clan has bought up a lot of land in South America. They now own all of that water underneath. How is that a reasonable way to share a worlds resources?

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Starting with trump, we need to borrow Diane the “Amazon’s” truth telling rope and wrap it around these scoundrels one by one until the country, the world hears the truth of what the realities are of the Powers that be.


I dislike the idea of an individual or private sector group ( corporation?) owning enough land to feed the population of a medium size nation like Saudi Arabia and getting military help from USA to enforce their claim.


The little we have seen of Truth Hearings – is very interesting and oddly
seems to produce a good bit of it – information for future guidance.

Some very difficult to hear, of course –

Maybe we can make R&D project of separating sea water into freshwater and salt, maybe even cast salt into blocks and hide blocks ( waterproofed) in walls. Maybe we can improve efficiency of separating salt and water enough to not need military to guard everything. Maybe we can even figure out how to break even on separating salt and water.